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My New Orchid Crown … and a Magical Party

I greeted summer  this weekend 
with my newest creation
an orchid crown.

Wanting to put  yet another spin on my 
beloved silk maxi
I have channeled a bit of 
Freida Kalho inspiration
with the creation of
a new orchid crown for summer.

Fashioned off a basic headband concept
it makes for the most perfect
hot weather wearing.

I simply styled my freshly washed hair
back into a low pony
wrapped the hair into a low chignon.

I wanted a perfect outfit 
for an evening I was sure 
to be magical ...

I had the true pleasure 
to be invited to the
home to celebrate the visit of 
Karena of 

And yes …
it was once again
one of the magical encounters
that happen not only from blogging
as well.

I have followed Andrea 
of the French Basketeer
since the holidays
so I was well aware of her styling mastery!

Absolutely everywhere you looked
that evening ...
there was styling magic.

I only wished I had taken even more pictures.
I was so torn between
wanting to truly experience each and every part of the evening
documenting it all as well.

Trust me
I'm no slouch in the styling department
but I was beyond amazed at the poetry
Andrea created for the evening.
I felt like I had walked into 
a literary novel
where everything was not only breathtaking
all the guests
ever so interesting as well.

My words
barely do the decor justice.

200 yards of tulle was hung
to create a perfectly intimate area within the courtyard.

Just watching the tulle drapes
dance gently in the sun dappled summer breezes ...

A table dressed to perfection
with a view of a cobblestone path 
meandering beyond
into the historic 1920's property.

Simple yet lavish
floral arrangements of 
the palest pink and white hydrangeas 
lined the table.

Votives and illuminated towers
waited for night fall
eager tales being shared among the lucky invited guests.

Andrea generously let us walk around her property
which is quintessential Laguna Beach whimsy and history.

And the ocean views …

were actually rivaled 
by Andrea's culinary mastery.

I am still dreaming of this salad of 
burrata cheese, tomatoes, basil and reduced balsamic
with the perfect surprise ingredient
a slice of roasted peach.
My very favorite salad
made even more so 
with this fruit addition!

Each course of Andrea's Slow Cook  meal
was a true delight
from the home made pasta
to the hens
 magnificent deserts!

But I must say
my heart is still  absolutely in love
with her tablescaping
done to perfection!

From the exquisitely mixed chairs
glasses and plates
succinctly rimmed with gold
crisp white linens.

The table came to live
with the dancing candlelight
after night fall.

Thank you Andrea
for a most 
magical summer evening.
You are a true culinary artist
style master
 through and through.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Andrea is a joy!
    She is so kind and giving!
    She invited me to dinner once.
    I wish that I could have hopped on a plane and accepted her gracious invitation!
    I loved watching another one of her exquisite dinner parties through your eyes, Tamera.

    1. Lynne, you are so right! Andrea is such a generous joy! I am still in awe of the magical evening!

      I love your outdoor kitchen inspiration photo … it has my wheel turning as well … at least to continue my taking back and fluffing of my own backyard!


    2. Dear Lynne, I am still going to be after you to come to dinner one day....wouldn't it be great for the three of us + to get together to enjoy a meal! xxoo~

  2. Her style is elegant and the tulle adds a bit of lucky you were able to attend.
    The evening is one for the memory books.

  3. Thank you, Tamera, for your kind looked just stunning, as compared to moi, de la cuisine (sorry!) and I love your beach's so fun to see the house and the table through your gifted view. This really was a special group of people and I am so glad you enjoyed the setting...I wanted it to be special, and it was created with your rarefied taste in mind! xxoo A

  4. This is really something torn from a Midsummer Night's dream indeed and your crown is just perfect for this time of year.
    What a wonderful, extraordinary way to live.

  5. Stunning! All of it! and love the crown thingy too x

  6. Looks like you walked straight into a magazine. Fabulous.


  7. What a wonderful evening. The white Tulle in the breeze is so soft and pretty. I love the tiles used for the patio floor contrasted with all of the white.

  8. Dear Tamera,
    Thank you for such a beautiful feature commemorating our time together at Andrea's. She truly works magic and is the perfect hostess.You looked fabulous! I will always treasure this trip with Isabella! ( I will put a post up soon as well!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. Well,I have to say that FRENCH BASKET DAME had me at 200 yards of Grey tulle......................then to see the MAGNIFICENT table setting with CLOTH NAPKINS!!!!!!WHO does that anymore???(ME!)A Magical Magical night had by all I am certain!MRS. Beardsely, you take the cake with your ensemble from head to toe!Will someone be printing a list of WHO's WHO and who was dining at that Mediterranean table.........more PHOTOS PLEASE!
    Ps.New Post up with You mentioned and your necklace you taught me to make!I hope YOU adore it!!!!XXXX

    1. La Contessa, Mme. Tamera was indeed the Best Dressed of the party, beautiful, with her orchid crown and silk dress and accessorized by her charming husband...we need to do this again with you here when I get back from France...

    2. VA BENE as they say in ITALIAN! I will be there!Safe travels...............again what a SOIREE!!!!Hats of to YOU MADAME BASKETEER!

  10. You are a feast for the eyes- not just your physical beauty which is substantial but the feast from how you see your world. Delightful, delicious.

  11. Wow! what a gorgeous setting. Your stunning outfit would have certainly fit in perfectly Tamera xx

  12. There has always been something so magical and inspiring with a long table dressed up outside like that.

  13. I imagine no fairy, dined so deliciously. As to waft amongst summer breeze and flowers aglow candles flicker. The dance between glitter and smiles, wafting tulle. A summer's solstice glows.

  14. I adore your orchid crown and your mastery of photography!

  15. Wow... This was a perfect garden set-up. I am speechless. And the orchid crown looks fabulous.

  16. Thank you Tamera, for sharing your orchid crown and your beauty with Hat Attack. It's always a pleasure to see your creations pop up amidst the sea of headwear at the first of the month. I am honored!