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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

I believe
 a good life
is made up of small beautiful moments.

I also believe the more focus 
we put on the good moments
the happier we become.

Precious moments don't need to be 
expensive or even unique
experienced on a heart level.

Today I'm doing a short little post
to remind myself
of the beautiful
life affirming moments of last week.

What better way to start a Monday
then reflecting on a week of joy.

And what better to remind ourselves
to be on the look out all the time
heartfelt moments of 
Beauty and Joy!

I'm talking as simple as early morning coziness
with a great cup of coffee
the morning light streaming in!

I am grateful always 
to do my hikes in nature
not only to take in the majestic vistas
but also
that I am fit and healthy to do so.

I have been on a journey
to love and care for my body
with such a grateful heart
for this body that has served me well over my 63 years.

I no longer look shamefully at the aging process
just the opposite
I champion my body
for all that it does for me every day!

Happiness of a sunny backyard.

The morning light 
spilling into the living room
stops me in my tracks every single time.
There is just so much beauty to be found
if we just take the time to tune into it.

Fresh flowers 
always make my heart happy.
I usually do new flowers every week
doing my arrangements on Sunday
so my Mondays start off with 
some added beauty.

One of my most favorite things
this walk
overlooking San Clemente 
on a sunny day!
My heart os so grateful 
every single time!

Walking for cocktails
is such a favorite of ours these days.
Getting in our miles
finding so much beauty along the way!

A glass of wine over the water at sunset
with Jeff
just fills my heart!

This week we grabbed
 coffee afterwards and
sat on the steps ....

 listened to a wonderful musician
it was magical!


Jeff and I have been working 
on some house projects the last four weekends
so this Saturday 
we took the morning off and went to
the Laguna Beach farmer's market
which if your'e in area 
I highly recommend!

I was beyond tickled to find 
a whole bouquet of orchids
fo just $15!
I can't tell you how much 
I got out of 
'wearing' them in my backpack!
I'm talking
what felt like
childhood glee!

Afterwards we ended up exploring neighborhoods
in Laguna Beach
while getting in our daily miles.

I just love our new lifestyle over the last year of
 walking and hiking daily!

It has added so much 
joy, beauty and connection
to our relationship
let alone the health benefits!

 oh the beauty we found!
So many amazing homes!

Jeff and I both have
big heart for 
little homes and gardens
Laguna Beach is absolutely rich 
with so many visual delights!

It felt like every time we turned the corner
there was another wonderful street
full of the most charming
homes and gardens!
Discovering Laguna Beach charm 
was a perfect way
to savor a Saturday morning!

Well that wraps up my weekly Joys!

I would love to hear about 
your joyous 
Heart Moments!

Here's to a brand new week
of finding
Joy and Beauty!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style you life




  1. Joy
    This is filled with beauty. You are a gifted writer.
    You taught me to start my day with 5 gratitudes and it starts my day so good.
    You are an encourager of all things you mentioned in this post.

    1. Joy thank you so much for visiting here and leaving such a beautiful gift of encouraging words! They truly have touched my heart! I am so glad to hear you are also experiencing the benefits of intentional gratitude! Big hugs to you dear! XOX

  2. Hi Tamera, I am gravitating back to reading blogs and after following your fabulous posts on Instagram I’m so pleased to focus on your blog again. I always loved your artistry and beautiful photographs, your focus on natural beauty and your stunningly beautiful garden (my husband and I downsized from a very expansive house and garden to a townhouse and courtyard garden and we are gradually turning it into a private oasis - so much is possible in a small space and yours is such joy to "visit" and be inspired by). It seems so many of the wonderful blogs I used to follow have now resorted to Instagram only which, I find, doesn’t allow me to read more of the story behind the post. I saw some of these gorgeous "Gratitude" photos on instagram the other day and a tiny bit of story but I have so enjoyed reading more of your story, insights and photos here, thank you for continuing this blog.Elizabeth.

    1. Elizabeth I so appreciate your visit here! I also thank you ever so much for your encouraging words! Such a true gift to my heart!

      So lovely to hear of your new home! I am a firm believer in making magic out of small spaces! Turning your courtyard into your own private oasis sounds wonderful! Kudos to you both! Sending big hugs from Southern California! XOX

  3. Tamera, you and Jeff live in such a beautiful area. And so many opportunities to be outdoors taking it all in. Life is full of so many wonderful moments when we stop to appreciate them. I've stopped looking at or posting social media in the morning. It was sapping my joy. Now I take breakfast to our front porch and savor the quiet time, take in the changes in the garden and listen to the birds sing. What a difference it makes. Thanks for the reminder to stop and appreciate the little things ... and so much visual wonder to enjoy. xo

    1. Hello dearest Juliet! It is always so wonderful when you visit here! I love that you don't do any social media in the mornings! So smart!! I have also reset my morning rituals, to not include using my phone at all. You are so right that fine tuning our daily rituals, can have such a positive long term effect! Big hugs to you my dear! XOX