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hello Monday ... hello gratitude ...

 Hello Monday... hello to so much gratitude.
Hello to a wonderfrul weekend with my husband...
finding a balance between getting things done...
and still having time for fun.. 
and finding new destinations.

 Hello gratitude ... for celebrating our last high school homecoming as parents...
 with some great pictures...
So very grateful for Hunter's girlfriend and his great group of friends...
makes a momma's heart happy...
to know her boy is so well loved and supported.

 Hello to such gratitude for this guy...
and what a wonderful young man he is becoming...
I am one proud mother.

 Hello to the first lemons from my garden...
As it approaches November here in SoCal...
we are still hitting 80 degrees almost everyday...

 So even though I long for fall weather ...
I am trying to cherish this perfect weather in the garden.

 Hello to a grateful heart...
for the privlege of spending time with both 
old friends and new.

 Hello to getting ready for our 
pre-trick or treat gathering...
of old neighbors and new.

Hello Monday...
hello to time in the studio this week...
Working some old and new designs...

Hello to getting everything in order...
so we can find time to take this baby of ours out on a road trip....
With these  beautiful cooling temperatures  and perfect light...
I am hearing the siren song...
of an open road.

As always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I love these posts, Tamera. I cried and cried at the last homecoming when I had a son playing on the field. Watching both of my boys play football in HS gave me such joy! I am always so envious of your time for hospitality. I hope to be able to do that some day!! I am grateful this day for women like you who inspire so many others!!

  2. How gorgeous your children are. What a happy occasion!! The pride we feel for our children reaches so deeply into our souls. Your delight and joy are so beautiful to see, my friend. I am also anxious for the weather to cool off, but must admit it is glorious here, in the 80's!
    Have a lovely week. Anxious to see your beautiful creations. Are you planning to go to Remnants of the Past? I'm thinking of driving down.

  3. Gorgeous family! you should be proud Tamera, your son looks like a fine young man indeed - What fine occasion! i remember i was so proud when my son graduated from Uni!

    What a beautiful place you have, i looked at previous posts - Lemon tree? how cool, i would love a lemon tree in my garden, but i don't think it would survive our winter, so instead we buy the crappy lemons in the fruitstores -

  4. Oh my...I want your glasses! You look smashing!

    What a cool invitation and a great family shot. You look so proud.


  5. What a wonderful weekend and stepping stone occasion for your son. I must say, he looks like a replica of his father! I adore the starfish boutonierre (sp). Can't wait to hear/see where the open road takes you.

  6. The beauty (of both the inside and the outside sort) in your posts always makes me smile :)

  7. Your son and his girlfriend make such a handsome couple! And I love the pic of Hunter with you.
    Wow, still 80 degrees? Can I come over for your Pre Trick or Treat party please? I am so over the rain here in the UK!
    Gorgeous photos, as always, Tamera. xxxx

  8. Good morning Tamera~I'm so happy to see that you are enjoying the 'Paris in Color' book from the boutique. It is one of my new favorites. I know we both adore a little Paris! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. The family photos, you and Jeff with Hunter and friends-swoon! This is such an special time in life. I know you are enjoying each moment of this senior year. Happy to hear that you got back into your studio this week. Such beauty. If we didn't live a plane ride away you know I'd be crashing that Halloween party of yours. You are a fabulous host. Still smiling from our afternoon together.
    Happy week darling!
    xx, Heather

  9. Hi Tamera, what a great looking family! I am so happy for you (ps love seeing you without your sunglasses) you are such a natural beauty! Thank you for your inspiration!

    2013 Designer Series

  10. Tamera I stopped by to leave a comment about your beautifully styled luncheon with Heather and lo and behold I see these lovely prom pictures. I can so relate to those tender feelings about senior year with your son. I just went through many of the same emotions last year for my youngest who is now at college. Hunter is so handsome and I agree, it warms a Mama's heart to see all the friends and the laughter and pretty prom dresses on those occasions. I'm so happy that Heather shared her friendship with you because it brought me to your blog. And it's filled with so much gratitude and beauty.

  11. I'm grateful for you, Tamera, and how you celebrate your family, special events, working in your studio, and for just being the fabulous woman that you are. Thank you!

  12. Love it! <3 :) Beautiful photos! You look great <3
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?