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Style Your Life ... Finding Beauty and Joy in the Everyday

Recently I have put

Finding Joy
on the top of my 
to do lists.

The last couple of years
I feel 
I have let fear take over my life.

When my husband lost his job
out of the blue
after 25 years of service ...

Then my dad died during Covid
after over 2 months of ICU ...

We found out recently
that our estranged older son got married
wanting no part of us at his wedding.

Which all sounds like a lot.
And it is.

But life has a way of throwing 
the very bad in with 
the very, very good.
We just need to learn how to navigate both
steer towards the good.

I have been making my morning 
Gratitude Lists 
for almost 2 years now.
They have helped me immensely.

Even during the darkest days
I felt the light.

Last week I started 
making lists of 
things that bring me

The kind of 
Joy that lights me up inside!

The kind of 
that makes me so 
Happy I get to be me.

That I get to 
Live this incredible Life.
What a simple and wonderful way
to refocus.
To literally find the light.

I think I really had lost 
for so long.
My mind racing in 
a fear loop 
over and over.
Making me feel that I could never 
get out from under.

Not that I haven't been happy.
I certainly have.

But true 
 coming from deep 
inside my heart
has a different lightness to it.

An effervescence!

 for me
 has a connection
to the magic in life.

Joy that our soul recognizes!
Joys that are different 
for all of us.
Joys that make us who 
we truly are.
That connect us with our
Authentic Selves.

I am writing this today
in case 
you too 
have lost track of your  joy.
Just a simple reminder
that maybe we get more of what we think of most.

For me
just starting my day 
Joy Lists
has felt 
life changing.
It has relit a spark inside
that I really wondered 
if I would ever get back.

Joy Lists
are the perfect 
stepping stone
right over to 

Joy and Gratitude
are how I am choosing 
to start my mornings.

Even if I don't do the things on the 
just writing the lists
is such a great 
reminder to my soul that ....

Joy and Beauty
matter to me.
They matter to 
my soul

The  adding 
things that bring me 
to my daily to do list
really does connects my heart
the magic
to be found in the 

As always my friends

I wish you Love and Joy
as you Style Your life


  1. Thank you for the reminder.
    The Bible equates Joy to life strength. So, I think you're on to something foundational. ♡
    May God heal the heartaches.

    1. Wow! That is very a very powerful concept! Thank you ever so much for sharing Denise! I really appreciate it! XOX

  2. Andonietta PradelaJune 6, 2022 at 1:24 PM

    Thank you for sharing this <3

    1. Andonietta thank you so much for reading and commenting my dear!

  3. Tamera ... as always you express yourself beautifully and have a knack for inspiring others grappling with similar things. I love the idea of a Joy List ... to start the day. Or any time of day. Bringing joy back into my life is a priority, even though it sometimes means eliminating other things or people, But at this stage of life we know we must put our own wellbeing first in order to be useful to others. Stunning photography, of course. Thank you for sharing yourself so openly. xo

    1. Not anonymous ... Juliet!

    2. Always so wonderful to find you here dearest Juliet! I love your words "we must put our own wellbeing first in order to be useful to others" Beautifully said my dear! Here's to finding all the Joy we can, everyday!! Thank you so much for stopping by here and leaving such encouraging and uplifting words! XOX

  4. Reading your words on appreciating the joys in life is a wonderful start to my day. I too have been making a conscious effort to accept the things out of my control and fully enjoy the small joys.
    As usual your words and images are just beautiful. May you continue to thrive and enjoy those joys. xx

    1. Always so lovely to have a visit from you dearest Jill! How very wise of you to 'make a conscience effort to accept' things out of your control! I have also found myself working on this one! I think so much of a happy life has to do with this lesson, while along the way making sure to savor all of life's joys along the way! Thank you for your encouraging words and your visit here, form Tasmania! XOX

  5. Elizabeth g. ArthurJune 7, 2022 at 1:07 AM

    "I move through each day lighthearted and carefree, knowing all is well." These words spoken by Deepak Chopra on an anxiety meditation I found on the weekend resonated so well for me. I am saying them to my reflection in the mirror in the morning and when I need to reassure myself. Because that is exactly how I have been trying to be for a very long time - carefree, lighthearted... Accepting that I have no control over the thoughts and actions of others. And trying to succeed in heeding a dear friend's advice once - "put on your own oxygen mask before you help others" - so logical and so difficult. Beautiful photos and thoughts, thank you, Tamera. Sending Beauty, Joy, Love and Magic to you, from one Pacific coast to the other. Namaste, Elizabeth.

