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Cashmere Wrap ... A Favorite Wardrobe Staple

My new

Oversized Cashmere Wrap 

from the gorgeous

Catherine Robinson Cashmere 

has arrived from Marlow UK!

I couldn't wait to take it out for a

Stylish Spin!

This is my third of  Catherine's fabulous

I have realized what a
Versatile Wardrobe Staple
they have become for me!

For me 
they are a most 
wonderful dramatic piece
as well as a 
truly functional piece!

Simply draped over a trench

they become a dramatic accent point

all the while being the perfect wardrobe  travel companion!

Think big panache


luxurious cozy travel blanket 

in one!

I just love how the

Oversized Cashmere Wrap

can take two separates


instantly turn them into 

a chic outfit with flair!

They are also the perfect wrap for an evening out!


I first stumbled upon this fabulous oversized wrap
on my dear  fabulous friend
 Elizabeth's blog
(if you don't already follow Elizabeth
I highly recommend doing so)

over seven years ago.

She had been traveling through Europe
with her

As soon as I saw this stunning piece
I knew I had to make one my very own!

I actually saved up to buy it.
Seven years later
it is still one of my very favorite
investment pieces!

And has served me so well
I now own three!

My first one looks as good as it did
when I bought it
7 years ago!

And that my friends is
 true quality
and the definition of 
A Timeless Piece!

Every spring I bring out this pink beauty!

I will let the pictures 
do the talking 
for all of the 
Styling Potential
with the oversized 
Cashmere Wrap!

This cream wrap was my first purchase.
And I literally love it more every time 
I wear it.

My favorite wardrobe pieces
become beloved friends to me.

Putting them on
feels like a hug form a dear friend.

Here once again
two separates ....

Turn instantly into 
a finished outfit
with the simple addition of the


Oh the Drama
you can make with it!

It's versatility
can turn it into a fabulous scarf
as well!

Always the perfect protection from an evening chill.

An anxiety relieving travel blanket

My favorite is always taking mine to the beach.
The Drama
The Luxury
The functioning Warmth

always fill my heart with 
Gratitude of the Moment.


always elevates a beach walk
a gracious Life Moment.

I think Catherine infuses each cashmere piece she sends out
with some of her 
Love and Grace

I can feel it each time
I wear mine
at the beach!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. A cashmere wrap is a longtime fave, especially making flights cozy. At ready over the back of a sofa, back seat of a car, draped thru the handle of a picnic basket, or the front basket of a bike, this wardrobe staple brings home comfort to many adventures. Always centering. Always cozy. Always a bit posh yet pragmatic.
    All colors beautiful on you. ♡

    1. Hello my friend!! How beautifully written darling! You know well the benefits of a cashmere wrap ... and express your insight ... so evocatively! I still remember your Burberry beauty!! As always, thank you for visiting here my dear! Hope you and Sienna are both thriving! XOX

  2. The wraps are absolutely gorgeous! So stylish and practical and each may be “infused with love and Grace”? How enchantingly perfect! Lovely to see Elizabeth enjoying hers also! Love her and you!

    1. So lovely to see your comment here Ginger! Isn't Elizabeth just the very best! Thank you for visiting! Hope you and yours are well my dear! XOX

  3. Wow, the magnificent drama of your black wrap, and a great lesson in colour blending. But my heart will always belong to your pink wrap in all its gorgeous sweetness. Perfection all round. xx

    1. Thank you dearest Patricia for reading and commenting here. I always so appreciate your visits here, all the way from Brisbane! Sending you big hugs from Southern California! XOX

  4. Thank you so much Tamera, every shot is absolutely beautiful - you have shown my cashmere with such style and grace.
    With my love x

    1. Dearest Catherine I have meant every single word! Your Cashmere pieces are truly some of my most prized Wardrobe pieces! Thank You for doing what You do! Much Love to you darling! XOXO

  5. I cannot believe its been SEVEN YEARS...........
    I would hope YOU can squeeze in the red one for the HOLIDAYS!

    1. Elizabeth what a treat to see your comment here, my friend! I still remember seeing you wearing the wrap for the first time ... and thinking what a most remarkable piece! You do always find the most magnificent pieces my dear ... and always demonstrate such generosity of spirit ... in sharing your luscious finds! Thank you for visiting here darling! Sending you big, big hugs! XOXO

  6. Fabulous, darling ... so fabulous. Gorgeous photography and beautiful you. So fun to catch a glimpse the la Contessa ... I remember that photos. Seven years, oh dear. Well, I'm sold on this wrap ... if only it could make me look as glamorous as you! xo

    1. Juliet can you believe it's been 7 years!! Oh this fabulous wrap would suit you and Snowberry oh so well! XOX