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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

I have been putting in more effort with my

I have been starting my days with
Gratitude Lists 
for years now.

A personal ritual of 
morning coffee, goals and gratitudes
written down.

This last week
I have spent more time during my day
looking for 
Micro Moments of Beauty and Joy

And there are really so many
as I slow down enough to 
intentionally look.

When I find them 
I push them into my heart
the more I collect
the happier and more hopeful I become.
Small moments like a beautiful sunrise
bringing the possibilities in a brand new day.

Literally shopping my closet
to put together a morning in the garden
loungewear set.
It makes me enjoy my mornings even more
because I get much happiness from wearing clothes I love.

This beautiful blue and white robe has been hanging in my closet
a couple of years unworn.
It is a sentimental souvenir from a fabulous hotel
Jeff and I stayed at in Austin Texas.

I paired it with a couple of pieces from Anthropologie 
more morning happiness
I had it all the time.

I just had to slow down enough 
to play in my own closets!

The morning light coming in
can just stop me in my tracks
with the beauty.

I use the same flowers throughout my living/ dining room area.
I love the visual continuity it provides.
I keep it simple with small vases in several places
that just drop into vignettes.
This week instead of flowers
I used trimmings from my dwarf olive tree.

On the dining table 
I used one single  olive branch to freshen my 
summer centerpiece.
I also added in a pair of my shell earrings
in a stone bowl
to round out the  tablescape vignette.

I also added dainty olive trimmings 
to my candle holder
that I have on wall shelves.

I also just dropped in a couple of 
summer art
to round out my 
Summer Blue and White Decor.

I really get a lot of use of

the front courtyard 

in the summer mornings
because it cool and shaded.

This week I have been refining my 
Sea Glass Designs
for my upcoming

I love all of my designs so much
I end up in overwhelm
more often than not.
So I am trying a new process
of refining each part of 
My Collection
one concept at a time.
Fingers crossed this helps my creative blocks.

I combined our getting our miles in
with a 
Design Photo Shoot
at the beach this weekend.

It was  a surprisingly foggy morning
which ended up to be
magical lighting!

Well that concludes this week's 
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude.

I will happily be working in my studio this new week!
I feel like I am beginning to have some clarity
on getting my website closer to a launch date.

Thank you so much for visiting here!
I would love to hear what 
you are 
Grateful For
this week!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I'm grateful for being a mom. I'm grateful for the flowers, fruit, sand, and waves AND of course, your blog posts!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing. mimi

    1. Mimi such wonderful things to be thankful for dear! And thank you so much for your visit here and your sweet, encouraging words! I so appreciate you!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, Tamera. So much beauty in your thoughts and photographs - thank you for sharing. I am grateful for my life, moment by moment...and am open to all things beautiful that the Universe will always provide. Namaste, Elizabeth xx

    1. Elizabeth thank you ever so much for visiting and your sweet and appreciative words! I so appreciate them! Thank you for sharing some of your gratitudes! You have a most beautiful outlook on life!

  3. P.S. to my comment above, I just love your sea glass bracelets, please let me know when they are on sale. And as always, I adore your garden; it so inspires me as my courtyard evolves. Elizabeth.

    1. Thank you dear! I definitely will let you know! Aren't courtyards wonderfully engaging spaces!

    2. Thanks heaps. xx