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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

Gratitude Posts
have always my favorite to do here.

I know my life is so much 
More Fulfilling

when I remember
to set time and intent 
to reflect on all the good 
in my life
Be Grateful.

That being said
it has been way too long
since I have done one here.

It seems 
so often
I need to learn 
the same lessons
many times.

I have recently realized
I have spent my time almost exclusively
feeling panic.

Kind of a snowball effect.

Which turns into an almost magnetic effect
of gathering all the 
gone wrongs and might go wrongs
in my life.

So today I am back at what I know
makes a difference.

Taking time to 
calm my mind with


To take a deep breath
reflect on all 
the good in my life.

To be grateful.

And that mindset
can literally change
my life view.  

From feeling like things are spiraling 
out of control
it's really just one area.

Fear can take hold of me

so  that I over identify with the
problem at hand.

Not being able to see
the bigger picture
that is filled with 
so much Good!

Focusing on 
helps me
Calm down.

Focusing on Gratitude 
makes me
take the time to 
see and truly experience
the beauty in my life.

The small things
that are really 
the big things
that make up 
a quality life.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Your gratitude posts are always the perfect, timely reminder to us all. I have gained weight - I know it is all psychological - tomorrow I will choose gratitude, and get myself back into routine. Love from Australia xoxox

    1. Hello dearest Patricia! Yes, great thinking darling! Gratitude is an extremely effective way to reset one's positive path! It can definitely help as a way out of a negative self spiral. And you must be so excited to have your Canadian Grandchildren visiting you there in Australia! Savor and enjoy it all in your gorgeous Brisbane! xox

  2. I'm every day grateful! I guess when you're ill you're appreciating the smaller things more.

    1. Every day grateful is wonderful darling. I am sorry to hear you are ill, but huge kudos to you to have such an inspiring, positive outlook! Sending you big hugs form Southern California! xox

  3. In addition to my previous post to you, Tamara.... you look radiant. Can you share where your got your beautiful gown? Thank you, Lark

    1. Thank you so much Lark! I always appreciate your visits here! My caftan os from Soft Surroundings. I ordered it online several years ago. Hope you are doing well darling! xox

  4. My father frequently quotes Dale Carnegie. “ Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” I try to keep this in mind when I find myself heading down the rabbit hole of fear and anxiety. Gratitude is crucial to maintaining clarity and perspective. I’m grateful to you for always sharing your truth openly so we might all see ourselves and benefit through your experience and wisdom. xo

    1. Juliet that is such Wonderful advice!! I should get that one framed!! Thank you for your sweet and encouraging gift of words! xox

  5. You right. We need to have gratitude and be happy with what life has bestowed on us. There are so many different things that people wish for, good job, sweet home, smart kids and do on... but life has never been perfect. There is always a teeny tiny thing that will always be incomplete. Nice positive post.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting here and leaving such a lovely, encouraging comment my dear! xox

  6. Hey Tamera! You are right, we need to have a heart of gratitude and contentment with whatever we have in our life. Thank you for sharing a positive note. Stay Blessed! Stay Happy