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Coping With Life's Frustrations ... The Power of a Mental Health Day

I feel like I have had a real
Writer's Block
here on my blog
for just over a year now.

Once I completed my year of posts about
Marriage Infidelity
last January
I feel like I was holding my breath 
for a while
making sure things 
really were good.

And they definitely are
great between 
Jeff and I now.

But life being life
has thrown us another 
huge curve ball.
One of those 
'never thought that would
'happen to us'

Nothing that we won't recover from
but shocking 
full of uncertainty 
all the same.

Proving once again
the only certainty in life
no matter how much I hate to acknowledge it is 

Once again
I will look for every opportunity 
to learn the lessons
the situation has to teach.

I will continue to 
Grow My Soul
so I can later 
Share What I have learned.

There is a certain beauty
in the realization
life has ups and downs
finding the inner peace 
in the realization
that change is inevitable.

But we can learn and practice 
so that we can still
during the process.

All that being said
I wouldn't be transparent
if I didn't admit 
some days are harder  and much more frustrating 
than others.

I decided at the beginning of this year
I really wanted to get my 
design business
 up and running again
this year.

So staying focused on my own goals
under the umbrella of uncertainty
some days can be a challenge.

My life right now feels like a rollercoaster.

I have realized
that's OK.

I have learned to be 
Resilient and Strong
these last two years.

And I know on really
frustrating days
it's OK to take a

 Mental Health Day
a cornerstone of 

Self Care.

Yesterday was a crazy frustrating day.
One of those days that felt like a 
laundry list of things going wrong.

But I handled it.

By the afternoon
I realized 
there was no way I was going to be productive
no matter how hard I tried.

So I opted to leave my studio for

 a hot bubblebath 
sparkling water
went to bed with my TV remote.
I watched mindless TV
until bedtime.

I woke up 
with my usual daily 

Instead of feeling bad that I didn't accomplish 
my list for the day
I actually
Congratulated Myself.

I am happy I didn't fall back on 
some of my usual ways 
I deal with 
frustration, hurt, fear or disappointment.

I didn't go out and spend money
to buy myself relief.

I didn't over eat or drink
to dull the pain.

I didn't lash out at anyone
in an attempt to avoid my own anger.

I simply went to bed.

I got up fresh and rested.
With no messes to clean up from
the day before.

And even more than that
A Renewed Spirit.

A feeling of hope.

At least for today.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Darling Tamera - sometimes it feels that life is a matter of careening from one crisis to another ... maybe that’s what it’s supposed to be and moving forward requires us to change our attitude about it. That said, my girlfriend and I frequently respond to ‘crisis’ by saying that the only option is to take to our beds. And, that’s what I do ... sometimes figuratively and most often literally. After all, tomorrow is another day. xo

    p.s. I discovered I can comment using Google Chrome. Yay!

    1. I am so happy Juliet that you have been able to comment here once again darling! I always so appreciate your heartwarming comments and sharing! I am happy to hear I am not alone in, at times, taking to my bed! And yes, most definitely ... tomorrow is another day. xox

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you much Barb! I am so enjoying following along your new life in France! You are always an inspiration! xox

  3. When we realize a key purpose of Life is to shape our soul into reaching out to that which is more powerful than us, for a steadying hand & to guide us, we come to expect challenges to be a regular part of life. It's the challenges which uncover our self sufficiency which is counter to our overall purpose of this life experience: preparation for eternity. It's the challenges which drive us to reach out beyond ourselves to connect with something greater. To seek insight and peace. To help us hold onto what and who we love with an open hand & still stand steady. To live in faith and not fear. No matter what we face - and I speak as someone who has faced even death - we are not intended to navigate this life alone, This life's purpose is partly to prepare us for the next, and challenges in my view are a beckoning to get to know the God we're living in preparation to meet.
    Although I'm sorry to hear you're frustrated & hurting, I'm glad you're being beckoned. It can be viewed as reassuring. That you're seen & valued. And although our proclivity may be to reach for numbing activities, we're really seeking reassurance and for comfort. As a parent desires their child reach out to them for a relationship, so God desires the same of us. And often, one is the key to the next. Much love to you as always. You're in good company. ♡dp

    1. Very wise words darling. Hope you are doing well these days. Sending you love and hugs. xox

  4. Dearest Tamara..... I too have been on a roller coaster with my beloved daughter. I belong to a support group and receive so much care and love and support.... but.... when we are struggling with a child's demons, the challenge is to take extra care of ourselves so that we are prepared for whatever unfolds. You look gorgeous in the SJC train depot and surroundings, by the way. I am hoping that you continue your jewelry design as I look forward to seeing your current collections. A few years ago, I bought a sea glass pendant from you and gave it to a dear sister - she loves to wear it. Thank you for sharing your heart and talents. Love and prayers for you. Lark xoxo

    1. Lark I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. You are very wise to take extra care of yourself darling! thank you for your encouraging words and support of my jewelry deigns. I so appreciate both! Sending you love and big hugs of comfort! xox

  5. So much style and sage advice. Good for you. It sounds like you've got things under control for a day. You look stunning! I love your photos.

    1. Sandra thank you so much for visiting and commenting darling! I so appreciate your visits! xox

  6. I hope the rest of the year will be very kind to you!

  7. This is an excellent post, Tamera, and I read it on a really awful day and it truly helped.

    1. Beth I am so glad to hear it helped! Life certainly can have it's challenges. Thank you for visiting here and leaving encouraging words. Hope things are better for you today! xox

  8. So sorry life has thrown you another curve ball! I do so admire the way you can work out the way to cope, and you help and inspire me and so many others at the same time. Your style is perfect, as always, and I absolutely adore that hat! xxx

    1. Patricia thank you for your continued visits here, and your always encouraging words!

      I was so happy to read on your blog, that you have gotten some much needed rain in Australia and that your gardens are once again thriving! Savor and enjoy your visit from your Canadians! xox