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What I Wore Where ... All White and Layered Statement Necklaces


We were out and about this weekend
so of coursed I styled my outfit for the occasions!
We were heading to 
A Fabulous Vintage Market!

So I wanted an outfit that would hit the mark
for both!

I chose to go with all white separates
so I could really show off my
Layered Signature Necklaces

I reworked some of these beauties last week
mainly refreshing some of the nautical charms.

I do all of my 
charms with lobster claw clasps
for maximum versatility!

This way I can move them around
or even take them off
depending on the feel I'm going for.
I can also make charm bracelets with them 
on a whim!

With clasps
the charms don't have to live their life on just one piece of jewelry.

I really appreciate the versatility
because many of the 'charms'
I've made from pieces of 
my late Mother's jewelry
so they are very sentimental to me!

But also
charms with clasps 
mean you can style as many different looks
as you want!

I was so happy with how the necklaces
layered so nicely together!
Layering necklaces
is another way to 
maximize versatility with your accessories!
For lunch at 
Fashion Island
I finished my look with a white fedora.

We stopped for lunch at one of my favorites
Neiman's always gives me that 
Breakfast at Tiffany's 

I always order the classic
orange souffle  with chicken salad.
It's not on any of the menus any more
But if you ask
it's still available!

We were at Fashion Island 
to check out the opening of the new
VEA Hotel
across the street.
We did a quick walk around
It seemed nice
but will require more time spent there.

Next we were off to our main destination for the day ...

A new vintage market
at a 
New Coffee spot!

The market was hosted by the fabulous Johanna of 
 a Stylist, Vintage Curator and Creative!

I have followed her for years
and I am a big fan of hers!
You can find her here on Instagram

And  I am always on the lookout for new coffee destinations!

is a great new find!

They are a 
Single Origin Coffee Roastery
 Tasting Room

It's a beautiful building
where you can actually see the roasting process
the coffee is really incredible!

For the Vintage Market
I swapped out the fedora for 
a turban
since the market was inside.

My bag for the day was a slouchy woven bag with flecks of gold.
I wanted to add a grounded beachy vibe to the outfit.

For shoes I wore my very favorite shoe right now
a rattan pointy flat with pearl buckle embellishment.
It I designed shoes
these would be in my collection!
i love them so much I ordered a second pair from HERE

Sentiment I can agree with
but for me I think I would rearrange the order.
Some how my morning coffee ritual
really jumpstarts the
thinking and creativity!

An afternoon of great coffee
treasure hunting
always makes for a great afternoon 
in my book!

Since we were in the area
Jeff wanted to stop at another vintage store
where they sell both vintage and new apparel.

I was amazed at the beautifully curated collections
known to be both
country and rock and roll!

Well that concludes my
What I Wore Where
day outing with my 
Layered Signature Necklaces.

~~~ My accessory tips I leave you with ~~~

Add clasps to you charms
for maximum versatility.


Layering Necklaces
makes new looks form old.

Thank you ever so much 
for stopping by for a visit!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. So much wonderful texture going on in that outfit! Love it!

    1. Why thank you so much Beth! I appreciate your visit here and sweet comment!

  2. I love your all white on ensemble and your beautiful layered necklaces really add a pop! Great tip about the lobster claws. Lunch at Neman's sounds delightful and the vintage market looks so fun too! That rattan or wicker handbag is absolutely magnificent! Thanks for taking us along!

    1. Ginger thank you so much for visiting here and taking the time to comment! I so appreciate it! Hope you and yours are doing well!

  3. Thank you for "taking me along" on your fabulous day out, Tamera. Fashion Island? An interesting name, can you please elaborate? What, where?? Look forward to your next adventure. Elizabeth. xx

    1. P.S. I LOVE those white pants!

  4. Holy are SO glamorous....if I thought I would look as good as you then I would try sporting all of those outfits but I don't think I can pull it off:) Amazing clothes and accessories!