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Dive Palm Springs

Jeff and I 
Celebrated our 34th Anniversary
at the beautiful

Located on 
East Palm Canyon 
in the historic 

It is an intimate property with 11 rooms
 three distinct garden areas
within the walled courtyard.

Originally built in 1954
as the Sunrise Villa apartments
It has been artfully restored 
in a manner that respects the bones of the past
with fresh swaths of modern design sensibility!

Just walking onto the  property
you feel embraced 
by the mature lush landscaping and garden areas.

It  feels like the rush of a safe embrace
being secluded in  such beauty.

A 15 foot bench encircles the majestic palms
that grounds the property
in Palm Springs history.

It's the modern furniture touches
that bring in not only intimate gathering spaces
but so many
Instagram worthy backdrops.

And then
the gorgeous and historic 
Libott Pool
reveals itself!

In the 1950's Libott was the premier pool builder in 
Palm Springs.
the entire pool bottom is covered in
white porcelain tiles!
It's a beauty
especially when in the pool!
No rough concrete on your feet
just brilliant white tiles!

And of course I packed for 

Sometimes I pick locations for what I want to 
sometimes I style my wardrobe
for where I want to 

This time packing was all about
Palm Springs Glamour!

harkened back to 
Palm Springs heyday.

This is one of my favorite personal creations.
I have continually added broaches over they years
Most notably 
some of my late Mother''s recently.

If your interested in making your own
I did a post years ago 

 vintage Frank Olive straw hat
not only speaks
Palm Springs glamour loud and clear
even more importantly
it added another layer of sun protection
in the desert sun.

Both bold accessories
set off my white cotton sundress from
this one is currently out of stock
but you can get the ensemble concept
I am creating.

Now to the 
bright spacious room!
The open beamed ceiling 
are the perfect backdrop for the 
Handsome husband not included!

I just adore the open minimal feeling in the room.
the evocative original mural

I also love a room that speaks perfectly
with my personal
like my vintage Kate Spade straw bag.

And of course if you know me
A Hat Wall
is always speaking my language!

My favortite
woven bag
felt especially at home in the room!

I love the bathroom design 
as well.

From the white slatted  wood walls
to the penny tile
mixed with luxurious vertical tiles.

A design mix that exalts the past
with a fresh modern functionality!

It pretty much sums up 
the design ethos of the property!

Need a shaded area for a break from the sun
most rooms come with 
a private back courtyard!

For me
it was all about 
the pool!

I had planned our trip
with plenty of looks for 
going out and about in 
Palm Springs.

But when it came down to it
nothing could beat 
time at the pool!

We arrived on a Sunday
so weeven had the pool to ourselves
for a bit!

currently has an outdoor kitchen
with a chef/ bartender on site.
Which means  ....

A beautiful hotel
gorgeous lush landscaping
stunning pool
perfect mezcal margaritas
the warm sun 
and a
handsome husband.

Anniversary Memories
at their best!

Then we added in getting
Glammed Up
for a night at one of our always favorites
the iconic

Palm Springs
 always feels like a
bring all 
the glamour 
you got destination
to me!

Glamour with 
a casual
SoCal twist!

My sequin Free People dress
that I got for a song on sale a few years back 
has been just waiting patiently in my closet
for the perfect time 
to come out and play!

As has my feather jacket.
Another player I've had for years.
I bought it from Beholden
I'm currently in love with it!

An easy wooden slip on shoe
grounds the look with a 
 casual SoCal vibe.

My best and easiest
Palm Springs Style Advice
besides a
 huge Sun Hat

A Turban
Bold Sunglasses!

A Turban
will take you from the pool
instant glam
just by putting it on!
I really don't like taking the time for
hair and makeup when I travel.
I do as little as I can get away with!

Oh how I love 
Perfect Sartorial Moment!

When a 
Fabulous Outfit
meets the perfect 
Travel Location!

Moments like these
are what this
Fashion Accessory Designer
Dreams are made of!!

This man is also 
what dreams are made of!

Sure we have had our difficuties
over the last 34 years
but I couldn't be more proud of the both of us
for not only weathering our storms
but coming out the stronger for it.

I often think of wanting to tell 
my high school self
You ended up with a 
great life
my dear!

Those heartbreaking nights
of no prom dates
were never a precursor of a life to come
even though I had my fears!

Neither was not having a boyfriend for years.

Trust me
when the time is right
you will find 
a wonderful, wonderful 
life partner
is exactly how I would reassure my younger self!

I am so Grateful
Jeff and I
are still doing 
Life Together.

The Best is yet to Come!

 back to the fabulous 

where the pool never closes
at this adults only property.

Which means
 a little leg dip
after a night out
was in order
for this
 pool obsessed woman!
(Not to worry
no feathers were wetted!)

What a luxury
to get up in the morning
walk out a few steps
to arrive back at the fabulous pool!

Breakfast came with our stay
so it was once again
all about 
Pool Time!

We had such a wonderful time at 
Dive Palm Springs 
we decided to extend out stay!

Especially since there were more areas to investigate.
Like 'the Orchard'
with old growth citrus
day beds and hanging chairs for two!

We met so many interesting people
sitting around the fire at night.

One of the beauties of the
Dive Palm Springs
is that this intimate property
allows you spaces to stay private
to socialize.

It's your choice.

We chose both.

It was all wonderful!


By now you can tell
we had such a great stay at 

I would highly recommend a stay!

Thank you so much for visiting the blog today!
I always appreciate hearing from you!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Thank you for this great find, Tamera! In the near future we may be in Palm Springs and I would love to stay at The Dive!

    1. Thank you Catherine! It really is a beautiful property! Let me know if you go. I'd love to hear what you thought! XOX

  2. Such a beautiful property! Love the furnishings and so much charm! Looks like a magical place!

    1. Ginger thank you for stopping by and reading my dear! It really was a magical visit!

  3. Always such fabulous photos and words of wisdom. Loved it all. Great eye. Great photos. Love your clothes. I'd never have the guts. But ll works on you both!!!

    1. How wonderful to have a visit from fabulous you, Sandra! I always so appreciate your visits and encouraging words my dear! XOX

  4. Just wonderful, dearest Tamera. Happy, happy Anniversary! You found a gorgeous place to celebrate, and your sequin dress is Amazing! You are a beautiful couple, and yes, the best is still to come. XOXOXOX

    1. Why thank you so much dearest Patricia! I hope all is well in Brisbane! And big Congratulations to you and your husband on your upcoming 50th Celebration! Big Kudos to you both! XOX

  5. What a fabulous place, Tamera. Gorgeous photos as always, you looking stunning and relaxed and having fun. It's lovely to see your husband making appearances! Wishing you many beautiful moments, days and years together. I love reading about your trips to the desert regions, the stunning mountains and light, thank you for sharing in your blog. Elizabeth.

  6. Elizabeth thank you so much for reading and leaving a gift os such wonderful words and sentiments! I so appreciate it! XOX

  7. what about beautiful setting for such a stunning couple. I love your words to your high school self. Marraige is definitely not for the faint hearted and 34 years - happy anniversary!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting here and your gracious words! Marriage definitely isn't for the faint of heart! XOX

  8. This post brought me to happy tears! So so happy that you all have weathered your storms and shine so brightly now. Cheers to you both and the best is yet to come.
    Also, my darling daughters have not had boyfriends per se yet either and I tell them it will happen when the time is right! Thank you as always for sharing your heart so beautifully.
    xo, Shon

    1. Shon thank you ever much for stopping by here and leaving such beautiful, encouraging words! XOX