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Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

Change Your Space ... Change Your Life
is a bold statement.

But I believe it.

It doesn't have to be as big as a house move 
a room remodel.

It can be as small as 

~ organizing a drawer

~ culling a closet

~ adding plants or flowers

It's about 
making steps to 
your space 
meet your  life needs.

Every step in that direction
is a statement in

~ Self Respect
~ Self Investment
~ Self Love and Care.

For me

organized beautiful closets

 make my heart happy.

I love seeing my pretty friends all in order

ready to be part of a 

Curated Outfit.

When each of my children moved out I grieved.

I had turned their past rooms into guest rooms
filled the empty closets with my 
ever expanding wardrobe.

But the rooms still made me sad
even 5 years after my youngest left.

After a very painful
for so many reasons
I realized 
I needed to
Change My Life

The old ways definitely were not working for me.
I talked more about my need to change
in my last post here.

Standing in this dark grey room
the day after Christmas
I had a flash.

Why not take this unused room
turn it into a 
dream closet room.

How could I have not seen 
this idea before!

It was because I had been waiting years
to realize
nobody was coming back.

I couldn't be happier about that fact.

I am so very proud of 
my children
their individual accomplishments.

My three kids are definitely
Grown and Flown
with families of their own
flourishing and thriving.  

I was the only one
still a bit caught in the past
with a big heart snag
when it came to the
kid rooms.

We had built out the kid rooms custom
with built in beds, bookcases and desks.

Some how 
I got visually stuck thinking that we needed 
to continually work around what was there.
Just adapting here and there to 
'make it work'
for at least a little use
ie. hanging 
my black and white wardrobe.

I was locked in the past
I wasn't.

I decided 
was going to take back the space!

It felt like a visual metaphor

I was going to 
Change My Space
in one of many steps to
Change My Life.

Once I made the decision
the demolition felt 
 exciting and empowering
all at the same time.

How could I have not seen this before?

because it 
felt like a drastic step
to literally tear down what was
to build the new.

I also wondered if I 
deserved so much space.

Which is also silly
a bit sad and telling.

The room literally sat 
empty and abandoned
except clothes storage
for 5 years!!

It had been waiting for me
 to realize
I deserved
to use it.

I deserved to have 
the space
serve my needs
Organization and Beauty.

I used to feel a bit odd
because I have so many clothes.

But dressing is a 
Creative Art Form
for me.
It is 
part of 
Who I AM

I need
Beautiful Spaces
my clothes and accessories
that are my 
Creative Palette

I deserved to take an unused space
turn it into 
a space that serve my life
my passions
is a sanctuary to be in.

I just needed to be able to 
see it and feel it.
To realize 
I deserved theSpace.

Jeff and I have worked together
here at the house
bringing our visions to fruition
for decades.
homes need to change
lives change.

I am forever 
I married a man
who is able and willing
to help make my visions 
a reality.

After the room was gutted 
of all of the builtins

there were years of use and reuse
to be patched on the walls.

Which isn't that different
of how we continually 
need to patch our heart at times
as we move into new
 Life Transitions
getting ready for new 
Life Chapters.

And oh how cathartic
is a new coat of paint!

All the promise of the new to come!

Jeff and I both marveled at how much
The room  was ready for a whole new lease on life!
as am I!

Jeff refinished the wood floors
(that he had installed decades ago)

We hung double hanging rods
on both sides of the main wall
leaving the center
just single hung
for my long wardrobe pieces.

A thin shelf was made for my shoe collections
along with an elevated shelf.

Oh how I love seeing all of my pieces
in eye view and tidy!
Makes my heart happy.

I started to walk through 
my new space every day
with my morning coffee.

I loved the open spaciousness 
of the room.
But it didn't feel quite done.

It had always been a dream of mine 
to have a large closet with 
a chaise.

Some people dream of huge homes
my dreams have been of
wonderful closet spaces
where I can see everything!

So I found 
the sweetest little love seat
in pink
pink made my heart happy
felt like
 a wonderful  frivolous luxury.

I found a dusty pink
that plays perfectly in the space.

I added two marble tables
brought my in my vintage footstool.

Sitting in my new closet room
feels like 
a wonderful exhale
of calm.

I decided to warm up the space with 
tonal rug.

I started doing my morning work in my
new closet room
in the mornings
only to realize
I didn't have a big enough space
to set my computer and clip boards.

So I ordered a complementary 
coffee table
to do just that!

I got one with two shelves
so that I could keep my 
newest fashion magazines
planner in place.

I found the most wonderful calendar
complete with inspiring 
monthly messages.

I am using my beautiful planner 
this year.

I write out
My Gratitudes
for the day
even before my 
to do list.

And boy
has that really 
helped me refocus on 
Good in My Life.

Fresh flowers make me 
remember to be present
make me so happy.

I use my 
essential oil diffuser
every single day.
It has a 
transporting and calminng 
effect for me.

All of my black pieces can now
stretch out into the entire closet.
No more having clothes jammed together.
A heavy clothes edit helped 
that situation as well.

It feels so luxurious 
to have space 
for everything in my 
black , white, navy and grey closet.

Although you can't see them
I also installed protective curtains over
my blacks
because the room has sunlight.

We also installed a blackout shade
so in the summer 
the entire closet can be protected 
form sun damage.

I love keeping my closets by color
so I can 
keep my shoes and accessories
within neighboring color view.

It makes styling outfits 
so much more fun!

It's literally 
shopping my closet
in the very best way!

