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Wardrobe Recap 2018

I've pulled out all of my favorite looks from 2018!

I have grouped them
not only by color
in a way that shows
one piece two ways.
Most pieces are no longer on the market
still make for great styling inspiration
that we are all looking for!

This is quite a long post
full of styling ideas and tips
grab your
coffee or tea
 stay for a while!

This first look above
is an  off the shoulder dress
that was one of my most popular on Instagram this year.
It is definitely an easy piece to wear
 can be styled in so many ways!

Like here
where I paired it with a fun jean
corset belt!

I am still a huge fan this year also
of a white booty
freshening up 
almost any outfit!

Here I took the same pant 
paired it with a pocketed denim tunic.
These two pieces were definitely
on major rotation for running errands!

Before I continue with my styling ideas
I wanted to mention
my Instagram post that was the most popular by far!

With over 300 comments
and almost 900 likes.

It was this post that I talked about  keeping things real.

That I never wanted my blog to just be about 
looking pretty.

Believe me 
I don't even look like these 
Style Posts 

I share my outfits here
to help spark 
Creativity In Others
just like I get inspired by seeing 
other people's 
Style Posts!

In this  IG post I just wanted to keep it 
Real and Authentic.
Just like I always keep my blog.
If you are a regular reader
You Know
I share, the good, bad and the ugly
and also
the beauty and love
that I am so 
Grateful for!

Now back to the pretty
Personal Style Posts.

I am still loving the ease of jumpsuits.
They are so easy to add some accessories to
be out the door in a jiffy.

Here it's my usual in the accessory department ...
a cool shoe
statement earring.

Once you get a system
dressing well can be a quick endeavor!

One of my favorite pieces, even now
as I really try to buy items
that for me are basics
that will live in my closets for years
is this wrap long vest.

I styled it many ways this year
from here at my son's Rehearsal Dinner ...

To a day in downtown Los Angeles
with heels and a hat ...

The long wrap vest 
was also a perfect player
for a train ride to San Diego
to visit my daughter.

For the trip I paired it with 
pink flats
my luxurious wrap from
I have several of her pieces
they are so worth the investment!

I added a new Caftan from
to my blue wardrobe pieces this year.

Buying pieces
that I know will play well with what I already own
is another styling tip 
I live by!
Not only does it give the new piece more options
one new piece can breathe new life into the existing pieces!

I know the new caftan will play wonderfully with
this blue kimono from
that I purchase at
 Chateau Belage
 in San Diego.
And I do know they are well stocked with new kimonos!

Here is the kimono again in LA!
I have paired it with my 
This is another brand I love.
That day the sun was really beating down
and I am a big believer in doing everything I can 
as far as sun care.

What I didn't realize
was that using
Lily Lark Parasols
actually drop the temperature 10 degrees as well!

Here is another styling trick I was so happy with!

I used a sleeveless ball dress from Anthropologie
added a chambray shirt underneath!!

I had both pieces in my closet for years
but only came up with the combonation
when they were hanging on my rolling rack by chance!

I had combined the two 
once before
by wearing the shirt over the dress
but under was such a better
sleeveless dress solve
because the fit was so much more flattering!!

It mad for a perfect art opening afternoon ensemble!

This vintage dress was a birthday score
and made more a perfect outfit for dinner at
Saint Cecelia in Austin, Texas!

Some Paglamas by Jennifer Grace 
at Chateau Belage
also made it into my closet.

I have had this silk jacket for ages
adding some white booties and 
ruffled white jeans 
completely made it new again!

A vintage straw hat and woven basket
from Africa
that I used as a purse
completed the look with a fresh summer flare!

Speaking of colorful silk jacket
this one from
paired perfectly 
with some wide legged jeans
with a vintage straw used as a purse!

I loved, (and still do) these fabulous ruffled jeans
from Citizen's For Humanity
I tracked down a second pair!

They really breathe such fun into so many looks!

This 'top'
was actually sold as a dress
at Free People
and was definitely a summer favorite of mine!

A nice reminder to look at pieces in the stores
always with fresh eyes
as how they can be used!

I paired a new top from Target
with a fabulous stripe pair I've had for years.

A big floral pin was the perfect finishing touch
for this summer lunch outfit!

I also had some fun with
Check on Check!

They were the perfect pieces 
to celebrate my years from Chico!

The top  played so fun
with my favorite jeans
in Austin!

Some more
black and white styling!

I paired a jumper with some super wide velvet pants
and tee
to come together as a fun evening out look!

Faux fur stoles are a favorite of mine.
They add not only big glam
they definitely can ward off an evening chill!

This inexpensive jumpsuit from Target
just shows you can find great pieces
where you least expect them.

Now we are working into one of my favorite color pallets 
Cream and Whites!
I literally have a closet full!

They are the absolute easiest to pair together!

Mixing them with denim
adds a whole different dimension!

Fringe Baby
all the way!

This cream  linen dress from 
was perfect for a hot summer Date Night!

One of my favorite vintage finds from Palm Springs
made for a perfect road trip outfit to Waco, Texas!

This linen dress
was still a top  summer player 
for the second year!

I am never feel like all my pieces 
need to be new each season.

Quite the contrary
I love finding some basic pieces 
I absolutely love
because the styling options 
can be endless
like a new canvas each time you put them on.

Here I pulled out my straw accessories.
The necklace is over a decade old
while the rest this last year.

