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Hello Monday … Hello Gratitude

Hello to a very reflective and grateful Monday.
Our weekend was spent in
Avila Beach
attending and celebrating
Ellis's graduation from
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

I was ever so grateful for our room
at the Light House Suites.
The view was not only amazing 
but the suite ended up to be the perfect place
to host the celebration.
(In my next post I'll share what really worked).

I am so grateful that the party
was such a beautiful and meaningful success.
There was much planning and packing involved
but in the end
like so much of life
it was the  letting of expectations
going with the flow
celebrating the moment.
being ever so grateful for each person 
who was there.

One of the many gifts of getting older
is being able to navigate
to the important points of life
 being able 
to immerse in these moments
 committing  them to heart
to have a memory to be pulled out
savored over and over.

To not get lost in the business of life …
but instead
be open to seeing 
precious and meaningful moments unfold.

To be able to appreciate 
the here and now
the past
the futures possibilities
all in a moment.

To joyously celebrate 
the accomplishments of others.

To truly appreciate 
the value of family
the importance 
of relationships.

Not just mine with them
but just as importantly
all of theirs with each other.
It warms my heart like none other.

To be able to step back
and know 
even when I'm not still around
I have left behind
what I wanted to leave.

I am most grateful 
to have gotten to an age
I can not only
see the bigger picture
but truly savor and appreciate it as well.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Lovely, you do everything so sublimely.
    I really wish I had, had a family.

    1. Thank you my dear Tabitha! I love your new dress! I bet you are eve so happy it's warming in Scotland!


  2. Lovely photos and congratulations on reaching a new season. I'm at the same place as you and you're helping me with inspiration for reorienting my life out of full time motherhood. Sending best wishes to those two beautiful, beaming graduates.

    1. My dear SE, thank you so much for your kindest of wishes! Yes, reorienting ones life, is a beautiful phrase for this time. I am sure you are all too aware at some of the challenges present, but I can finally see … there is so much beauty to savor still!

      Thank you for your encouraging words. They touch my heart.