Styling Sequin Appliqued Jeans

As much as I love clothes and accessories
all too often lately
I seem to find myself staring at my collections
 still feel utterly lost at what to wear.

Some of this probably has to do with
a few pounds that have crept on uninvited ...
but even taking that into account
I couldn't quite put my finger on my inability 
to get fired up about getting dressed lately.

So last week I did something 
I hadn't done in way too long.
I took time off to literally
'get my house in order'
especially my closet and bedroom.

I cleaned and organized both top to bottom!

And very soon after
I could feel my dressing creativity coming back.

I don't know why it took me so long.
I know full well by now I am most creative
when my life/home are in order.
Plus it's a heck of a lot easier to style an outfit
when your not pulling pieces from the floor!

When I 
style an outfit
 start with a particular piece or an occasion.

This Saturday's outfit began with some new sequin appliqued jeans from Anthropologie

The occasion was a morning of errands
followed by a casual lunch with my husband and son.

Casual drama was my goal of the day!

And nothing brings fast and easy drama to jeans
like a fantastic kimono 
from my favorite San Diego boutique Le Bel Age!

I added in my suede mules from Seychelle
that despite the heel
are one of the most comfortable shoes I own!

A long suede bag, hat and a large collection of my vintage accessory pieces
I had an outfit that made running Saturday errands so much more fun!

I made these cuffs with suede and vintage brooches!

I have for quite a while assembled charm necklaces 
from my petite jewelry.
Being a woman of large stature
the petite pieces would simply get lost on me ...

So collecting them on chains
turns them into statement pieces!

The little frame locket above 
has a picture of my darling daughter 
who turns 25 this week!

The simplicity of a top and jeans
meant I was all open for a 
more is more 

Pulling out all my favorite brass based pieces!

A look with this  much accessorizing
calls for a simple pared down hair style.

Two low ponies wrapped in buckskin leather 
kept my hair simple.

Pulling out my vintage collections
reminded me how much I adore these memory pieces
so later this week I will be back with a 
Vintage Necklace DIY
in case you'd like to make one of your own!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Happy New Year Tamera! Another timely post. I'm much the same, needing the 'space' that comes with decluttering in order to be my creative self. The ideas are beginning to to get those pesky extra pounds to vacate, LOL.

    Look forward to another of your fantastic DIY's! And aren't Seychelles THE BEST! I love mine too!

  2. Your creativity is always there, it just needed a new perspective! Love this and those suede bracelets are out of this world. Thanks for linking up, xo


  3. What a lovely, fun, and very creative outfit. Your new jeans are fantastic, and so is your vintage necklace. Can't wait for the tutorial. I also find when my life is overwhelmed with outside pressures and difficulties, the creative urge goes away, which for me also can include producing a blog post. I am currently decluttering the house having found an oasis of calm in January. Thank you for a lovely post.

  4. you look adorable- like you I eel my best when my home is in order- when things are not organised everything becomes a challenge. So inspiring x

  5. I've been having the same problem but I think it's because until recently, I've lived in a tiny house for the last 10 years. Now that I have a walk-in closet, it would be helpful if I had a place for my jewelry. It's all in boxes in a chest of drawers and in a small, lacquered, Chinese chest. I need room to spread things out and get creative! Thanks for the nudge! Brenda

  6. Those sequin jeans are fabulous. I especially like that you aren't content to let them just be on their own, you gave them a whole host of stunning accessories as well! Gorgeous styling. xx