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New England Thanksgiving

This year truly has my heart yearning for the 
holidays with family.

Since cross country travel to celebrate 
 with our
'East Coast Beardsley's
doesn't feel responsible this year
I decided the next best thing
would be to 
relive last years
Heart Warming 


Jeff's parents live in 
a quintessential 
New England house
set on several acres.

It's the sweetest little house
that a one time was 
a school house
that Jeff's grandmother 
actually attended.

I always have 
Big Love 
for small
beautifully curated homes
this one is at the top of my list!

Jeff's parents
have big 
Home and Garden Love
just like 
Jeff and I.

Every vista at their home 
feels like a sweet vignette
out of a  New England magazine.

Every time I walk into their house
it feels like my heart is home.

The fragrant smells
the beauty
everywhere your eye looks
brings on such 
peaceful calming feelings.

This is my second favorite home in the world
next to our own.

Jeff's mother, Mary Jane 
has an artistic eye
that can make true visual magic
from her collections
merging old and new seamlessly.

(And how sweet to see 2 pictures of their married grandchildren
tucked into a cup)

From every room in the house
there are beautiful
New England Vistas.

The beauty from within the house
merging with the beauty outside.

Every corner filled with
love and beauty.

Especially when added into the mix
kids, grandkids and their first
Great Grand Daughter!

We were able to get 
all of our kids to 
New England for Thanksgiving
last year
I am so thankful we did!

To have four generations
in a room
where you could feel the presence 
of preceding generations
A True Moment In Time

Lenny's Great Grand Dad
got right down on the floor with her!
Such precious moments!

Family pictures were taken
in the amazing backyard 
that seems to go on forever!

This is an old barn
they had moved from another property
had rebuilt on theirs!

Which all makes for perfect 
Family Portraits!

Mary Jane has beautiful
floral arrangements even outside!

When it snows
it always makes me feel like 
I'm in a Christmas movie
since being from 
Southern California
that is my reference point.

For me it feels like everything is
dusted in magic!

Going outside to watch and marvel
with a glass of wine
Memories made for sure!

Back inside
one of  my favorite vignettes!

I just love all of the natural elements together.
The mix of

 dried corn
paper whites
finished with gravel.

All set on a stoneware platter
mixed with a galvanized planter.

The juxtaposition of elements
makes it fresh and modern.

And how genius to have 
paper whites started for 

I definitely will be incorporating this idea
into my 
Thanksgiving and Christmas decor 
this year!

How absolutely precious is our 
Sweet Lenny
here last year!

She is sitting in an 
antique high chair
that has been in the family for generations!

This is Mary Jane's 
kitchen counter!

Another amazing vignette
wonderful use of space!

I love art in the kitchen!

 The top narrow shelf
is perfect for showing 
her wonderful artistic collection
makes a special space to add lighting 
on the counter!

And it's all 
So Beautiful together!!

The counter looks even more beautiful
when magic is happening in the kitchen!

I snapped this picture
Wednesday night
when the family was together cooking!

Simple mums 
tucked into gorgeous pottery.

So simple.
So beautiful!

If you've been following my blog for years
you know I'm not fond of cooking
so I happily volunteered to do
florals for the table!

The table was long and narrow
so I opted for simple styling
that spoke not only to the table
but the room as well.
I took a page out of Mary Jane's kitchen arrangement
mixed primitive pottery
with industrial in the form candle holders.

Her gorgeous pottery was the perfect vessel for
the flowers.

I finished the row with some beautiful pears
that added sculptural textures
to the arrangements.

How beautifully do all of these lines and textures
play together!

And they fit the table space perfectly!

I love the ambient glow her candles provide!

One of my favorite parts of 
everyone participated
in bringing this family celebration together.

And how beautiful and delicious did everything come out!
Everything was set up on another 
antique table
for family style serving!

Not only was everything made wonderfully
Mary Jane's dishes
made for styling perfection!

To finish off the food table
I simply set down greenery
from the bouquets I bought at the grocery store.
so simple
so effective.

And there you have it!
A wonderful 
New England Thanksgiving 
it was!

Thank you so much for following along my friends!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy

as you style your life


  1. What a gorgeous setting. SO New England. I lived there for a few years and yearn for it especially in Autumn. Sorry you will not be able to join family in NE. Thank you for sharing the lovely images. Stay well ~ Sarah

    1. Thank you so much Sarah for visiting here and taking the time to leave such lovely words! I am also definitely yearning for New England myself these days! Hope you and yours are well this season!

  2. Oh so fabulous, so this is where your husband gets his many building and decorating talents!

    We had a similar Christmas holiday experience last year in Kentucky horse country. My
    sister-in-law's 3 story home was built in the 1850's. It was designated a historical site; all the furniture was gorgeous and she decorated it exquisitely. The trip was bittersweet. They were selling their home and downsizing since the three children are all married with children and living out of state, so it was our last time there. Wonderful experience and wish we could go again this year.

    1. Your Christmas last year sounds absolutely enchanting ... as all of your travels do! What will you be up to this season in this crazy year? I hope you and yours are well my dear! Thank you for reading and commenting. I always so appreciate your visits! XO


  4. Tamera this was SO gorgeous! I am late reading this, but I am so glad you shared. You always have an eye for beauty. Her home is cozy and beautiful and all the details make it so New England! I love the pottery, the starfish in the windows.. the little displays on her shelves. This reminds me of our Thanksgiving we had a few years back at Max's stepmom's home in Humboldt. She also has beautiful pottery and a very cozy home. It stinks we can't travel, but I hope you and the family had a great holiday. Love the little photo of Lenny too! xoxo Kim