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Suit Love

blazer- Zarapants- Zara

Oh how I love a good suit!

As an
I love the feeling of 
Armor and Protection.

As an 
I love the immediate 
Ease of Feeling Put Together.

As an 
I love how the suit becomes
a blank canvas for 
Creative Interpretations.

And as an
Accessory Designer

A Good Suit 
makes for such 
a great and joyful wardrobe player!

My signature oversized 
Floral/Feather Broach 
adds a full dose femininity and fun
to the menswear lines of the suit.

My most recent discovery for my suits

Two pairs of the same pant
two different sizes!

Why you ask?

When I lost the 40 pounds
some months ago
I of course took in my kaki suit pants
to be altered.

With a perfect fit at the waist
I had lost the drapey,  over sized flow
that I had actually like
and is now part of many fashion forward suits.

I also lost several inches of length.

So now I buy two pairs of suit pants.
One fitted at the waist
for flat shoes 
oversized sweater layering.

And right now I am buying 
a second pair
in a larger size
to get the flowy drape
with added length
that I love
with my heels!

You can see the difference in fit and length.

Now one suit can take me from
running errands and shopping for accessory supplies
in flats
any occasion that I want 
to bring out the heels
for a dressier finish!

The shorter pair
worked great 
for a Saturday of local errands
a stop at our favorite plant wholesaler
followed by a lovely lunch out!

Here I layered the shorter, fitted pair
with an oversized sweater
for a 
Downtown Los Angeles
day of supply shopping 
for my
Accessory Line.

For supply shopping I 
Accessorized with
my post shell earring
my vintage Stetson hat.

For lunch at the fabulous 
It was sans jacket
with my favorite huge sunhat
with my 
equally sized signature shell cuffs!

Simple Accessory changes
took be from getting business done
Celebrating a stunning 
Los Angeles sunny afternoon!

For our apres dentist appointment lunch
I styled my suit
with the longer, unfitted pant
pushing it for a full 
Romantic Look
once again juxtaposing the masculine feel of a leather suit
with a lace crop top
that I layered over a fitted cami.

A new purse fashioned out of leather and crochet
was a perfect complement
to my 
Signature Floral Headband!


And so ends this
Ode To A Great Suit
with 2 pants
 a  robust love of

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Oh, this is so chic Tamera. I have always loved a suit, and welcome the back this season. You look wonderful in cream, and are fantastically creative with the different looks. Absolute genius to have two pants lengths; it saves a lot of dilemmas (I have been known to hike pants up at the waist to suit the shoe :). As we approach Winter, I have recently bought a neutral tweed jacket in a similar cut to this. Yay for a good jacket! Happy Easter dear Tamera. xoxox

    1. Always so lovely to have you visit here Patricia, all the way from Brisbane! Your new jacket sounds like a wonderful fall/ winter addition to you wardrobe my dear!

      Sending you the biggest of Congratulations on your new precious grand daughter! You must be over the moon with excitement! XOX

  2. Fabulous, Tamera! I adore a good suit and no one wears a suit like you. xo

    1. Thank you so much Juliet! I want to say again, how fabulous you looked at the wedding! The pictures are so gorgeous! XOX

  3. Love your style and your ability to make bold statements with neutrals; you're an inspiration! Just a suggestion but I'd love to know where you find your clothing pieces...could you make a comment, tag or link? Thanks Tamera...I always look forward to your blog.

    1. Darlene thank you for reading and commenting my dear! Great suggestion about linking the suit! It is from Zara this season. I have just linked the items under the first picture. The sweater was from H and M last year, so I am unable to link it. Thanks again for commenting darling!

  4. I love this suit! And I love that you put together several outfits using the same suit but with a change of shoes, accessories, etc.

  5. Beautiful styling and you! Your accessories are stunning. I loved your two pant ideas.