Another styling tip I do
is buying accessories in wardrobes as well.
That way they live on for years and years
and get better with each additional piece!

Here I added my favorite jean, again
paired them both with more neutral accessories!

See how adding one trendy jean this year
freshened so many existing pieces!

White on white 
plus neutrals
makes for the very easiest pairings
for fresh summer looks!

This caftan from Soft Surroundings
travels often with me in the warmer months.
It makes for the perfect hotel lounging  piece!

Bringing some poolside glam!

I remember when I was young feeling so self conscious 
by the pool.

These days I am old enough 
to be happy I am at the pool!

No longer will I feel not good enough
body perfect enough
I choose to decide 
I am 

There are so many gift in aging 
Believe Me.

I still have big turban love!

One of my favorite 
Palm Springs vintage finds!

I bought it for a song for the fabulous embroidery on the 
front and back.
Never thinking it would fit me
as extra large is hard to come by in vintage.

I probably had this dress over a year
before I tried it on
because I just knew it would be to small.

Imagine my sheer delight
when I did try it on 
and it fit like it was made for me!
Vintage Dress Magic for sure!!

White on white
is always the perfect background 
to really pop colorful accessories.

Another styling tip
the same color top and bottom
always elongates the body.

My very favorite wardrobe addition this year
was definitely my vintage coat
Jeff bought me for my birthday.

I have already flown with it twice!

It makes the most wonderful traveling blanket
aw well as ...

Being the perfect finish for separates!

And it kept me warm and cozy
on cold New England days!

This coat was vintage when I bought it
when I was going to NYU in 1979.
a lifetime ago.

It was my first vintage buy.
Being from Southern California
I remember my mother sent me $50 to buy a coat.
I fell in love with this one 
still love it to this day.
For both reasons.

One of my favorite shots from 2018,
A brocade jumpsuit
shot out in my beloved Borrega Springs!

My favorite outfit from 2018.

My Mother of the Groom dress
from Hunter and Megan's Wedding!

I just realized a couple of weeks ago
that I have yet to do a post all about their gorgeous wedding!
The pictures came back near the holidays.
So now I can't wait to share their fabulous day!!

Some New Year's Eve Glam from 2018!

I'm finishing off this extra long post
with my favorite maxi this year!

This simple off the shoulder dress took me from walks on the beach
paired with a kimono
to a family wedding

a gorgeous evening in Palm Springs!

I'm finishing off this extra long post
with my favorite maxi this year!

This simple off the shoulder dress took me from walks on the beach
to a family wedding
a gorgeous evening in Palm Springs!

As an accessory designer 
I have a big passion for all
the styling opportunities 
a great piece can offer.

So my last styling tip would be
find some 

Wardrobe Basics
You Love To Wear

and then 

Make Them Your Very Own
Accessory Styling!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Thank you for sharing your styling year :)
    To me, your last photo is profound in representing your 2018 experience as you've shared it.
    This photo is iconic in how we as women can be found doing life. What is not in the photo, are all the people who've been cheering you on along the sidelines, just out of camera's site.
    I envision 2019 to begin with a different kind of photo for you, as I continue wishing you the best! ♡

    1. Denise thank you so much for not only taking the time to stop by and read, but your insightful and encouraging words as well! I so appreciate both! Sending you much love my dear friend! xoxo

  2. It would be impossible to comment on each and every one of these even though I want to and certainly did in my head. Your amazing style is obviously because you have such a creative mind, Tamera. It's enviable for someone so plain like me. I can't tell you what a delight it is to see these and get so inspired to be bolder in my style and want to stand out like you do.

    1. Aww Jodie thank you so much for your visit and reading through this long post my dear! I so enjoy sharing my style with those, like yourself who appreciate not only style, but the added energy in your step that can come with an outfit you love! Thank you for taking the time to leave such an encouraging comment my Fierce Sister! xoxo

  3. Wow wow wow! Thanks for the recap & inspiration. You are always lovely & you can pull off any look! Looking forward to 2019 with your show stoppers.

    1. Christy thank you for stopping by for a visit here my dear ... and leaving such a sweet and inspiring comment! xox

  4. I always love your outfits! They are really inspiring and I love the fact that you posted a,,real,,photo! Shows you are down to earth!

    1. Nancy thank you so much for your visit darling and your sweet words!

  5. This post was so much fun - what a blast! Every photo is wonderful, and your styling is total Perfection. I got so excited at one point with an idea for a piece of check linen which has sat in my stash for ages - went right off and found a pattern and cut out a new tunic :) You have come through so much in the past year, with grace and style, and we love you to bits. Thank you for sharing it all. xo

    1. Patricia I am so happy my post inspired your own creativity! Such a true compliment my dear! Can't believe you already have it cut out! Well done darling!! xox

  6. I loved this post! I'm new to following your blog and now I'm so inspired by how you add so much glamor and your own touch to these gorgeous outfits!

    1. Thank you so much for following dear! And especially for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment!

    YOU would STOP me DEAD in MY TRACKS if I saw you on the STREET.

  8. I agree with the Contessa! Your wardrobe, your styling, your photography ... it’s art. Happy New Year! xo

  9. Glad you have come through your journey/ tunnel/ place to a very positive and beautiful place ! Best wishes from afar , South Australia !

  10. Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it and you do WOW! x

  11. Always enjoy seeing how you put things together, and especially the long posts like this one that really showcase your style. So much fun!!!