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Updated Holidays

We traveled to
 San Diego 

Truth be told I was pretty much dreading Thanksgiving this year.
With both my parents gone
a son who continues to be estranged from the entire family
another unable to travel home 
(for the wonderful reason of a brand new baby due in January!)
the Thanksgiving  holiday seemed like a lot to 
'get through'.

Holidays for me always feel 
like a microscopic look at a time in life.

I am a firm believer in
Finding All The Good 
to be found In Life!!

And there is Always so much!!

So my daughter and I 
decided to do Thanksgiving
completely different this year!

Ellis came up with doing a 5K 

We have never been 'those 5K holiday people'
but I definitely am now!

Jeff and I got up at 4:30 in the morning
to get there in time.
We are early risers always
so the sunrise drive down to San Diego 
was a beautiful treat!

It was a gorgeous course through the iconic
 and beautiful neighborhoods!

It was a wonderful opportunity for 
Jeff and I to spend 
quality time with 
Ellis and her husband Elliot!
Their beloved dog Aspen was even able to join us
for the morning adventure! 

I will definitely be voting for 
adding a 5K to our 
Updated Holiday Traditions!

After the 5K
we had an early check in at 
one of our San Diego favorites.

Built in 1924
it recently been 
"Reborn for the Modern traveller".

It has the perfect balance of historic nostalgia
modern design and convenience!

Our room had a beautiful view right down Broadway
to the harbor!

Every time I'm in San Diego

I fall more and more in Love with the city!

I talk a lot about packing here
because it still  sometimes seems elusive sometimes
to get it right!

I pulled my accessories wonderfully
which ended up to be a great thing ....
since my wardrobe was a bit lacking!

Can you believe
I even forgot my hats ...
other than my hat for the 5K!!

Luckily Trinny London makes
packing makeup easy!

In my packing defense
our decision to spend the night in San Diego 
was last minute
But all the more reason to have a
Better Core Fall Wardrobe
which I do 
it's 85 degrees.
I did pack one color palette which was great
just nothing that made my heart excited.

But the good news to all of the packing situation
I didn't let it get me down!
And I'm excited to make improvements!

I am still striving to be a no stress packer
can that even happen? 

Or is it really just urban legend?

Jeff and I were  excited to spend time 
with these people!

Ellis and Elliot have recently moved into a new home
their excitement to decorate
was truly infectious!

For me seeing them so  happily together
decorating their first house
was truly 
a life moment
and had

 my Momma heart 
swelling with happiness and pride!

I was truly honored to share the moments!

My darling daughter is such a wonderful hostess!
She turned decorating into a festive party!

I got to do the centerpiece for Thanksgiving
and bought some new pieces 
as House Warming gifts.

These beauties are from 
Crate and Barrel 
West Elm and Target.

I went with non traditional colors
that would transition after Thanksgiving
because in our family
Christmas Season starts
as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are done!

Another change we made for 
this year
we ordered our dinner out!

It was a wonderful idea
as it made the day really feel like 
a Holiday!
And afforded us so much more time to do others things!

Our vegetarian feast was delicious!

Our updated Holiday ended up to be such 
a heart warming Thanksgiving!

This year we were able to pass 
Thanksgiving Hosting reins
onto our wonderful kids!
And boy did they show up for the opportunity!

Thank you ever so much
Ellis and Elliot
for such beautiful
Thanksgiving Memories!

Here's to embracing
Updated Holidays
always finding 
all the Beauty there is to be found
In Life!

As always my friends

I wish you Love and Joy

as you

Style Your Life!


  1. Thank you for sharing your day.
    It's lovely to see Ellis & her family, in their new home.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading darling! I hope you and Sienna have the most wonderful holidays! XOX

  2. What an adorable cottage. So happy for your daughter and her hubby. The holidays can be a difficult time for so many ... for a myriad of reasons. And your positive outlook toward new ways to celebrate is truly inspiring. Every time you feature this hotel I want to book a reservation and fly straight to San Diego. Happy Holiday's, Tamera. xo

    1. Thank you ever so much for visiting here Juliet! I always so appreciate you encouraging words! big hugs and Happy Holidays to you darling! XOX

  3. What a special Thanksgiving you had, and how beautifully you formed a new tradition. Your table centrepiece is perfect for the darling first home, and doesn't it look gorgeous dressed for Christmas too. As always, I do admire your luggage, and the gold accessories too. Happy Thanksgiving Tamera. xo

    1. Thank you so much dearest Patrica! Always so lovely to hear from you dear! I am so happy to hear your son and his family are able to move by you, in Brisbane! What a wonderful gift for all of you, for the upcoming holidays! XOX


  5. I was at The Guild the same time you were! So bummed I did not see you there! You are truly one of my favorite stylists : )

    1. Wow! What a coincidence darling! I would have loved to run in to you! XOX

  6. I'm late but posting since I have "holiday" time to read blogs and post, lol. Ellis and Elliot are gorgeous!! You must be so elated to see Ellis host so beautifully as you do. What a charming home they have as well. Oh what fun and joy you and Jeff have to look forward to.