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My First Style Influence .... A Style Tribute to My Mother

~~~ Today is my Mother's heavenly birthday 
so I am republishing one of my 
very first blog posts
from 11 years ago 
with some new notes at the end ~~~


 My mother ......was definitely the one who most influenced me in my love of all things stylish.

Throughout her life, no matter the year, she always was stylish ....

And oh so 'put together'

It is from my mother I developed the love of all things ' accessories'

It is from my mother I developed my love of clothes...

The love of all the 'pieces' that make up an 'outfit'.

The love of all things accessorized.

My love of dressing for occasions.

From my mother I learned to dress not only myself...... 

 but also...... to dress my family.

From my mother I learned to show my family love, by dressing them well.

Happy Birthday
Thank you so much for all the style and love you have given me!
I love you!

My favorite part of this post ....

I did it 11 years ago.
It was one of my very first.
She was alive to read it.

So make that call.
Make sure your people
know you love them.

I still miss my Mother
probably more than I thought I would
four years later.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Mother!
I love you
even more
appreciate all you did!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a lovely tribute to your mom.
    xo jana

  2. I remember that blue dress with the collar and cuffs. I really liked it. I still really like it.

  3. Sue, thats amazing you remember that dress, it certainly was a while ago!

  4. This was a suggested post at the bottom of today's, and what fun. I never realized how much Ellis as a child resembled your childhood features, and you resemble your Mother's features. Thank you for posting these family photos, providing a glimpse into your influences. I appreciate as well, the influence of your Mother upon your style, as I've been gifted with enjoying the view for so many years!

  5. Great post, Tamera! Mothers are such a big and important influence in our lives, and I'm sure you've influenced your daughter similarly. Loved seeing a bit of your childhood!