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10 Style Tips To Throwing A Pop Up Party

I am sure most people are well versed in entertaining at home
but what to do 
when the location of the celebration 
takes you somewhere else?

We were in Avila Beach this weekend
to celebrate my daughters graduation
from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
so planning a party far from home
was the top of my agenda.

Here are my top ten tips 
to making a pop up party
far from home a success.

Like any good party
it's first and foremost important to know your W's.

of the party.

as well as any foreseen complications.

Our party was an intimate gathering
to celebrate a graduation
with a beach location.

For me that meant bringing any props and fluff
I wanted to use
 making the compromise to use disposable paper products.

My original idea was to host the party on the beach
but our suite had such a beautiful balcony and view
there was a destination change the day of the party!

For the graduation party
I knew for sure
a congratulations toast was on the top of my list!
So I was on a hunt for
the best disposable glasses I could find!

I knew I wanted appetizers to be served
for a mingling intro
with dinner to follow
finishing with dessert.

This is where throwing a pop up party
changes from the normal at home entertaining.

I knew I wanted to stick with a pink color pallet
as a take off of her graduation announcements.

I stayed with all white paper products
with the exception of the napkins
as I didn't want to clash with unknown decor.

Textiles were also packed in my vintage picnic baskets.
The vintage baskets did double duty
not only are they perfect for transporting items
but when stacked they became part of the table decor.

Every party needs some props
to carry out a style feel
a pop up party is no exception!

I packed jam jars with votives inside
grabbed a collection of vintage bottles for vases
an easel
 slate tile for signage
as well as a couple of
cake stands for instant presence.

In the spirit of improvisation
I misplaced my chalk pencil
but the morning beach walk finds
did the trick instead!

My stacked vintage baskets
made a perfect focal point
for the food table.

Of course this party like so many called for presents!
I made life easier on myself
shopped and wrapped before leaving home!
Being sure to wrap in a manner that would make the trip
still look fresh!

Originally the party was to take place on the beach
so flip flops all around it was
for party favors!
Even with it actually taking place in the room
the flip flops
were still a fun take away.
I bought plenty
so the right sizes were insured!

A pop up party
has the same space planning needs
as at home.

I arranged a food table
drinks station
plenty of seating
all the regular party necessities!

I had packed wooden beach chairs
when I thought we would be on the beach
but the set up worked just as well inside the suite.
With some furniture movement
there was plenty of room for everyone.

When we first got to town
we started our search
for the local markets
Lucky for us
a farmers market was right outside our hotel!

I found fresh lavender
that I bought right up!

Besides champagne and wine
my husband chose
805 beer …
which hails from the area!

We found places to order food for the party
within walking distance!

Our desert was a perfect ending to the party!
We all walked down the street for
hand scooped ice cream
 a sunset stroll  on the pier!
Probably one of my very favorite
parts of the evening!

When entertaining without the comforts of home
embrace improvisation
make it your friend!

Without my regular arsenal of styling pieces to pull from
I ended up ever so happy with
my white paper cup vases!

After all the
are done

A Pop Up Party

is like any other party.

Let go of expectations
remind yourself

in the end
it is always about the people
and time shared.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Where did you find the disposable champagne glasses? Am looking for some now!

  2. Hi Cathy! I looked all over … and found these at Party City! They carried a couple of styles. These were the more expensive version … if I remember correctly, they were about $12 for 8. But I was so happy with the quality, they felt more like holding a real glass, than just plastic. Important for toasting! What is your upcoming event?

  3. What a lovely celebration, so simple and chic. Being organized and keeping it simple means the hosts can really relax and enjoy the party too! Thanks for the great article. XO Dorie

    1. Thank you so much my sweet friend! You are so right! I wanted to make sure I didn't miss my girl's graduation party! Thanks so for visiting my dear!


  4. This is a cool post Tamera. My daughter will be getting married early next year so I do have some planning to do. My home is much too small for a shower so I'm thinking of places that are somewhat homey or cozy to throw the party.

  5. Congratulations Joni, on your daughter's engagement! I didn't even realize you had a daughter! Sounds as if you will have a lot of fun and excitement this year! I hope you share your celebrations on your blog!


  6. Beautifully done Tamera!! Such great ideas here for a party on the go. Congratulations again, to your beautiful Ellis!! Enjoy your week. Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much my dear! How is your foot coming along in it's new boot? Hope you're taking it easy my friend!


  7. You are popping these posts out toooo FAST!I did not get a chance to comment on the last post!
    The flowers on the graduation hat are DIVINE!Who's idea was that?Looks as if you had everything under control.........
    Beautiful young lady...............XOXO

  8. Your ideas for a pop-up party are perfection Tamera! It looks like you set the stage for a wonderful celebration of family and friends in a cozy, yet chic way. Congrats to Ellis and to you for making this memorable event so fabulous! Flip flops as are so fun girlfriend!
    xx, Heather

  9. Do my friends know how to throw a party or what!!So excited to see you!

  10. I spent time in Avila that weekend, too! We took visiting family to ride bicycles on the Bob Jones trail, made a sand castle, and did a hot dogs and s'mores roast! Maybe we even crossed paths! :) Congratulations to Ellis on her college graduation!! What a wonderful accomplishment and a bright future ahead. I know you must feel such love and pride for her! :)

  11. Tamera I've been having so much fun reading about Ellis's graduation. What an exciting time for your family. And you are such an exquisite party planner, I've SO enjoy reading all your tips for her graduation party as well as your son's birthday party. Such a festive banner he had, and aren't boys so easy going when it comes to party themes? I can't remember what age my guys stopped caring about themes but I know it was too soon for me! :)