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Christmas Decor

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone ...

I so enjoyed decorating this Christmas
I seem to have wanted to do a little more each day
then it was time to shop and wrap presents
plan dinners
host family

It seemed to be over ever so quickly.

This was the first year decorating with a truly empty nest
I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed the process this year.
Not having to parent on any level 
certainly does have its perks!

One of which is there luxury of time.
I was able to go through all of my Christmas decor
to edit the pieces that no longer made my heart sing.
I donated  my extras at the beginning of the season
so others could enjoy them.

I also took the time to pack separately 
all of the kid made ornaments into special boxes
that will be fun to bring out  someday in the far future when grandkids arrive.

My intention at the beginning of the season 
was to do a simple Christmas this year.

Then I found these wonderful Merry and plaid pillows and blankets at Target.
Another trip to storage and I found these wonderful wool felt pillows 
that had been lost for a couple of years 
misplaced in an unmarked box.
Together they made such amazing pairings.

With such a happy jumping off point
I added my red and green glass ball ornaments 
to my wild blue spruce tree.

Target's beautiful boxes made wrapping an enjoyable experience this year.

I simply once again cut ribbons from felt yardage
added pre made tags, jingle bells
greenery I bought at Trade Joe's.

In addition to vintage glass ornaments
I added faux red berries 
finished with glittered holly.

I kept the living room opened up
which made entertaining so much easier,

This was our first year with our tree in the corner
which gave so much more room for family to be truly together.

On the opposite wall
I turned the shelves under the stairs into a bar
complete with my collection of holiday vintage glasses.

I always love to add in citrus to my holiday decor
as a nod to our Southern California location.
I know many people love a snowy Christmas but
my heart is always happy with our sunny blue sky Christmas!

This year to balance color and festivity to both sides of the room
I added glass garlands and boxwood greenery to my chandelier.

Having the house decorated so cozy and colorful
made it the perfect backdrop to have friends over for coffee.

My only holiday regret is that I didn't have more people over.
Each day I thought I was done decorating but
I could always see one more thing to add to the creative balance.
For me decorating is many times like doing a painting
each stroke can change the balance
 the painting or room in my case
takes on a life of its own.

I added garland to my stair rails.
I have decide to add more garnishes to it each year
until I get it to the luxurious scale I want it to have.
In our small living room  the garland really finishes off the space elegantly.

I carried my color scheme out to the front terrace
adding a big bowl of paper whites. 

As I write this
Christmas is actually edited from my house
but my outdoor paper whites 
are just on the cusp of blooming
just in time for New Year's day!

I tucked giant  plastic ornaments into my succulent border plantings.

Inside the front courtyard
I once again planted paper whites into vintage drawers 
for a coffee table centerpiece.

In the backyard another set of Merry pillows and plaid blankets
brought Christmas to the back loungers.

For our giant farm table in the back I simply swapped out some succulents in jars 
for some red candles.
More greenery from Trader Joe's finished off the table perfectly.

 I sprinkled in some more colorful felt pillows,
more paper whites, a large ornament with some Christmas tree blankets also form Target.

For our big Christmas Eve dinner 
I chose to set the table sans tablecloth this year,

I went for more of a casual elegant tabletop vibe.
My first batch of paper whites
bloomed perfectly for Christmas Day!

For Christmas Day brunch we keep it a bit simpler with a buffet style serving.
Its a perfect time to pull out my collections of Christmas dishes!
I keep red holiday silverware in mason jars
which makes them an easy from cupboard to table presentation.

I had all three guest rooms decorated
but only remembered to get a picture of this one.

As I reflect back on my 2016 Christmas decorating
it makes my heart happy.
Especially knowing how much I enjoyed this creative process.
Not only was it a beautiful, inviting backdrop for our family celebrations
it was a personal reminder
of  just how much I love fluffing my home and environments.

It's a good thing when we have the time to do 
what makes our heart sing
no matter what it is for each of us.

As a true empty nester
my heart is full of optimism for not only the New Year
but these next chapters in my life.

Wishing you and yours a New Year filled with creativity and fulfillment.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Loved this.

    The addition of old pieces with new makes it very cozy and warm.


    1. Thank you Suzanne! Always so lovely to have you visit darling!

      I so enjoyed your Christmas Memories post!


  2. A truly happy and cosy home, inside and out. The photos alone made my heart sing!
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Knus, Mary x.

    1. Mary thank you for your kind words and visit! All the best in the New Year to you and yours!


  3. Lovely. Your Shabby Chic furniture throw covers appear to be the modern version of mid-century furniture encased in plastic.

  4. What a treat to get a peek into your Christmas decor! Your home is a Christmas version of the most elegant Aladdin's cave imaginable! I love the thought you have put into every detail. Mixing vintage pieces with the new ones gives it such character. Wishing you a happy, sparkling, peaceful 2017 filled with love. xx

  5. I was always disappointed having no snow for xmas but your lovely deco convinced me that xmas time can be a wonderful atmosphere under palm trees and blue sky . You are ingenious Tamera and I wish you
    for 2017 health, happiness, love and many good ideas to continue with your blog.

  6. Tamera, I love the pops of red along with the green plants in your Christmas decor. Your tree is super adorable.

    Happy New Year,