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Neutral Packing

We did a quick trip down to San Diego
I decided to have some fun with 
Packing  A Cream Palette

If you've been following my blog for a while
you already know
I always 
Pack In Color Stories

because it allows for 
Cohesive Outfits
with maximum choices while traveling.
It's a way to make sure my
shoes, clothes and my
Beloved Accessories
all play together beautifully!

I always start off any 
even before picking the 
Color Story
with a list of possible events and destinations
so my
Packing Choices Function 
as needed!
Then  I can choose
 the most versatile Clothing Pieces

I literally went back and forth in my head
about including this picture of 
The Base Outfit.

My ego cried no!
It's not a flattering picture at all! 

But my higher self has wisely overruled my ego.

I have always believed 
Personal Style 
is never limited to 
Personal Beauty.

Dressing well isn't just open to only the beautiful

Personal Style 
is for every single 

I think the power of dressing 
Personal Style
is right here.

With the right
 knowledge of 
Combining different elements
we can all learn to dress ourselves
with as much 
Joy and Confidence
as we desire!

So onward with my 

Here I paired 
a cream cargo pant
a white fitted bodysuit
making a functional base for 
much of the day.

A layered sweatshirt with an oversized jacket
made for a cozy car ride look.
The clogs slip off comfortably in the car.
As do all of the accessories.
It's just me.
I just love starting off with a finished look
it has always served me well.

Once years ago
we literally got caught in a blizzard in Yosemite.
We ended up having to get a room at 
I was dressed as if it had been the destination.
I have more stories than time to tell
of  the occasions 
when being well put together served me in surprising situations!

It was a stunning and chilly day
at the beach when we stopped for coffee
in Oceanside.

A perfect opportunity to wear my new coat! 
We really don't get to many coat opportunities 
here in Southern California.

My favorite bracelets 
form my 
Upcoming Collection
were the perfect 
Outfit Finish!

Loving Accessories 
as much as I do
I always 
not only 
Design in Collections
 in what I call
Accessory Wardrobes
So just like in great packing
Styling Options are Maximized!


Whenever we are in Oceanside
we love to stop at 

It's a fresh and modern space
with a beautifully executed
Southern California Beach Vibe!

makes me see Oceanside in a brand new way!

It was a perfect backdrop 
to capture Jeff's fab new sweater
we picked up recently at Neiman Marcus
It's from
It's not that often I get 
really Excited about Menswear!

A quick shoe, jacket and backpack change
I was ready for our morning walk.
It's just a couple of miles round trip 
to the marina!

Then it was on to our 
San Diego destination of
The Intercontinental Hotel!

Another simple shoe change
to a mid heel
throwing my trench over my shoulders
I was ready for our hotel check in!

Jeff and I always put in a bit of effort 
to check in 
not only does it 
feel good
it has always served us well!

Our  corner room on the 18th floor of the  bay front was

absolutely breathtaking!

The room was appointed with so many useful ammentities
most importantly 
a coffee maker!

It's the Club Room
that is our favorite1

It comes with a 180 degree of the bay
with an outdoor patio
books about the area!

We really loved the panoramic views from the room!

Then it was time to get ready for the evening.

Another packing must for me

The quick and easy trick for a finished look!

We had a birthday dinner 
to celebrate our wonderful daughter 
turning 30!

We dined at the gorgeous
on the 19 floor of 
The InterContinental Hotel

There we have it.
Another packing recap.

`~ make a list of travel destinations and activities
~ pick a color story to pull outfits from
~ choose versatile pieces when styling travel outfits
~ choose all travel accessories 
shoes, hats, turbans sunglasses, bags and jewelry
~ I keep a bag with my beauty and makeup
packed, so it's on the ready.

I hope you have found some of my tips helpful.
It has taken me years to fine tune my steps.

I have found the prep time before hand
to be so worth it in the end!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I'd comment, but I just fainted.
    30. Good thing only the next generation ages. :D
    As always, love the creams! And nice to revisit pieces like the shell handbag. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting my friend! It's a long time since we were walking our kids to the park! Great times! XOX

  2. Tamera, the way you combine textures in your outfits, and your mastery of cream/white/tan/ecru/beige/sand palettes, and the attention to detail, right down to the fabulous baggage and your own lovely pieces -- just sublime! Your photography only makes it better. (Also, check those leg muscles from all that walking!) Love getting to see your cool and classy adventures.

    1. Beth thank so much for your beautiful gift of encouraging and supportive words! I so appreciate you visit here my dear! XOX

  3. No one does it like you, Tamera. I'm in awe. Absolutely gorgeous color choice ... and luggage coordination. I bow down. And ... may never leave my house again. ;-) xo

    1. Juliet you are too sweet my dear! I appreciate your encouraging words, especially coming from yourself ... with your refined and fabulous eye for design! XOX