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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

I can't believe it's the last week of July!
I have been adamant this summer to 
Savor and Enjoy
the days
but it seems to be all going so fast
so I thought I would do a 
quick and sweet post here
to remind myself!

Jeff and I had a lovely
Friday Date Night
in Dana Point!

I shopped my closet
to find this fabulous sequin dress I've had for ages!

I made it more 
Beach Resort
by making a belt of 
cord and tassels!
For fun I doubled down with the tassels
for my druzzy stone earrings.

I finished the look with
one of my favorite 
summer hair finishes
A Turban!
I was so happy with how it all turned out
which always elevates my
Date Night Mood!

We stopped for a view cocktail at

I have gotten so much summer use out of my
Pamela Munson basket purse!
I always finish it off with a scarf to cover the contents.
Another easy way to carry a color scheme through!

It's such a beautiful ocean view
from the outside patio at

We spent Saturday in 
getting our miles in
along the ocean and in town.

It's always one of my favorite ways to spend 
a Saturday! 

A stop in the interior store
is always a must
if you appreciate 
A Coastal Vibe
in your interiors!

I found two more textured plate cream plates
to add. to my collection.
They play perfectly
with my pieces I bought in 
Marfa Texas!

Sunday was spent at home
with household needs.
We all know how much it takes 
to keep a house and gardens
humming along!

Jeff and I  also trimmed back our
Secret side Garden.

It's a space that has been one of those 
gardens  that accepts a lot of extras
from the other gardens.
And like so many things in life
that aren't planned
but nurtured with gratitude
this garden has grown in just beautifully!

Well there is the highlights 
from my week!

I think it's so important 
to take the time
to put down 
the sweet moments in life
we are 
Grateful for!

If I have learned anything
these last hard years

it's to really dig deep
in the gratitude department
it's one of the best ways
to stoke your 
reserves of resilience.

And don't we all want to feel
we are living a good life!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You are an inspiration. You make me think about some ordinary things that can be extraordinary! Of course, shopping my closet would be very ordinary­čą░

    1. Why thank you ever so much dear! That is the sweetest compliment! I think we all have so much to be grateful for if we slow down to look! Big kudos to you for looking for the extraordinary in life! Thank you for visiting and commenting !

  2. Such a great reminder to be in the moment and to enjoy every day! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Why thank you so much dear! That is exactly what i was trying to communicate! I so appreciate you taking the time to leave a lovely and encouraging comment!

  3. I truly value your blog posts as they inspire me to live better. I appreciate your writing style that is kind and encouraging. I like the format you use so that your posts are easy to read and appreciate. I often reread your posts for daily encouragement. Truly thankful for what you do! mimi

    1. Dearest Mimi thank you ever so much for this Gift of Encouraging Words! They truly touch my heart! I so appreciate you my dear!

  4. Elizabeth g. ArthurJuly 27, 2022 at 1:15 AM

    Hi Tamera, It's fabulous to see you "shopping your closet" again, I love it. Especially when we have clothes with stories and memories to love. And it's so lovely seeing you in colour (your Boho look for your family alfresco dinner was gorgeous too), so vibrant, although I understand wearing white and neutrals in the summer heat and it's hot over there at the moment according to the news reports (and summer fires, hope you and yours are safe from them). Your secret side garden sounds very interesting... Peace, happiness and love to you. Elizabeth.

  5. How lovely to have a visit from you dear Elizabeth! Thank you for taking the time to comment darling! Currently here in Southern California we have been enjoying lovely temperatures! The savage fires are in the north of our State. How goes things in your world in Australia?

    1. I'm glad you're safe from fires and hope it stays that way (and that the northern ones are extinguished). Here in Brisbane, our normal winter weather has reappeared (cold nights around 7deg C and days around 20 deg C, blue skies and sunny) after our summer of terrible floods and weeks and weeks of torrential rain, a one in one hundred year event. On the back of 2 years of state border lockdowns, so many lockdowns everywhere and bushfires before COVID it tested everyone. But every challenge has a silver lining and as my dear counsellor used to say "for every season there's a reason". I'm off out into my little garden now, enjoy yours this weekend. Elizabeth. xx

    2. What a wise counselor you have my dear! Hope you are enjoying your lovely garden!

  6. One of the best parts about getting older is finding wonderful items in your closet. I continually thank the me from the past who bought such great dresses and shoes -- and clearly it's the same for you!

    1. Yes, you are so right my dear! It really is a gift in the aging process!