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A Simple Graduation Dinner

We celebrated our final high school graduation here this week.
I have realized the need for flexibility  in celebrating graduations this year
beginning with celebrating my daughter's college graduation HERE.

The set  time of graduation is a given 
that must be obviously worked around
to best capture
celebrate the moment.

In the past we have always
gone to a celebratory lunch out
at a fabulous restaurant
as they have all been
 until this year
morning ceremonies.

Hunter's high school graduation
was 7:00 in the evening
with grad night festivities to follow
immediately after.

The idea of getting everyone
where they needed to be
made a early dinner at home the best choice.
But the evening celebratory meal
also called for simplicity
as we all had to leave right after!

We chose to order catered platters
of Mexican food
Ellis made a fabulous advocado salad
as a center point for the meal
followed up  with a celebratory
bakery cake!

I chose to echo the meal with
bright festive fun colors!

Using my new picnic throw
I pulled out  of my Fiesta Ware inspired dishes
even finally had a chance
to use my vintage California glasses!

The platters of food were placed on the table buffet style
we enjoyed eating alfresco
in the perfect summer air.

I used the cake as a centerpiece
placing it on the 
cake stand
I  made years ago.

The stand has seen many a birthday cake in it's time.
On one side I used girly hand made buttons
for Ellis's celebrations
 on the reverse
the buttons were all boy.

I made the base from a piece of wood
added the iron legs
in order to boost
any cake into immediate visual importance!

My vintage glasses pulled 
this quick and simple theme 
together perfectly!

I have really enjoyed
coming up with 
celebration solves
this graduation season.

Realizing all the more
in the importance
of flexibility
in being able
to savor and enjoy
life's moments!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style and savor
your life


  1. I just got finished reading your post on the "Magical Party" and I so enjoyed the details of that gathering and this one! Being a gracious hostess is quite a talent, and it's fun to get an inside peek at your wonderful parties. Congrats on another graduate!


  2. So fun and festive Tamera. Perfect for your son's grad dinner and the cake stand you created is amazing, truly a work of art!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. I love it when you post party decor, Tamera! This looks like so much fun!

  4. Glorious photos of the family!He looks so HAPPY!!!!!!!
    Would those be your parents...........or your husbands??
    IT's all over................what a start to summer!

    1. They are my parents. Jeff's parents live in New Hampshire. Best of luck today at Remnants!

  5. I wore your necklace all day.........I stopped traffic.Don't know how many times I was photographed!
    It was a SENSATION!THank YOU!!!!!!!
    Off to bed I pooped.......I had a great day!