    1. Oh those are wonderful words by Chopra! I just pulled out one of his books myself this weekend! I haven't hear of his anxiety meditation, sounds like an amazing listen! And good for you for doing them with your reflection in the morning! Very powerful! I also love 'putting on your own oxygen mask'!

      I am actual awe of your crossing that tree bridge in Lamington National Park! Is that near Brisbane? Just thinking about that bridge makes me light headed. Big, big kudos to you dear! XOX

    2. Elizabeth g. ArthurJune 7, 2022 at 9:35 PM

      Thank you again Tamera! Yes, Lamington National Park is an amazing place about 1.5 hours from Brisbane. Ancient rain forest meets the sky. I am amazed I did it without anyone "going first". My husband was behind me, one of those times that once you start there's no turning back. I really need to go back and be in awe of the rainforest because I was so focused on staying upright with jelly legs!!!

    3. Elizabeth thank you for sharing more about your adventure! So truly amazing!

  6. What a beautiful idea Tamera - and after two years of a pandemic, many of us really feel the need of a little extra boost to enjoy life. I know I need to make more effort these days, and perhaps getting back to my blog might be a good start! much love xoxox

    1. Why thank you so much Patricia! I was so happy to read your blog post today! I always so enjoy reading about your creative life in Brisbane! I am very happy that your health is recovering as well! Sending you more big hugs my dear! XOX

  7. My daughter is estranged too for 2 years and 3 months. I felt a shift in our relationship and then there was no contact. I read on Twitter for Mother’s Day she was reparenting herself. I am broken. I feel she is gone for good. The longer there is no communication the harder it will be connecting. Side note. My husband is a world renowned marriage and family Threapist, and he can’t understand what happened. I just pray for her happiness. Xoxo

    1. I am so sorry to read of your daughter's estrangement, I know first hand how painful it can be. Bless you for praying for her happiness. I think there comes a point that is the very best we can do. Our son has been estranged several times over the years. He explained to my father. that he feels better about himself, without our family in his life. I have come to respect his decision after trying for so many years, for reconcile our relationship. I send him much love from my heart and know over the years I have done everything in my power to change the situation.

      Sending you big hugs my dear. May you find peace with you own situation.

      All the Best

  8. Wonderful post.

  9. Dear Sweet Lady- Thank You for this insightful and Joy filled post. I can identify in a few areas (estrangement, fear-filled) and it touched me. I have followed you for quite a number of years and come back often. (I use your photos through my Baby Boomer & Mature Women Clothing Styles page (now a Group) and often get the oohs and ahs about your choices. I also have discovered that having a day filled with Gratitude makes for a different day. I'm reminded of this constantly now through this and even when I was sweeping outside I was thankful for the ability to do so - many don't have that. I read in the last two weeks these words. Be here. So that's living in the present - not borrowing from the future or the past. Do what you can right now to bring happiness and Joy. Thank You - You made my Year. Hugs xx

    1. So lovely to hear from you Deb! I always so appreciate your visits! Thank you so much for sharing your grateful and inspiring words my dear! XOX

  10. Words escape me at
    The moment.Seems like you spend a lot of time with The Hubby so that’s a Joy,
    ,I’m sure you have written that down many timesWe do The Best we can there was no course 101 on being a

    1. I am grateful every day for my husband, even after all these years we still have so much fun and joy together! I also am so grateful for my wonderful daughter and younger son and their amazing spouses! Not to mention two marvelous grandchildren! so often in life bad comes with the very good ... all at the same time. I have learned again and again how important it is to focus on all the Good! Thank you so much for stopping by the read and comment!