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... hello Monday ... hello gratitude ...

 Hello Monday...
Hello gratitude ...
for this
wonderfully supportive blogging community.
I was so moved by all of the loving comments...

 Hello Monday...
and gratitude for the privilege of having
the beautiful Heather from StyleMindChic...
and her husband and sister..
over for brunch this weekend.

Such great friendships can come from this blogging world...
Even though Heather and I met for the first time in person...
it felt as though we had been friends for ages already.
I always believe...

it is truly the connections that come out of blogging...
that are
 the truest gift.

 Hello Monday...
 gratitude for routine...
and structure...
and still having ...

 this wonderful young man at home..
Senior year seems to be going so fast.

 Here's to 
celebrating milestones along the way!

 Hello to much gratitude for
 the beauty and coziness of fall...

 Hello to making invitations today...
for our 
14th annual Pre-Trick or Treat Gathering...
It feels good to be back.

 Hello gratitude and excitement for a new collection in the works...
 the beauty and promise of a brand new week!

as always dear  friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life.


  1. So grateful I was able to pull this up today and once again be reminded of the simple beauties of life. I want to hear more about your pre-trick or treat gathering. Please do share. What exactly takes place with this gathering?

  2. Tamera dear~Speaking of gratitude, it was a complete joy to spend the afternoon with you and Jeff in your gorgeous, artistically inspired home. You are gracious hosts and you spoiled us. I so agree with you-it felt like we had already known each other for ages. That is my favorite element to blogging as well. The connections are so genuine and heartfelt. You are pure beauty-inside and out. Though I took the day off after travelling (flew in after midnight) my stunning new Tamera Beardsley bracelet is adorning my wrist-even at home. My new favorite. Big thanks and hugs girlfriend!
    xx, Heather

  3. I'm excited to see the new treasures you'll be creating. I love your pearls. It sounds like a wonderful visit!! And yes, tell us more about the pre trick or treat gathering please.
    Have a lovely day my friend.

  4. What a lovely post Tamera. I hadn't read your previous post so went back and read that too. I am grateful today that you shared your vulnerability and taught me we are not weak to show we our fears. It just makes us more human and real ;-)
    Sending you hugs from a very Autumnal London xx

  5. I hope some of my blog friends travel this way some time....I always enjoy reading about those of you who are able to meet and spend some time together. It is always sad when a child moves on, but I am enjoying all three of my children at 27,25,and 21. I miss the childhood days, but I also love my adult interaction with them. One thing is for sure...time goes fast and we should cherish and be grateful for each and every moment. Have a wonderful week, Tamera.

  6. Well, your blog friends care about you, Tamera, and feel for you when things are difficult. But you have found comfort in the beauty around you, friends and family, and of course your work. Sequins help too - love your sparkly outfits in your last post! xxx

  7. What a lovely and positive post, my dear Tamera. With the incessant rain I've been struggling to remain cheerful but with your post, a dry morning and a warm cat on my lap I feel much better! x

  8. I agree Tamera. Blogging connections are a gift! I always appreciate your reminders of focusing on gratitude. Happy to hear that you have a new collection in the works.

  9. Wonderful Tamera! Love all of your thoughts and images.
    My granddaughter Isabella is visiting this week and it is so great to have her here with me. We went to the Hallmark Visitors Center yesterday; They gave her a gift of a canvas and paints to make a work of art with a musical message! How cool is that!

    2013 Designers Series

  10. I can't wait to see how you decorate for your Halloween gathering.

    So much fun you were able to get together with Heather in real life.