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What I Wore to the Pismo Beach Auction

 As I mentioned last week 
we went to Pismo Beach for my daughter's auction  for her department.
Ellis is majoring in event planning
and this was their annual fundraiser.
It was a beautiful event held inside a tent at the beach.

I packed a core wardrobe of creamy neutrals for our trip
 spent the whole weekend
in only two shoes
my white Birkenstocks seen Here
my new Coach Glitter kitten heels.

The Coach shoe was the perfect choice for the auction.
They have the perfect amount of
glam and function
since the kitten  heel makes them a pleasureto walk in!

 My favorite styling is  working with 
textured monochromes
creamy colors are  one of my favorites
as they always pair beautifully with my love of pearls.

These textured neutrals  were all perfect players in my creamy core wardrobe
 made for a lovely ensemble for the auction.

I paired  a textured off the shoulder sweater with my 
cream skirts
 yes that is plural skirts
as I layer my 
Rag and Bone silk parachute skirt
over my  knife pleated Theory skirt.
The movement of the two together
makes them the  most delicious to wear and walk in
and one becomes a slip for the other.

I finished off the is wonderful ensemble with
an antique crystal evening bag.
The tag you see in the photo
is actually the back side of hand done
calligraphy name tags for the event.
They were presented with pins
so the wearer could decide to 
either pin or tie!
I'm not usually a fan of name tags
but these were a pleasure to wear for the event!

 I was so very proud of my daughter
 the professional level of her event.
It's a wonderful thing to see your children
turning into successful and talented adults.
It's a proud Mama heart I have here.

You can see more of Ellis's  styling of the event Here.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You are the double of each other.
    Event planning? The acorn does not fall far from the tree.

  2. Ellis has such a beautiful role model in you. Just look at the two of you! That first shot of the glitter shoes on gravel is priceless.

  3. Those shoes are FABULOUS!
    I love your neutral cream theme and you are looking very glamorous. Your daughter looks so much like you and how proud you must be!

  4. You are so glamorous , and who have ever thought of pairing two skirts! Btw, the TED talk I mentioned in your last post is called 'Simply Happy', and its a compilation by Guy Raz of NPR.

  5. Oh Wow! I'm not finding the words to adequately express my usual, LOL. You do look ever so lovely Tamera. Elegant, stylish, beautiful, poised. But greater than that, is the care you take in presenting yourself to the world. What a great role model you are for Ellis, and I can totally see that she herself is a confident, and gracious woman!

  6. Well you both look gorgeous...what a fun event. I love your creamy choices, elegant and appropriate!

  7. Gorgeous, the both of you!
    What a great event and such a fun major to have. It must be in her blood!

  8. You and your daughter look so lovely together. The layering of your skirts is absolutely inspired!

  9. You and your daughter are so beautifully put together in creams!
    2014 Artists Series

  10. How joyous you both look (and gorgeous.) LOVE those shoes. May I borrow them for next Tuesday's shoe shine link-up?

  11. What a gorgeous outfit! That purse! WOW!

    Dawn Lucy

  12. Your pairing is impeccable, as always. You and Ellis look stunning. What a clever girl she is! Just like her mom. Loving your shoes so much. Glamorous all the way, friend. xoxoJ

  13. Oh how wonderful you and Ellis look together. Your outfit beautiful in every way, specially love the sparkly shoe.xx

  14. those shoes!!!!! love this outfit. soft. soothing. classy!
    you and your girl are a gorgeous mother-daughter team.

  15. Tamera I am just amazed by your natural beauty :-). love your neutral ensemble, its like art :-)


  16. There are always excellent chamber music performances and student recitals that don't cost an arm and a leg. The staff here is actually competent and friendly, unlike other places with their pretentious ushers.

  17. Hello came across your site through Patt's Link up!. Love your style, very elegant with all of the cream and I am a big fan o fur stoles:-)
    Your whole ensemble was lovely!
    If you have time, perhaps you can stop by

  18. So lovely. Always. You do this high glamour better than anyone. Congrats on your daughter's achievements!