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Gratefully Reflecting on Summer 2015

With Labor Day behind us here in the States
I thought I would take a look back at my summer 
before I go full force into my beloved fall!
One of the gifts of lifestyle blogging 
is I have an entire archive of photos of my recent  life seasons.

Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up
in the needs of  to do lists
for the day
that some of the beauty of the season
can so easily be lost.

For me taking the time for personal reflection
is a way for me to 
savor my seasons 
with a grateful heart.

So here is my grateful recap of our SoCal Summer 2015.
Be forewarned …
this is my longest post to date.
I guess it was even a better summer
than even I realized before I started writing.
Amazing how very much you can find
to be grateful for
when you take time to look.

We spent several weekends in lovely Santa Monica
doing business
arranging the sale of our 

The Airstream  has been sold to a charming woman in 
Santa Monica
I am so grateful it now has a new home.

We had a wonderful run with our spectacular Airstream
but over the last years my heart became heavy
with it sitting lonely in it's space
as Jeff and I have moved on to new interests.

One chapter has closed
as new chapters will be opened.

I was so grateful 
to gather everybody together 
to celebrate 
Father's Day 
with a backyard barbecue!

It was a summer filled with picnics …

Especially after we found our
Gourmet Trotter!

I brought it out to celebrate
 a friend's success
for romantic sunset picnics with my husband
most recently
for a sunset birthday celebration!

This summer has definitely been one
filled with Flower Crowns
as I continue to explore the concept of
Crowning Yourself!

It was a summer with magical moments
like sitting in the backyard by myself
enjoying a blessed rain
that was a gift from above
in our ongoing drought!

Taking the time
to press into my heart
the good that is.

Summer 2015
has been filled with many trips 
by train and car
down to SanDiego
to visit our girl
with wedding prep mixed in!

Ellis and I are down to the fun part
(for me)
dress shopping!
So excited to be going out again this weekend
in search of her perfect dress!

Much time was spent this summer  in beautiful
Dana Point
whether it was for beautiful sunsets
taking up a new for me sport
paddle boarding.

I am also most grateful
for the time to go out and experience nature.
I have found for me
daily vigorous excursions outside
be it
hiking or mountain bike riding
surfing or paddle boarding
have huge mood boosting abilities.

It is the combination of endorphins and nature
that help truly sooth my soul these days.

I am grateful that my studio is tidied 
awaiting new exciting fall projects!

This summer has been filled with
beautiful Friday night date nights and photo shoots.
Their regular occurrence
another gift of blogging.

Jeff and I have been married 29 years this month
our weekly destination photo shoots
have really made our life together definitely more interesting
provided a new common endeavor
for this season of life
now that the kids are grown and flown.

I was honored to throw a birthday party
for a dear friend this summer.
For this year
I have so realized the importance
of friends
to navigate life's peaks and valleys
how important it is to celebrate the journey!

Jeff and I have spent much time
exploring our own backyard
with renewed appreciation 
of the fabulous area of SoCal we call home.

Whether it is time on the coast
or the more rural areas
I have such gratitude
for living where we do!

I talk a lot about gratitude 
here on my blog
Gratitude Has Changed My Life.

I used to be someone
who had a hard time relishing 
in life's good.

Always worrying or wanting
about something.

As I have gotten older
I have realized 
really isn't a protective force
always wanting
is an empty way to live.

Without gratitude in my life
I never felt I measured up
even worse
I fear I may have passed that feeling on to others.

Now the more I focus on
the more grace I have in my heart
for myself
which by some automatic gift
I have 
Grace in my heart
everyone in my life.

Funny when we practice
Gratitude and Self Care
it ends up to be 
a Gift For Everyone!

I was very grateful this summer
to visit to the uber cool
Los Feliz in LA.

 It was here 
I had the fortune of meeting the
at her 
Art of Dressing Seminar,

Tziporah has been a muse of mine for years.
It was finding her and Iris Apel
that I realized 
True Style Is Ageless
fashion belongs to us all!

As for my personal style t
it  was also a summer of
kimono and turban love
as well as
 flower crowns
with a nice dose of 
tassel love mixed in!!

If you want to see some more tassel love
check out
Their monthly style roundup featured
tassels this month!

I have lavished in the light here in Southern California
like never before
as I have had time to truly savor 
our local sunsets.

