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Simple Summer Decor

With summer officially here
I thought I would share my 

Simple Summer Decor

I keep my decor mainly neutral 
 because I love the 
Visual Calmness
that comes with a neutral palette.

A secondary benefit decorating with neutrals
is that it makes
Seasonal Fluffing 
so easy!!

I used to make a big production of my seasonal changes.
Over the past few years
I have gotten it down to a simpler personal formula
(excluding Christmas which is still a happy production). 

I have been
changing out my textiles and pillows
seasonally for years
I think it's one of the reasons
I have always enjoyed our small home.
With simple updates I have been able to keep my 
Decor Fresh and Interesting.

I have been loving my textured cream pillow collection 
so much recently
I decided to just drop in a bit of
blue and cream
to celebrate
Summer Season

Blue and Cream for summer
also makes for the easiest backdrop for 
The Fourth of July

Changing my flowers every couple of weeks 
also keeps things fresh and beautiful.

I have even my 
florals down to a quick formula.
I just do flowers on my living room
dining room tables.
I simply work them into my 
Candle Centerpieces
with three small ceramic vases
in the living room
one vase in the dining room.
This makes doing flowers 
not only quicker
but less expensive
because it doesn't take much to make an impact 
this way.

I get so much joy coming home to 
fresh flowers
or even just walking by them.
I see it as
.Visual Gratitude
The beauty of the flowers
remind me how grateful I am
to live in our little home
that we have had the privilege
Style and Design.

Gratitude and Beauty
always help my 
Mental Health!

For the living room
just dropping in
 three blue and cream pillows
a Turkish towel as a table runner
a blue vintage fire screen
was enough for me to say
Happy Summer!

In the 
dining room
 my centerpiece
 is  set up with a 
multitude of candles
on driftwood with an air plant
so I just change out the 
one vase of flowers.
I chose a vase with a narrow opening
so i don't have to use many flowers
changing them out is so quick and easy.

I carried the 
blue and cream decor
to the dining room table
with a gorgeous
hand woven wool rug
as a tablecloth.

Adding just one blue oil painting to my shelves
even further brings in my summer vibes.

Simply adding
 just one blue pillow
 into the textured neutral collection of pillows
carries my
 blue and beige
Summer Theme
into our media room.

In the 
a few more 
pillows and textiles
bring the 
 summer theme outside.

Same with the front terrace.
A few pops of color in a neutral scheme
 sets the tone so easily.

The same in the
starting with some 
blue floor cushions
on my rug.

I added 
a ginger jar 
to one of my large 
succulent planters

I also dropped in some 
large shells
to round out my 
Summer Decor.

I just really love how
 a simple 
monochromatic decor scheme
can adapt
 so effortlessly for
Seasonal Decor.

In the backyard I also keep things 
visually calm
with all white flower palette.


I recently converted our 
backyard fire pit
into a 
breakfast table
for the summer
since we never use this one in the summer.

I simply added a table top 
draped it with 
blue and white tablecloths.

In the summer
I also pull out my blue and white dishes
add them to my cream and white sets.
I can't tell you how much
simple pleasure and joy
simple Summer additions
bring me.
They make my everyday
so much more of 
a Celebration of the Season.

Well there you have it 
how some 
Quick and simple
 Summer Additions 
can help you 
freshen your
Summer Decor.

What ways do you celebrate 
the summer season
at your home?
I'd love to hear!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Your neutral cream and white pallet is so calming and lovely and the touches of blue are beautiful. I love your layers of textures and and all of the wonderful details in your home and garden. Truly feels like a peaceful respite!

    1. Hello dearest Ginger! Always so lovely to have you visit here and leave such beautiful and encouraging words! A peaceful, cozy respite is definitely the intention of my design! You definitely hit the nail on the head with your description! Sending you big hugs from SoCal! XOX

  2. I love your home! It's so calming. The fireplace surround is beautiful! Did you do the tile yourself? Love it! -ella

    1. Why thank you so much Ella! Yes, I did do the fireplace surround! It was a fun and enjoyable project! I appreciate your visit here and kind words!!

  3. I always enjoy your uplifting words and beautiful posts. I’m so glad I found your blog. As I settle into a new apartment and new state this Summer, I hope to create a calm, welcoming home much like you have. Happy Summer to you & Jeff and your family. - mimi

    1. Mimi thank you ever so much for your sweet and encouraging words! I so appreciate them!

      A new apartment and new state, good for you my dear! Wishing you all the very best settling into and creating your calm and welcoming home! Kudos to you darling!!

    2. Such beauty and calmness you create in your home. I love the ginger jar mixed with the succulents. Have a wonderful summer.

    3. Why thank you ever so much dearest Connie!!

    4. Elizabeth g. ArthurJune 5, 2022 at 11:07 PM

      Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home, Tamera. Just wondering, would those gorgeous orchids (knowing how orchids keep for weeks) be the same beautiful ones you found at the market a few weeks ago? I always love seeing your garden, such inspiration for our courtyard garden too. It's winter here now, in Brisbane. We have very mild winters but the nights and early mornings can get chilly and it's fun to get out scarves, gloves, hats and winter clothes for a short few months.Our winter doona cover and cushions are now on the bed, reds, golds and black. Namaste, Elizabeth.

    5. Hello Elizabeth! Thank you for visiting here! You are quite right! The orchids are definitely my find from the farmer's market. They lasted almost three weeks!

      Your decorating sounds so lovely and oh so cozy! Sending you big hugs from Southern California!