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Black and White Mix

It's  finally chilly here in Southern California!
Which means this weekend was the perfect time to style my
for a trip down to San Diego!

I have been so excited to style this black 
boiled wool vest!
I decided to give it a SoCal flair
by pairing it with all whites!

By styling with high contrast
I was able to highlight the fabulous architectural lines!
I really adore this vest.
It makes a dramatic  statement
and is so easy and fun to wear
especially with pockets and a hood!

I finished off my ensemble
with a bold dose of pearls.

I combined my signature pearl cuffs
that are still in development
with a 'B' brooch!

I'll let you in on a little secret …

This fabulous brooch 
started out as a Christmas ornament!

Like I always say
You can find great accessories
in all kinds of places if you keep eyes open!

I knew when I chose this vest
that I wanted it to be a player with my black  hats!

And it does just what I was hoping!

I am having major top hat love right now!
Especially with this vest.

I just love the architectural interplay that is happening 
with these pieces!

I am  quite excited to be playing with black and whites for a change
from my usual all neutral palette.
This palette works great for the holidays
will be fresh come the New Year as well!

So much so
I just knew I had to add this 
stellar beaded clutch to my wardrobe when I found it at
Le Bel Age
 in San Diego!
Always a stop for me!
It's the shop I've found so many of my gorgeous kimonos!

I hope you are all enjoying your  own holiday styling this month!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You look fabulous as usual. Love those cuffs. Love the whole look!!!

    1. Thank you ever so much my dear, for your gift of words! xo

  2. It's a stunning look, Tamera, and I love how you've played up the lines and architectural aspects of the various pieces! Isn't this cooler weather a treat?

    1. Susan thank you so much my dear! I really appreciate your comment … I know you are very familiar with how much goes into styling an ensemble!

      Yes, our cooler weather is such a treat! I have so many things I want to wear … that haven't been out is so long!

      Wishing you a wonderful new week! xo

  3. A fabulous look for the cooler weather. Top hats are a fun look, and the pearl cuffs are gorgeous. Love it all! xx

    1. Thank you so much darling, for visiting and commenting! Hope your staying warm!! xo

  4. Honestly. You make San Diego even more spectacular.

    1. Connie you are just too sweet my dear! We need to meet for coffee one of my trips down through your neck of the woods!! xo

  5. Gorgeous! I love the "B" - it makes a beautiful starring piece. xox


    1. Thank you Patti! Thanks again for hosting Visible Monday! I am always so impressed with your kindness and professionalism … commenting on each entry!

      Wishing you a magical new week my dear! xo

  6. you.are.fabulous! Love this!

    xx, Elise

  7. This vest is a definate winner and works so well with your whites. Your styling as ever is just spot on with those magical pearl cuffs and of course your black hat collection.

  8. I understand your hat-love totally. I'm like you and can't wait for the right season to wear them. But actually I start in summer till winter.

  9. Would you BELIEVE I own the C of that Christmas ornament and recently wore it around my NECK?!!!

  10. I love this look on you so much. I especially love it that you wore it in San Diego, which I think of as the home of shorts and flip-flops. I bet you got a lot of double-takes! xx

  11. What a beautiful beautiful look, Tamera! You are a true artist! Happy holidays!

  12. Boom! Beautiful, classic. My new style icon. Happy holidays. Found you on Visible Mondays.

  13. So beautiful, striking and unique! Thanks for the creative styling and post!

  14. Love love love. Viva black and white.