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Christmas 2015 Recap

It's another holiday finished 
committed to tender memory here at our house in Southern California!

I decorated much more simply here this year
enjoyed it all so much more!

Without kids here at the house
I decided to keep all my decorations in their boxes
go with a simple luxe palette
where floral and fauna
played so lovely with neutral textures.

I kept our Christmas Eve dinner table simple
but splurged on snow globes for each guest
as a place card and take home party favor.

I had so much fun picking a special globe for each guest.
For mine
it was a house
to signify my love of hearth, home and family.

When it came to Christmas Eve
another splurge was an abundance of white flowers!
I love our traditional dinner
where fabulous food, drink and decor are in true abundance
for the celebration!

My paper whites that I planted at differing week intervals 
have worked out perfectly
with some in full bloom for Christmas
while others 
will be fresh for New Year's Eve and beyond!

 I kept our tree simple and natural
with just lights this year
have been ever so happy with my choice!

To echo the simplicity of my decor
my wrapping was kept in a neutral palette as well.
But luxed out with big full bows 
adorned with another natural element
pinecones of all different sizes!

My fantastic bows were made with some of the leftover high quality felt
that I made my tablecloth from at Thanksgiving.

I've used felt for bows before
but the upgrade in felt
produced bows that were even fuller 
held there shape perfectly!

I draped my couches with and abundance or faux fur throws
which worked out perfectly for our unusually chilly Southern California temperatures
here this year!

My guest rooms were also 
garnished with simple holiday cheer!
The red stars found their way into both guest rooms!

My paper whites out front are coming along strong …

While my arrangement in the courtyard was in full bloom 
just in time for Christmas morning!

This single bloom 
which was ahead of the blooming pack
brought me so much joy everyday
watching it unfold.

When a rain storm proved too much for remaining upright
I brought her inside
in an attempt to revive her for some indoor love.

I simply tied the bloom to a skewer
found a sweet bud vase nestled in the shelves at home.

Adding a simple cedar branch
one of my most favorite holiday arrangements!

It was a perfect addition to my bed tray upstairs.

For me this simple bloom
captured the simplicity and elegance
that I was seeking this Christmas holiday.

My garden cherubs are always crowned and bejeweled
but for the holiday
they got a little holly garnishing as well!

My huge ceramic bowl edged in a drapey succulent
spent the holiday with more paper whites
that are making their way beautifully!

Another of my favorite outdoor centerpieces
is made up of
a chicken feeder full of more bulbs
with a driftwood planter filled with succulents .

I love the juxtaposition of the two.
This was another wonderful arrangement 
that came into being
when I shopped at home for planting vessels!

I achieved my goal 
of having everything in place
before the arrival of my children and family
 for the holidays!

I wanted everything done
so I could just soak up time with them all.

The moon this year couldn't have been any more magnificent
with it's fullness only happening like this every 38 years on Christmas.

It was such a poetic reminder of the magic of the moments.

As beautiful as the decor was
it was truly the little special moments 
that unfolded
in the midst of the celebration
that I have committed into my heart.

I am old enough and wise enough by now
to know
the pretties of the season are nice
one of the ways I like to love on my family

but they are a mere backdrop
to the loving connecting moments
that become our family culture
 shared histories
for years to come.

For me the highlight of the season
was the five of us reunited this year
after a three year estrangement.
My heart is full  of how the five of us were able to navigate
these uncharted waters
with grace, respect and love.

The holidays can be so many different emotions
for everyone.
I have learned to handle with care
for we can all be fragile at times.

I have also learned to let go of 
any aspirations of holiday perfections
replace them with
quiet gratitude of time together.
Ever so grateful for the magic moments shared
and committed to heart.

I make a point now of replaying the seer magic moments
let all the less than bits drift away from memory.
For I have learned full well
we get more of what we think of most.

I choose to savor and enjoy
the simple loving moments these days.

Jeff and I now have added new traditions to our Christmas weekend
as our children have lives of their own.

One of my favorites
is going down to the beach after Christmas
just the two of us.

To savor our  holidays well done
 appreciate this stage of life.

I will be the first to admit
getting to the appreciation part of children growing up and on
has been a tough one for me.

But I am committed to being 
for the 
right here right now.

And hey
a quiet house again is pretty nice …
especially knowing 
just like Frosty
they will be back again next year.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. Really beautiful, the snow globes were a lovely touch.

    1. Tabitha thank you ever so much for visiting from Scotland my dear!

      Wishing you and yours the very best in the coming new year! xox

  2. Gushing over everything. You must give us a tutorial on the paper whites and the bows. Great idea of snow globes. You out did yourself. A real treat for all of us to enjoy. What was the dinner menu?

    1. Sandra thank you for your kind words my dear! A true compliment coming from such an accomplished artist as yourself!

      Paper whites are so easy to grow! They can be even grown in just water, as I did in the bulb vases. For the others … I simply places them in a bed of potting soil about three inches deep. I finished off the soil with polished pebbles … just for aesthetics sake. As long as the bulbs are kept moist … they are good to go … as all the nutrients are in the bulb itself.

      Our menu was a traditional roast and potatoes. We had a fabulous spread of cheeses, stuffed mushrooms and shrimp hot off the grill for appetizers. We toasted all being together with an icy cold champagne!

      Thank you for your kind visit! Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year! xox

  3. I kept my tree to just lights this year too! Such a nice break from tradition :)

    1. Isn't such a joy to do things differently for a change! looking forward to catching up with you very soon my dear!

      Happiest of New Year's to you and yours! xox

  4. :-) all of this is so beautiful - looks like you and yours had a wonderful time.
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures you provided and reading your post.
    Have a wonderful week and a very HAPPY New Year! :-)

    1. Thank you for your visit all the way from Europe my dear! I so enjoyed seeing your in the moment Christmas post! Such lovely traditions to continue!

      Wishing you and yours a lovely New Year! xox

  5. Your house looks absolutely beautiful, but the smiles on all your faces is even more so

    Happy New Year

    Annie v.

  6. What beautiful natural cozy looking home decor you chose this year.

    Have a wonderful New Year!


  7. Absolutely beautiful post. I love the vintage napkins, the snow globes, and the softly lit tree. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  8. I love your simple, thoughtful decorations! All the white flowers are gorgeous! I may have to copy them next year... And I love the snow globes as place cards.

    I'm glad that all five of you got to spend the holidays together and that you are adding new traditions.

  9. I admire your style so much, a lovely house made beautiful and cozy by a lovely lady. Happy New Year to you!

  10. What a magical Christmas you had, and in the most wonderful, elegant setting. I love your white flowers so much. So happy for you that you had the whole family together at Christmas - what a special time. It is almost ten years since I had that delight with my family - they all live in different cities and countries now. Happy New Year, dear Tamera.

  11. It all looks so lovely. Am happy to hear you were able to enjoy it with all members of your family. Wishing you all a prosperous New Year.

  12. Such a lovely post with inspiring photos and sentiments. Thank you kindly for sharing it all.

  13. Your writing is so warm and peaceful. I feel your care and love for your family and friends. And the ful lmoon on xmas-eve
    might be a good sign for 2016 for which I wish you the best

  14. love this post and wishing you all the best for 2016 x

  15. Such a beautiful setting and sentiment. Warm wishes for a happy new year!