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What I Wore … Apple Picking … and A Little Family Reflection

Fall has arrived here in Southern California
(at least on the calendar)
I am ever so grateful 
to once again do  our family tradition of
Apple Picking in Glen Oak!

I have written many times by now 
of our
family Labor Day tradition
They have always been reflective posts
on the seasons of our family at the time.

This year I am beginning my post with what I chose to Wear.

Apple Picking with my family is  something I look forward to every year
I know I enjoy it even more  
with an outfit I am excited to wear!
So I spent the week before
looking for some new  perfect fall pieces to wear
apple picking!

I  also knew I didn't want to spend more than $100 
to fluff up my  fall  apple picking outfit
so I must say I was absolutely tickled 
when I found three new pieces at Target
that made for some perfect fall  wardrobe fluffing!

I found a fabulous maxi fringed voile kimono
a faux furry vest 
a voile  sleeveless dress
all three for under $100!

I layered my new pieces 
with my dark wash skinny jeans
a new fall ensemble 
had begun!

My felted floppy hat matched the Boho vibe 
this outfit was channeling!

Which made for the perfect occasion 
to pull out my bold and chunky
charm bracelet!

One tip I always have for apple picking
some type of closed toe shoe
it's dusty in an orchard.
Preferably some type of boot variation.
I finished off my outfit
with a sued ankle boot.

Our apple picking weather ended up to be quite warm
so the voile dress and jeans
was perfect for picking
for lunch afterward I just added the fringed kimono back on!

I can tell how much our family dynamics have settled
what a good place we are all in
by the sheer fact that this  post started with a wardrobe  component.

With my children's teen years behind them
(with my youngest heading towards his 20th birthday next year)
they are all 
in the process of building lives of their own
all three with loves of their own.

Wedding preparations 
are going full force here 
for  next May's nuptials!
Ellis and Elliot
both are deep into their careers
living their dream in downtown San Diego
in a fabulous new urban location
where they can walk to work
appreciate all the vibrant energy the city has to offer!

College and work are in full force for Hunter
I couldn't be prouder of the relationship he and Megan have.

I am always so happy and grateful
when these  four join  Jeff and I 
for our annual 
Apple picking!

This year my heart is happy
as I embrace the coming chapters 
new seasons
in our family history.

Now I can finally see
an empty nest
is a transition into the next good to come.
My heart is full 
as I look forward to my children
the loves of their lives
eventually starting families of their own.

The last few years 
have felt like seasons of change
that can come in  the midst of stormy weather
I  am finally to a vantage point
where I can see and welcome 
all the new seasons in  our family.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Precious Memories...looks like so much fun!

  2. What a lovely family tradition. Your Target finds are fabulous, good eye!

    1. Thank you Susan! Quite the compliment coming from you my dear! xo

  3. Kudos to your amazing scenic backgrounds and autumn ensembles.

  4. What a nice family tradition! It's so nice to see your kids finding their way in the world (I have a 24 year old and an almost 8 year old, so we are far away from being empty nesters...).

    You picked a great, fun outfit for apple picking!

  5. Wonderful pictures, and beautiful outfit. I love your boho look with autumnal colors.

  6. Beautiful photographs and I love your Fall colours! And what a gorgeous family, I can feel your joy for this season of your life coming through the screen! Esther xx

  7. I adore how you bring pieces of clothing together and make such a spectacular look! You have an amazing eye!

  8. Your outfit is so gorgeous and perfect for apple picking. I miss Southern California, but have been having similar adventures up here in Oregon. There are 10 different types of pears grown around here! I never knew! Your pictures, as always, inspire me!

  9. Beautiful photos! So nice to see Ellis and Hunter, and those they love. I am missing seeing Slater as well. Hoping for healing and happiness!

  10. You look amazing even while apple picking! I love the shots of your beautiful family...wishing you much love and joy too.
    Just to let you know I have a new url for my blog it is if you would like to sign up for notifications you can do it here.
    Thank you, gorgeous Tamera xx

  11. Young kids or grown kids this is a great activity to do with the family! We have never taken our kids and I will have to find a place in my area to do that.....thanks for inspiration! I have to say I love that you bought three pieces at Target to fill in your fall wardrobe! I'm a huge Target fan and I find that when I go out and buy something pricey I rarely get a compliment, but when I have something on from Target it is almost guaranteed it will be a hit! Go figure! I need to make a trip there soon!!

  12. You look smashing in the perfect ensemble for apple picking. Family traditions are so important and it looks like you're building memories that you and our children will cherish forever.

    Thank you for sharing your hat and your wisdom with Hat Attack!