This was the summer I discovered fragrance
became infatuated with Jo Malone.

With more time I now
have new appreciation for 
the art and ritual for getting ready 
for date night.

I have become more intent
on slowing down 
to savor quiet moments.
In a quest to be
Present in the Now.

Such easy words to say
such a learning process for me still.

But the more intent I put on being present
with an open heart
full of gratitude
the more happiness
I have been able to uncover
in this new unfolding chapter.

It is my intent 
to make this second half of life
my best half yet!

I will meet it with all of 
the courage, grace and love
I can find.

I will embrace gratitude daily.

I am  ever so grateful
for the time 
 I have had with family and friends
this summer.
Celebrating them at home
have been some of my favorite moments,

As I look forward to the new season
I am renewing my focus
to luxuriate in daily gratefulness.

Whether it be a beautiful sunrise or sunset
time spent with family and friends
time spent in joyous creativity
just taking the time to 
and say

My heart is grateful
for this present season
because by now
I know we get more 
of what we think of most.

I am welcoming this new fall

with open arms!

As always my friends

I wish love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Looking over all of had quite a summer! Can't wait to see how your fall and winter go!

    1. Thank you Pam! Yes, I am truly grateful for this season of life! xox

  2. A fantastic Gratitude post, Tamera, full of Summer happiness. Your message is so important; it took a couple of crushing events in my life for me to understand this, and I too hope the rest of my life is the best of it. Lovely to see your white lace caftan with the beautiful bunch of stocks. I bought a bunch of them this week - hard to find around here. Nature and Endorphins - always a winning combination . Thank you for sharing your life. xox

    1. Patricia thank you so much for visiting here and your heartfelt comments! Here's to savoring Gratitude, Endorphins and nature!

      I am sending you healing flu bug hugs my dear! Hope you are on the mend soon! xox

  3. No one does this better than you, Tamera......What a fabulous gift you have!! These images are beautiful......I am so jealous of your SoCal lifestyle!

    1. Beth thank you so much for your kind words and visit! I truly appreciate them!

      I do love our SoCal lifestyle … but yours looks pretty darn good too … in the heart of NYC … the light and view from your stylish studio … to your ability to spend time painting fashions in Bryant Park my dear! that too, is an incredible lifestyle!! xox

  4. :-) Beautiful pictures, lovely post - looks like you had an excellent summer!
    Greeting from Vienna :-)

    1. Thank you dear for visiting all the way from Vienna and your kind words! I enjoyed your contribution to Jill and Adrienne'd How I Wear My Tassel post! Your Herme's tassel key chain was perfect!

  5. What a wonderful travelling summers' catalogue dear Tamara. You are stunning, beautiful woman in this sunny SoCal lifestyle.
    So far from my country which is not at all so cheerful, sunny and no sea!! Your are as talentuous than as beautiful.
    Continue to make me dreaming! XX

    1. Jeanne thank you dear for your visit and sweet words! I do very much love living here in Southern California and I am intent on finding all of the beauty to be found here! Many people here though … dream of your beautiful France! I for one look forward to the time I revisit your beautiful country! Sending you some SoCal sunshine! xo

  6. What a terrific summer. I'm exhausted just looking at your photos. So much loveliness!

    1. Thank you for visiting Connie! Yes, this post did end up to be long! I was telling my daughter that I had no idea what a beautiful summer I had … until I took the time to reflect back! I am now a convert to seasonally take the time to reflect back in gratitude! hope you're managing to stay cool during our heat wave this week! Big hugs! xox

  7. Thank you so much for this wonderful post. You have such a way with photos, and words. Always inspiring, always, gorgeous, always, delicious!!!
    I learn much from you, about living the good life. And taking the time to savor each moment.

  8. It's a wonderful review for gratitude and let the past behind with joy in order to look forward to a bright future. With every day you
    achieved a new insight for a better life and it is a lot of personal "work". Be also proud of your willpower, wonderful Tamera.

  9. Lovely celebration! We are just heading into Spring.
    I love your celebratory gratitudinal style (is that a word?)
    We are about to start date blogging on a Sunday after your inspiration. Wish us luck! Xo Jazzy Jack

  10. Tamera - Your written words have moved me and I am grateful for your willingness to open your heart and share your feelings with others. Thank you. Jeanne