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Bridal Shower and Vintage Flowers

I got to attend 
a sweet bridal shower 
this weekend!

It was for the gorgeous daughter
of  one of my good friends!
We met when our children were in
Waldorf Playgroup!

I adore her daughters
so I knew I wanted something 
really special to wear to the shower!

My off the shoulder dress checked boxes
for the 
Bridal Tea Theme
I brought it all the way home
by adding my collection of 
vintage flowers to the 
neckline and sleeves.

Instead of jewelry for the look
I hand sewed beautiful flowers on
for an encrusted neckline!

These flowers were given to me by 
Jeff's late grandmother.
She had worked at 
Saks Fifth Avenue
in the millenary department.
Years ago she sent me the most magnificent box
filled with these antique beauties!
I think it's one of my favorite gifts ever!

When my daughter Ellis was little
I used the flowers. on hatbands for her.
I recently found them again
 gently recaptured them
for this look.

I couldn't be happier how the dress turned out!

I always like to decide not only 
what I'm wearing to an event 
from the invite
but also how I'm going to 
design the wrapping 
for my gift!

This beautiful invite 
was just the inspiration
I was looking for!

I ordered this sweet floral paper from Amazon
finished it off with 
yards and yards of tulle ribbon 
topped it all with some silk flowers from the craft store!

And voila
Bridal Tea Party

And how is this for a stunning event location!
This is the home of school friends 
of the family!

I have never seen a more luxurious private pool 
in my life!

A pool complete with not only 
a boat
but a dock as well!

The amazing couple!
Evanya and Robbie!

I will be tucking the memory of this 
beautiful Bridal Shower
into my heart!

It's really an amazing part of life
to be able to witness
seeing children you have known since they we tiny
grow into amazing adults
find the love of their life!
I'm so excited for the wedding!

As always my friends

 I wish you Love and joy
as you style your life



  1. Hello Tamera, Thank you for sharing this gorgeous story about the flowers...I would have loved to meet Jeff's grandmother, she would have had some wonderful stories about her time at Saks... As the artist you are, you have created a fabulous outfit for the party. I love that you "shopped your closet" (as you said on Instagram) and lovingly created a completely new dress. Your photos are always beautiful, and I love your affinity with the natural world and the beauty around you (and the stunning pool in this instance!). Peace, love, health and happiness to you, Elizabeth.

    1. Elizabeth thank you so much for visiting here, all the way from Australia and your gift of sweet and encouraging words my dear! Sending you big hugs from Southern California! XOX