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WORKSHOP Kitchen + Bar … Palm Springs

I have saved the best for last
in my Palm Springs roundup.

The Workshop Kitchen and Bar 
Located in the heart of the
Uptown Design District 
is one of
Palm Spring's newest gems.

A stunning architectural space
dedicated to the great gifts of
great design

The farm to table movement is now part of the Coachella Valley
the Workshops kitchen
is based around seasonal products from local farms.
I always have much appreciation of produce driven menus.

But my favorite part of the Workshop
is definitely
their artful attention to detail

An outside patio in the courtyard is always
perfect for a Sunday brunch
albeit  temperature dependent in Palm Springs.

Inside it is the lighting of the minimal interior
that immediately got my attention.

The Workshop  interior is part
Romanesque church … part gallery.

Designed by the NYC
Soma architects
who were able to turn the historic1926 building
27 foot cathedral ceilings
into a vision of industrial chic interior
while still keeping the original bones intact.

This is the culmination of my personal favorite in a  design project.
The ability to preserve and highlight a past history
while still creating a fresh, modern and 
original interior.

A community table runs down the center
with intimate booth seating lining both walls.

I have a true penchant for concrete used in interiors
so the tables truly spoke to me.
I love the texture 
 how the custom lights plays off of it
Making the tables a perfect
backdrop and stage
for the artisan food to come.

The Workshop's attention to aesthetic  details
made  my heart race.
Their napkin folding and silverware placement
are a perfect example of  their level of design detail.
Note how the fork is tucked
while the knife is placed outside.

At the far end of the community table …
The Bar.
Another space and stage unto itself.

If I lived in Palm Springs
the Workshop would definitely be a haunt of mine.
Particularly because there are enough unique spaces
that each visit could have a different feel.

We ate at the bar  early on a slow Palm Springs night in June.
And it was perfect.
It afforded us  the opportunity to engage with the bartender
who was not only a show man
but perfectly attired as well!

I was also smitten with the 
silver goblets filled with basil and rosemary 
for cocktail garnish.

The bar looks to American classics
with researched ingredients
 carefully crafted homemade basics.
But don't leave your wallet at home.
You pay for the whole design experience.
And for me
it is a value 
because of the

 interior space
fabulous food
charming service
the utmost attention to detail.

So much so
that I can't wait to return to 
Palm Springs.

The Workshop
is worth the drive on it's own!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. What a treat Tamera! The style of this place is so hip down to the napkins. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Palm Springs. I have yet to travel there but as soon as my last one at home is 18 (2 more years) the possibilities will be plentiful.

    1. Wow Joni, I didn't even realize you had a 16 year old! My youngest just turned 18 and graduates in two weeks. I too, have been waiting for my release date to travel more.


  2. Thank you for introducing us to this is so cool! Would love to visit it sometime...and once again, you look like a movie star! Incredible style and fashion! You are one of my style icons, Tamera! I hope you will stop by my blog today...I finally got a hat!

    1. Thank you so much Pam! So happy to see you got a hat! Your post was so charming! I can't wait to visit you neck of the woods in February!


  3. What a fabulous space. Should I ever make it out to Palm Springs I'm going to tap all of the great places you've mentioned.


    1. Suzanne I really think you would enjoy Palm Springs! It is stylish and colorful, with the most dramatic natural wonder all around. I left feeling very inspired!


  4. Replies
    1. My dear i tried to veer from wine … but alas … I had to pass it on to my dear husband … and order a chardonnay :)) But I did try :))

    2. BRAVA!!!He should have put more sugar on the rim!THANK YOU for trying!

  5. What a cool spot for Palm Springs foodies and visitors! Love the design!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. A nice little feature article, Tamera. The design highlighted, your appreciation of detail will certainly draw others to this new fave.

  7. It's obvious that you feel the same way I do towards a restaurant, the ambience in my opinion is the most important quality. Workshop Kitchen seems to take the prize with this one. I'm still breathing it all in. I have one two thoughts to add, first, Par and I will definitely be adding this to our list (it would make it perfect to be joined by you and Jeff) and second, they need to hold a cooking classes there. We have a beautiful restaurant in town that holds couples cooking classes once a month where you cook with the chef and then sit down at their tables and eat your own cooked meal. It seems as though that huge communitiy long table was made for this occasion.

  8. Thanks for sharing this Tamera; I am going to check this out next time we go to PS! You look pretty in your all white outfit to match the restaurant!

  9. Tamera, This space I'm in love with. What a treat. I adore the outside and the small cozy tables inside as well as the long center. You notice all the special things like the herbs in julep cups and waters on ice. Love!! I hope I can get there one day! xx Kim