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... a wedding at the Villa ...

I was so honored this week to be invited by a dear friend to the wedding of her son...
at the beautiful Villa in San Juan Capistrano.

My friend's entire family is hip and cool...
the last  fabulous wedding I went to ...
seen here
 was that of her gorgeous and talented daughter.

So I knew this wedding would call for an inspired look...
Out came my favorite sparkle pants...
denim tunic... and the fur collar my darling daughter found for me in Italy...
I added
my vintage tooled bag and long fringed silk shawl...
as fashion nods to the history of the venue and the area.

The wedding was breathtaking...
Every detail of this wedding was creatively  thought out...

 I was so relieved to see on the invitation that photos were encouraged...
with even their own hashtag...
I still regret so many, many perfect moments I  didn't capture at the last wedding.

Petals tucked in vintage book pages...
to be tossed at the newly married couple.

The ceremony porch...
 perfectly decorated  with bunting and green  garlands whispering to the location
 the season ...
set with glowing candles...

The wedding design and flowers were done by Stacey Fitts of
who, by the way, is also the proud Mother of the beautiful bride.

I was inspired by the beauty in details ...

which was every where,..

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Thank you again, Christy...
for the honor of sharing another of life's
 most memorable moments...
I love you.

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  1. Wow! Glorious.

    The flower arrangements were stunning.

    And I love the idea of petals in vintage book pages.

    As always you look elegant.


  2. So beautiful...what an amazing decorating job!! I also love the petals in vintage books and I really love those sequined pants...just stunning, Tamera!

  3. Breathtaking indeed! And you are fab in your sparkle-trousers! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  4. Love the sparkle pants And your bag looks really cool too~ xoxo

  5. Looks like it was an amazing wedding. You look lovely.

  6. What a beautiful setting!! I love your sparkly pants too, so festive!

  7. An inspired look, indeed! Thank you for sharing that most beautiful venue, with all the breathtaking details!

  8. Tamera dear-what a little slice of paradise for a wedding. Your photos are so gorgeous. The little touches, the beatuy, your sequin trousers.....purely gorgeous. This looks to be the sweetest of events. I adore a wedding. So special. Thanks for sharing the beauty and romance of this evening.
    xx, Heather

  9. What an incredible wedding. You are so correct, the attention to detail was splendid and breathtaking. I'm still in awe that the mother of the bride was also the florist. Talk about talent, I will be pulling these up for days. So grateful you took the time to share these with us. And as always, you definitely fit the part as the stylish and classy guest. (More like the Bell of the Ball).

  10. Being away for a while, getting back here makes me realize how much I've missed your style! Your artistic vision is so inspiring - I am hypnotized by your sparkle pants. And I have to say that minimalist wedding cake is one of my favourites ever.

  11. I love those pants, what a creative outfit for a special wedding -
    The cake caught my eye too! i love how it's done, very different -
    The details you showes us are beautiful


  12. You got it perfectly right in so many ways ... brilliant combinations, anyway, but perfectly suited to the wedding theme. You clever, beautiful girl! I cannot help but think how wonderful it must have been for bride and her mother to have this lovely event to plan. You know both of them had it in mind all of the bride's life so far!

  13. These are some lovely photos. So lovely, they make me want to get married! Got to find the right guy first. :) Love your look. Those pants are perfect for any occasion. Great style.