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Statement Jackets

I am joining 
as we share about 

Statement Jackets
Why we love them!

Statement Jackets are a great way to add

Personal Style
to your wardrobe.
They are big building blocks in my wardrobe.

They can mot only keep you warm when need be
they can double the impact of your outfit
a different outfit underneath.

They always can help 
Make a Great Entrance!

Statement Jackets

well bought
can be
 investment pieces
that serve your
personal style for years.

My vintage leopard has been with me for years
I recently passed it down to my darling daughter.

As has this fabulous vintage menswear coat
that was the very first vintage piece
I bought 
clear back in 1979.

I love it even more these days!

Another one of my very jackets
is also vintage.

Every time I wear it
(which isn't often unless I'm traveling since I live in Southern California)
it feels like a cozy hug.

My grey wool cape has also been with me for years.
It was originally my mother's.
She made it for herself 
clear back in the 70's.

See what I mean about 
Statement Jackets

Wardrobe Staying Power
Endless Styling Options!

A more recent
Statement Jacket
this stunning coat dress from 11 Honore!

Talk about a Statement!

A highlight of turning 60
having a photo shoot with the master himself
Ari Cohen of
Advanced Style

This statement jacket gets it's panache 
form the sleeve detail!

I love a jacket draped over the shoulders
Adding a fur collar 
is an easy way to have versatile looks 
with your jackets
makes a Statement!

I also love to double up my jackets!
this longer jacket over a blazer
is perfect when I'm feeling the need for 
a little extra armor and polish!

This gray 3/4 length coat
adds warmth and polish to this taupe ensemble.

Here is a cheerful embroidered jacket
that definitely makes a statement.

I don't often do prints in my wardrobe choices 
because they aren't as versatile
but this one is just so fun!

Which brings me to one of my very favorite types of

Statement Jackets
using the term very loosely

As I mentioned before
I live in Southern California
so we really have only a very few months
that are actually cool enough for traditional jackets
so kimonos
do all of the great things jackets do
but also work in warmer weather!

Properly chosen
can be a perfect finish to an ensemble
making for outfit perfection!

Plus I just love how 
move with you!
They are always a dramatic player!

If kimonos have peeked your interest
I have an entire post on them HERE
Including links to my favorite kimono maker
located in San Diego.

That concludes my personal 

Statement Jacket 

Now for even more jacket inspiration head over to 


for more
Over 50 Fashion

Statement Jackets
Why We Love Them

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


    I am smiling as we both spoke of our MOTHERS jackets and VINTAGE PIECES!I should have added a KIMONO but instead added one my DRAPERY COATS!
    I don't think YOU ever take a BAD PHOTO!
    Well, this was FUN!

    1. Why thank you ever so much darling! Always such a compliment coming form your always stylish self!

      I was really surprised when I did this post ... how many vintage statement jackets, I actually had! And how much I loved them all ... and just how long I have had them!

      Your drapery coat is absolutely divine!! That and your red opera coat ... have me really wanting to find or create something similar! Sending you big hugs my friend!! XOX

  2. Just stunning!!! Everything you touch. It's a real treat to see such great photos and styling. I'd never thought of a Kimono coat. You wear it with such élan! Me? at 5'4" not so much. But I do so enjoy appreciating your style and taste. You go girl!!!

    1. So lovely to see your comment here darling! I always appreciate your visits so! I have been following along with you IG stories!! Huge kudos to you for always learning new technology ... I really need to up my game myself! Big hugs to you darling!! XOX

  3. Oh, Tamara! You are such an inspiration to me. I tend to also not wear patterns and rely and accessories for the added interest and glam. I have several accessories and coats that belonged to my deceased mother and feel each time I wear something that belonged to her, she is not far behind (or above & around). Thank you for your courage and showing us your joie de vivre! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you ever so much dearest Lark, for your sweet gift of words! I always appreciate you visits and comments!
      I love to hear you also appreciate the beauty of vintage coats, form your mother. Sending you big hugs darling! XOX

  4. Tamera - when I hear statement jacket you are the first person who comes to mind. So many fabulous looks. That said, your mother's cape (she made it!!!) is my absolute favorite. Not only for sentimental reasons ... but because it's amazing! I very much enjoyed this blog hop ... hope you'll team up more often with our favorite Contessa and Cindy! xo

    1. Thank you so much Juliet! It was such a fun blog hop to join! they are both so talented!

      I am so loving your new blog darling!! Especially your latest Fall Layers! Just so Wonderful!! XOX

  5. Hi, I came on over from Cindy's blog. I love your coats! I also admire your glasses- can you please share a link to the ones you're wearing with the leopard coat or how to go about acquiring similar ones? I also like the ones you chose to wear with the fur coat on the porch. Any details you can share, I would appreciate. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to check out some more of your posts. Mimi

    1. Hello Mimi! Thank you so much for coming over to visit!

      The glasses I am wearing in with the leopard coat are Tom Ford sunglasses from several years ago. The sunglasses with the fur coat are actually from Free People last year. They are similar to what Gucci did also. I have both pairs and actually prefer the Free People sunglasses because they are lighter and more comfortable to wear.

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting darling!

    2. Tamera, Thank you so much for mentioning the Free People shop for buying sunglasses. I have never entered their shop before yesterday and came home with two delightful pairs of sunglasses. Have a wonderful week!

    3. Mimi I am so happy to hear you found some wonderful new sunglasses at Free People! And I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know that you found the the information helpful!

  6. Like Cindy you look fabulously chic, especially in your Mother's cape. I don't like the kimono except last picture. I think they look to elderly. I also love your wide-leg pants..they are very chic!

    1. Nancy thank you so much for visiting and commenting darling!! That is so kind of you!

  7. Well you certainly rocked the statement jacket post! I honestly love every one of you iterations. Your mother must have been quite a seamstress. I love that you wear it with such love. I could not possibly pick a favorite. I am a fan of anything vintage. Thank you for joining us this was such fun!!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting here Cindy! And thank you again so much for including me in your blog hop! I had so much fun looking through my photos. I had not put together how many of my favorite coats and jackets were vintage!!

  8. P.S Sorry I am just now commenting I was on babysitting duty and then lunch with friends!

    1. Elizabeth had told me you were babysitting. And your lunch out with everyone at Restoration Hardware looked like so much fun! I told Elizabeth that I sure wished I lived closer to you all!

  9. Styling,composition,lighting..perf! Not sure why someone would view a kimono as aging, yet you know me .. fell in love with them years ago! I am conscious however, re.cultural appropriation, and my intent is to honor origins. My fave photo is the lighting at SanJuanCap Mission. Somehow Golden Hour there is just extra. Your Mother's cape wears so well into our current construct. What à delight! Delicious eye candy post, in the days of covid casual. ♡

  10. THAT PHOTO IN SJC SHOULD WIN AN AWARD!KIMONO's on YOU are SENSATIONAL.........that woman doesn't have a clue!XXX

  11. Statement jackets and coats they most certainly are and you look simply sensational in each and every one. Your mother must have been a clever seamstress , the cape is wonderful , beautiful memories too. I do like the way you style your kimonos showing the free flow and fabrics. Beautiful shots too . xxx

  12. Love this! My favorite statement jacket is my mother's red velvet coat from the 1950' s. Long swooping swing coat with hood and dolman sleeves. So glamorous and perfect for holiday parties!

  13. You are too fabulous for words. I loved every single one of these looks. We moved to Lake Havasu, Arizona from Rancho Santa Margarita, California. I totally get what you mean about not being able to wear jackets too much. I've been on the fence about kimonos, but you've sold me! I'm going to start looking this weekend. Thank you so much! You're such an inspiration!