Creating accessory vignettes 
is a favorite of mine!

When I began to this 
room remodel
I really didn't realize
just how much

Changing My Space
would feel like another great
Life Change.

But it really does.

I was able to fully 
move out from 
visual odes 
to the past.

I was able to 
Self Validate
that I 
Deserved to use the Space

I was able to realize 
be really good with
my space needs
claim them.

We all have different passions.

Some of Mine are
Clothes and Accessories.

I am ever so 
for my husband
to be at a time in my life
where I have the opportunity to 

Change My Space 
Change My Life
one step at a time
with a 
sunset closet view.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera - what a gorgeous space you and Jeff have created! I feel peaceful just looking at it. And I love that beautiful couch. The color is fantastic!
    I have a home gym that has morphed over the last 3+ years into something quite lovely. Since the pandemic, I have focused in on making it less cluttered - everything in its place - and Bill and I added a smart TV so we can do streaming workouts or watch a show on the treadmill. It just feels so good to be in there, working out or not. I think, if you have the space, it's a great idea to create a place for yourself. xo, Adrienne

    1. Hello darling! So lovely to have you visit here!

      I have seen your beautiful home gym! with the pandemic what a healthy retreat it must be ... to have your very own workout space! Adding in a smart TV is a great idea! I need to remember to use mine in my home gym area! I really need to add variety to my home workouts on rainy days! I have never even thought to stream workouts there! Thank you so much for another inspiring tip my friend!! XOXO

  2. Nice article. Loved your knit slacks, sweater, and shoes.

  3. I had forgotten how lovely your posts are, only because I'm over at InstaGram mostly. But seeing your post made me so happy, Tamara, as I'm purging right now too. And, yes, it is FREEING !!! Holding on to things too long has been a bad habit (don't even know why, except some apparel is too pretty to think about losing it), but I've found pleasure in RELEASE. I once took an unused bedroom & turned it into a big closet for myself, however, now that I'm in a highrise that won't happen again. Love catching up. On Insta I'm

    love you !!!

    1. Oh Marsha!! How lovely to find your comment here!! yes, purging feels so cathartic and freeing to be sure! Thank you for letting me know you are on IG! so happy to have found you again my dear! Sending you big hugs darling! XOX

    I have the same feeling as I head into my closet in the mornings that I could spend the day there!
    CHANGE IS just takes us MOMS MORE time to figure it OUT as WE ARE SO SENTIMENTAL!!!

    1. Thank you darling! As I have told you before ... your lovely closet room was definitely an inspiration for me!!

      And you are So right about being SO SENTIMENTAL!! I really need to snap out of it!!

      Love your gorgeous new hair cut ... modern and sophisticated! XOXO

  5. Absolutely fabulous - a wonderful, beautiful and sensible makeover.

  6. And there it is ... the closet you deserve! What a gorgeous, tranquil and intentional space you've created with the help of your adoring and handy husband. Since you first mentioned this project I've been waiting for the day all would be revealed and it was worth the wait. Congratulations on embracing change and creating this wonderful space to express yourself by creating your beautiful wardrobe art. xo

    1. Juliet ... you are as skilled with your use of words ... as you are at your impeccable home designs! Your comments are always such sweet gifts!! XOX

  7. Oh Tamera and Jeff - you just know how to do everything! What a great idea to have your own closet room with your gorgeous things. Good job you two!

  8. OH I DO LOVE THIS!!! the thought process, the freeing of yourself, bringing out your creativity and having some fun "frivolous thigns" - which btw are most definitley NOT frivolous.

    Wonderful - very much a la Doris Day films xo


    1. Well hello darling!! Always such a treat to find a comment from your adorable self here my dear!! I am so happy to hear you appreciated this post! Thank you for such a sweet gift of words darling!! Sending you big hugs your way!! XOXO

  9. "Homes need to change as lives change"! Oh how this has been on my heart lately as my business pivots from mainly oil paintings to teaching watercolor...and 'Traveling Light'. I have a new grand-daughter coming into my life, and I really want to get some toxic materials out of the house. I've been wanting to do this studio purge for months.....and have finally begun last week. I'm excited, and trying to envision my new space and life ....making room for new things and letting go of the past. How inspiring your post was - the words are really motivating me to action!!! Thanks for another wonderful post!! :-D

  10. Your new space is a beautiful reflection of you; tasteful, gorgeous, well thought-out, with a lovely vibe.❤️
    I understand not changing a room...did that after my son passed. Moving to France forced me to ruthlessly edit.
    I shipped three of the rolling racks when we moved knowing space is a premium. I love them. We have a room used as his/her storage (more her, actually) which works nicely.
    No room for seating (yet), BUT you've inspired me.

  11. Oh, it is gorgeous Tamera. You have both worked hard and made the most beautiful closet and personal space. And it is Pink! My favourite colour :) The couch, the tulips, and the pretty wallpaper are so lovely, and your wonderful clothes so beautifully gathered in colour groups. I hope we see more of your pretty place from time to time. Thank you for sharing it. xxxx

  12. Tamera, What a beautiful closet for all your lovely clothing & accessories. I had to comment to tell you about a new to me shop, Mille. You probably have heard of it. When I was on their website tonight and saw the Lana jacket in pearl, I thought of you and your crowns & how lovely they would be together. Just had to share.
    Blessings to you in the new year!!

  13. This space makes my heart SING!!!! I love it! The pinks are soooo soothing.
    Hold on, I am on my way for coffee and dress up! LOL ;)