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Remembering to Crown Ourselves

 I have recently been revisiting the idea of 
Crowning Ourselves
that I wrote about 

And to be quite honest
sometimes as much as I believe in the idea
some days are harder than others 
to truly want to 
Crown Myself.

but I also realize
it right in
 those junctures
when we have 
self doubt
disappointment in ourselves
that we need to dig deep down
our own inherent worth
Put On That Crown
head up
Carry On.

Most  of us  can feel good
on the really 
good days.

It's learning head up
  forward on the other days that 
is  so very important.

Because the better care 
we can take of our own selves
bigger the ripple effect 
will be on our world.

When we love and respect 

we can then love and respect 
so much easier and better.

So my message not only 
to you
but myself as well
is to remember to 
Crown Yourself
with loving self talk
Self Care

We all deserve to 
Wear Our Crowns

Here is to a beautiful new 
Crown Wearing Week!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I've always struggled with the I am and what follows next, I tend to think misfit, failure, I haven't done anything with my life at all, I hope that one day I'll have something positive to add.

    1. Oh Tabitha … that just makes my heart sad. My wish for you my dear … that you learn to see yourself with loving eyes so that you can see your own unique magnificence! I am always in disbelief when I hear you speak of yourself that way. I for one think you are truly amazing … and if truth be told … sometimes a bit intimidating in your mastery of the written word. May you soon learn to see what others do! xoxo

  2. Amen to THAT! Wearyourcrowns !!!

    1. Yes dear, Yes!! Happy new week to you my dear! xox

  3. Thank you for this inspiration,Tamara! I have forwarded this on to many a friend today and received several loving responses in return!
    I AM grateful to have started the week with your inspiring words!

    1. Trudye thank You for this gracious comment!! You have made my day as I think there is no higher compliment … than to inspire others. Much appreciation back to you! xox

  4. The look is awesome, your dress is cute. I love your headband.

  5. As women we just naturally tend to care for others and put ourselves at the end of the line. It is often so difficult to step up for ourselves. Thank you for reminding us that we are worth the attention. Heck yeah!!

    1. Absolutely my dearest Connie! Everybody wins … when we remember to care for ourselves! xox

  6. You are Queen of the Ocean in your beautiful white lace and pearls, Tamera. As always, very inspiring. I think I need to crown myself today, too! xo

    1. Thank you Patricia for your kind words! Yes, you most definitely need to Crown Yourself, today and everyday! xox

  7. Well I feel more like Tabitha than thinking that I am .....
    You really have great chance to be able to gratify you with such love if you. Impossible for me unfortunately I can realize exactly how I am and what I give to others but without your seing magnificence on that.

    1. Aww Jeanne I am so sorry to read your words my dear. May you slowly learn to see your own intrinsic magnificence … that is inherent to us all. Sending you love. xox

  8. Beautifully written Tamera, self belief is so important but so often ignored as we are too busy giving to others. The times I didn,t want to make an effort to dress up and put on a little make up are always so much better when I did.

    1. Jill thank you for your thoughtful comment my dear! Yes, I don't think I have ever regretted the time I take to dress or self care … but sometimes it does take grew effort and intention to do so … especially some days!

      Happy spring in to you my dear! xox

  9. You are so right, Tamera. If I can manage to attach my crowns, whatever they may be, on those days I feel like I'm moving through concrete, everything seems a little brighter and lighter. You are stunning in these photos and your crowns shine.

  10. Your crowns always inspire, as do you words of encouragement and wisdom. Self talk is the key to moving through difficult times, knowing that we become more resilient through the challenges of life. Thank you for sharing your beauty, your crowns and your message with Hat Attack.