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Not young, thin or rich ...

 In the realm of so many beautiful blogs ...
with clever names ...
I have often wondered about changing the name of mine ...
and if I did ...
it would be ....

Not Young, Thin or Rich- and  living a beautiful Life

With a week of coming across some great articles on positive aging ...
here and here 
hearing the heart breaking  news of the passing of a childhood neighbor  
after an agonizing battle with ovarian cancer ...

 I realize I want to put more energy into celebrating the life I have
After a lifetime of body issues and eating disorders
now at 54 ...
I  am in such a better place of self acceptance ...

I know ...

my thighs will never be thin ...

I will never again be young ...

I have realized years ago ...
I  did not want to dedicate my life to the accumulation of   wealth ...
so being rich is out...

So you see ...

I am fine with
not being 

 Because I am realizing 
the very rich gifts of aging
the freedom that comes with self acceptance..

the giving of value to ones inner voice...
the letting go of putting the value of others opinions over one's own.

I remember how painful high school was ...
how afraid I was of what people would think of me...
to an almost paralyzing fear of walking by the 'cool kids'
in my case it was the surfers...
(I can still see Michelle Phiffer in the group...
yeah ... I mean SHE really was there )

Now I'm the happy odd lady doing salutations to the sun in the park...


 what a blessed freedom that is!

 I am on a mission to celebrate all that aging has to offer 
 find the gifts
 celebrate each and everyone!

.I believe it is our duty to help change the tide of thinking in this culture 
to help minimize the fear of aging ...
by highlighting the gifts it can bring.

We will be helping not only ourselves ...
but those much younger following behind us
 on this path that is life's journey

So if I change the name of my blog to

Not Young, Thin or Rich - and  still living a beautiful life 

you'll know it's me.

 as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

I am so grateful to be traveling this road
with you


  1. I am also grateful dear Tamera.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful. Well said and heartfelt. We all need to hear this. Aging is a phase of life that the lucky get to experience and we should do it with joy and celebration. Let's celebrate the wisdom and grace that comes with living and experiencing both the joys and the heart wrenching pain that accompanies a rich and full life. I think of Elton John's song, I'm Still Standing with a smile, realizing what it takes to endure. Let's celebrate.

  3. First off, I love these pictures and you look lovely as always! Secondly, I join you in your mission....let's go have some fun!!

  4. Well said, my friend! I love every word here. I am constantly reminding my Middle school aged daughters about being who God created them to be and never apologizing for that. I remember Middle school and High school so well now as my own girls are walking these tender teen years out.

    As always, thanks for the "real" life words!! They mean a lot to this Mama who is embracing her self worth and Gray hair at the same time! I love using my "voice" to change the culture on aging and image, etc., as well.

  5. I'm so thankful for wise women I know who have not let it their mere age slow them down.... I'm thankful to work in a place surrounded by people who will not allow me to feel old... the other day I had a glass of wine with seven other ladies, the youngest of whom (next to me) was 85, the oldest 101.... to sit and listen to them talk and laugh just really warmed my heart.... I'm so thankful for your example of timeless beauty and beautiful honesty. You really, truly are an inspiration to me. So glad we "met."

  6. Bravo Tamera! Another beautiful post. Your words always inspire me to look within. In my book, you are rich...generous, valuable, and wise.

  7. And I am so grateful to be a traveling companion on the exact same road. It's a blessing to know we're not traveling solo on this journey. Beautifully said with words and pictures, my dear friend.

  8. You are breathtakingly beautiful- and we are richer for it.
    Love you. Very much.

  9. What a great post and as usual an creative unique outfit.

    It is truly about perspective in life. I'm trying to learn that daily. In ten years from now I will look back and wonder what I ever complained about. Enjoy it.


  10. Yes, we are in this together. A movement to change the perception of older women across the planet. It is invigorating! Your headwear and traveling hat box speak a thousand words.

  11. You are amazing. And thank you for reminding us that we all are.

  12. Gorgeous outfit - cheers from one "not young thin or rich" to another! :) Have a great weekend!

  13. Wise words ,that we can all relate to., both your words and pictures simply inspiring. Thankyou

  14. You are so gorgeous, just feeling so much love for you right now. xoxoxoxo

  15. Young, thin and rich are overrated! Wise, content, rich in experience and love, comfortable and at peace with who we are - that's the way to be.
    Beautiful post, Tamera, and you look stunning as always. xxxx

  16. I wish I could sit and have tea with you, and talk woman stuff. I bet it be a marvalous conversation. This post was beautiful!

  17. I wish I could sit and have tea with you, and talk woman stuff. I bet it be a marvalous conversation. This post was beautiful!

  18. Such a beutiful post! I am finding that at 41 I enjoy life more now.

  19. I think the name of your blog is brilliant, and that your thighs look just right. You are one of the loveliest bloggers I've seen of any age, and I would just once like to look half as elegant as you seem to so effortlessly. I'm taking a developmental lifespan psychology class right now, and have learned that being in your 50s now is quite different than it used to be. Due to our longer lifespans, we are pursuing our dreams and starting new careers - and we're not a fading number. We're life, with all of its heartbreak and joy, but we're much better at handling both than we were decades ago :)

  20. Such a good narrator, and stylish to! I am totally smitten with your blog, the style and content, not to even mention your outfit!
    Fabulous piece of work and most inspirational, definitely worthy of following!

  21. I am envious of this peace you have with yourself. I am still fighting with trying to be thinner.. even when I am somewhat happy with myself, the expectation of others are a bit overwhelming. You look stunning and these image are worthy of a fashion magazine!


  22. What a gorgeous piece of writing Tamera. A blog title called, Not Young, Thin or Rich? It made me smile. What a creative way to share your deeper insights about self worth and healthy aging. And I so agree. There is a glorious freedom that happens when we stop chasing approval from others, although it's taken me a long time to get there. Thank you my friend for spreading your positive thoughts about aging and beauty, you are such an inspiration!

  23. Thank you for the beautiful post. It is very poignant and true, I believe we should be the best "our name here" God created us to be, we are all different but beautiful in His eyes! If only we saw what he sees, or even what our husband and children see we would not be so hard on ourselves!

  24. What a lovely post, Tamera. You always make me think more clearly about this aging business. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with Visible Monday!

  25. Such a great post and you do look beautiful in this outfit of white tones. I enjoy the confidence I see in your pictures. Plus the textures in your outfits are always complex and interesting.

    blue hue wonderland

  26. Visiting from Visible Mondays ... and as of December I am 2 years from reaching 50 - having spent most of my 40s recovering from an accident - and sometimes I feel like I have missed the best part of life. Your post was something I needed to read today - to remind me the best is yet to come!! Thank you - Hugs, c. (HHL)

  27. Great post. You look beautiful and the photos are fantastic. Considering I'm around the corner from turning 48, it's about one's attitude and staying positive. Love the shoes and outfit.

  28. Your photos always cheer me up. They are so beautifully put together. You always look stunning.

  29. You are clearly thin enough to wear anything you want with complete cool and sleek good looks ... and to me, you're still a young 'un! Rich? As you say, adorable Tamara ... rich with all the truly good things! And they are richly deserved, 'cause you're a completely great girl, still!
    Your first photo makes it look as though you are running away from home! Or that you've just come across a strange hatbox on your afternoon walk. So cute, and like you, always interesting!