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A Final High School Graduation ...

my youngest
graduates high school today.

Another life milestone
for all of us in the family.

Another reminder
of the power of
learning to 
Hold On 
Let Go.

A day to reflect on
just how much 
I love this guy.

To adore the little boy 
he was
marvel at the man he is becoming.

To remember when he was four
I daily dressed him and his siblings
Hunter after 
seeing the other kids
at school as we dropped off 
his older brother and sister 
was the first to decide
he wanted 
to dress differently
than I had chosen.

He explained his reasoning
without conflict.
At four
he already had a voice
of his own
new clothes were purchased.

Hunter has always
the most intuitive
person I have ever known.

When he was little and we would watch TV together
he would turn to look 
to see if I was tearing up at a show
even seconds before
I even knew it was to begin.

How do you sum up
eighteen years …
of being so proud of someone
for knowing their path
being able to makes choices to get there.

When hunter was 15
 he decided
homeschooling was not what he wanted
he chose to transfer into our
neighborhood high school
 without knowing anyone
walked into the gym
joined the football team.

Sticking with it through the season
even when it wasn't everything he had hoped.

As Hunter graduates today
I am ever so proud of
not only of the man of character he has become
but the people he has chosen to be in his life.

Today's graduation also has me reflecting
on how very much I have changed
from my oldest's graduation four years ago.

When as proud as I was of my daughter
 her accomplishments
I was full of fear
of what was around the corner
was beginning to feel
the loss
of what had been.

This time around at graduation
I have already been around the  many corners
enough to know
even as I must let go
there will always
be room and reason to still hold on.

my dear Hunter.
I am so blessed and proud 
to be your mother.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life.


  1. Tamara you must be so very proud of you handsome and accomplished son!
    Yes, I am remembering our moments together at Andrea's and wearing my gorgeous bracelet!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Such a touching and heartfelt post Tamera. Congratulations to the magnificent Hunter upon his graduation ( I enjoyed meeting him last fall!). Congratulations to his mom and dad for handling this new chapter with nostalgia and excitement for the new stages in life to come. Beautiful post Tamera dear.
    xx, Heather

  3. I love the photo with the baseball cap turned about!Now, the photo with the orange polo shirt.........what HI~RISE is that in the background?The white building?Is it the white building across from the CANNERY LIDO ISLE...........?Honestly this is so much fun!CONGRATS on another GRADUATE!!!! What a beautiful SON...............YOU all must be so proud!!!!I hope he heads off close to HOME!What a summer for YOU!You look smashing as per the NORM!
    Now, its time to get a dog!!!!!!!!XOXOXOXO

  4. Congratulations to your darling Hunter! What a handsome young man he is. Beautiful post and message my friend. xoxo

  5. He looks like a sensitive and thoughtful young man - which is exactly what the world needs more of. It's such a bitter-sweet thing as they grow up, isn't it? So happy to see them become independent, but then it's hard not to be sentimental too!

  6. how emotional…congratulations. I bet it went in the blink of an eye x

  7. Congratulations to Hunter and to you Tamera, for your passionate and thoughtful parenting.