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Beautiful Heart Moments ... A Mother's Day Brunch

I got to host a
Beautiful Mother's Day Brunch
this year 
with my wonderful children and their families! 

It's been a while since we were all together
so I really wanted to
 Savor and Enjoy
our time together!

Making beautiful events
is how 
I love to show my Love!

I started off with some beautiful flowers!

For me
 flowers always make 
even a simple gathering feel extra special!

I did separate arrangements to line the center of our large outside farm table.
The main reason I chose to do  several
 individual arrangements
 rather than one big
was so after the brunch
they could
 be take away gifts
with some going to the other
Mother's in my children's lives!

I kept the table settings minimal 
with some fresh placemats and glasses.

But my favorite brunch addition
had nothing to do with the table.

Because our beautiful grand daughter who is three
her new brother who is four months 
were coming
I ordered
 the cutest teepee 
to create a fun 
child and baby area 
for us all to hang out!

I found this 
sweet teepee 
on Amazon HERE
It's by Lavievert.
It even comes with it's own carrying case
goes together so easily!
I highly recommend!

The natural canvas played wonderfully with my decorating style
as well as my backyard aesthetic.

From the teepee

I built out a lounging area

by simply adding a blanket, pillows
low back chairs and a fringed umbrella to finish the vignette.
Other than the teepee
I had everything on hand
as they are pieces of our beach picnic set ups.

I was very happy with how everything integrated together!

For Mother's Day
what I wanted most were
So I garnished our 
Photo Backdrop 
 silk flowers
to carry
The Mother's Day theme all the way through.
I simply pulled the flowers off their stems and pinned 
them onto the canvas
which made the take down just as easy!

My darling daughter brought an incredible French quiche
which we paired with croissants, a couscous salad and roasted fingerling potatoes.

Make your own Mimosas
 rounded out the meal.

With everything set up
it was time for 
the Magic ...
the arrival of my wonderful children and their families.

For me 
the party set up
was a beautiful backdrop
to take into my heart
the sacred time
of having my family together.

With such family loss over the last several years
My heart is so honed in on 
every single good moment
with the so much
 Appreciation and Gratitude

And speaking of Magic!!

It's so Life Affirming
to have 

Being a grandparent  is such a window 
into the precious moments in life.
It's really rather breathtaking!

Inside the teepee I quietly placed toys
so they could be discovered
like these finger puppets I saved from my children childhood.

And discover them she did!

There were so many magical moments that morning
that I have tucked deep into my heart!

I also tucked in some of my daughter Ellis's 
American Girl dolls into the teepee.

Seeing Lenny 'read to Ellis' 
one of her own childhood books

And to see Len's love of 
Big Bear
melts my heart every time!

You see
Big Bear
was a favorite of her dad Hunter
when he was little
Big Bear was not only loved at home
but he traveled to some mighty nice hotels with the family.
So much so
 I just could never get rid of him 
long after his days with Hunter were done.
I never even dared think he would be once again
by Hunter's daughter no less!

We have brought 
Big Bear 
out every time
 Len visits.
Now I leave him out in the living room
Big Bear 
has once more come alive! to us!

Jeff got the opportunity
to show off his progress on our
"little house'
he built.

We wanted to move my seasonal decor home
from an off site storage
so Jeff over the last year has built
this sweet structure
to house decor, bikes
I am in the process of
curating some wonderful bins of 
toy collections from my children's youth.
I will share more about this
in another post when this exciting project is finished.

I have such big love and appreciation
for the home that 
Jeff and I have created.

A home that has changed and evolved 
as our 
family has changed, evolved and grown.

Full house heart here.

There was even time
to pick strawberries form our 
raised planter garden.

 I tell you
there are just so 
many magic moments
when you are 
intentionally looking.

Sitting down to share a meal with all of us together.
Every time
I am beyond grateful
of the spouses my children brought into our family
so much now
in my heart
 we are now all
truly family.

Full, full heart.

also known as 
Pop Pop
got time to play with his
 sweet grand daughter
 as well!

Big love for these two!
Seeing them interact with their niece and nephew ...
Herat moments for sure!

Their beloved Aspen
always fits right in with all of my decor
always part of the family.

And may I introduce 
this gorgeous boy!

Dax Naylor Beardsley
is the newest addition to our family!
And we couldn't be happier about his arrival!

Talk about special
 Mother's Day memories!

Sweetest family!

Poppop grandson moments

My love for this girl
has no bounds.

Believe it or not
I never had any plans to have children.
But then she came along
made me a Mother.
I couldn't imagine my life without her.

Sometimes life ends up better than you could ever imagine.

These two
continue to thrive in so many areas.
And their love for each other
always inspiring!

My one true love.
I am Grateful every day
for our  life journey together.

For me this 
Mother's Day
was truly 
a Life Moment.

A moment to step back
and take it all in.

Just how incredibly blessed I have been in my life.

I have a wonderful husband 
a home we have built and cherish.

We have had the privilege of raising
wonderful children

We have been here fo witness them
not only
finding amazing spouses
 growing strong relationships
but making their way in the world
going after their own chosen passions.

And then to see new children come into the family
have another chance
to relish all the  magic.

my Heart is so Full

the sacred, everyday moments

Talk about 
magical moments of joy!

This sweet, sweet family.

I think some people are born to be parents.
I am so very proud of Hunter and Megan
for so very many reasons!

This picture of Megan and here children is
the epitome of 
Mother's Day Goodness!


Thank you so much for stopping by
to share in some of my 

Beautiful Heart Moments
from this 
Mother's Day Brunch.

I hope this post inspires you 
to intently look for the 
Beautiful Heart Moments
in your own life

There really are so many 
sacred life moments
if we really look!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life!


  1. Beautiful! Gratitude is everything. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Yes my friend ... Gratitude really is everything! Thank you so much for visiting here Denise! XOX

  2. Absolutely beautiful setup for your beautiful family😍

  3. Joy
    This was so beautiful, such happy faces. I loved the brunch menu and all the fresh flowers. Thanks for reminding us to be grateful.

    1. Why thank you ever so much Joy! I appreciate your reading and gift of lovely words!

  4. This was so lovely to read, dear Tamera. You have made a Mother's Day to remember, and how beautiful it all is. Darling grandchildren in their teepee and sharing your children's bear and dolls with them, is just gorgeous. I so love the floral photo chair - we must have one of those :) You look sensational in your Mother's Day outfit. Thank you. xoxox

    1. Patricia always so wonderful to see a visit from you my dear! I always so appreciate your kind words darling! Sending you big hugs from Southern California ... all the way to Brisbane! XOX

  5. So gorgeous, happy for you!!

    1. Thank you dear! It was a magical day to be sure!