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The Pendry San Diego

I once again took the train down to San Diego.
This time to celebrate my gorgeous girl's birthday!
I highly recommend Amtrack's Surfliner
it goes right along the ocean so much of the time.

It's a two hour train ride from my house in Orange County
which gives me not only some working time
but makeup as well.

The train drops you off in the heart of San Diego's Downtown.
I simply walked to the hotel.
City walks are always some of my favorite walks!

I scheduled a Spa Day
at my favorite San Diego hotel the
for Ellis and I to celebrate!

Jeff came down later that afternoon
so we could get in some good family time
(Hunter and his beautiful wife were able to join us for a family dinner!
as well as an evening getaway for Jeff and I.

Ellis and I started our day at the gorgeous
Pendry's Provisional
 restaurant for breakfast.

I have loved celebrating my wonderful girl's birthday
since her very first birthday!
I can't believe this was the 27th!
I think I love her more with each passing year!
I am so proud of the young woman she has become.

I't just seems like yesterday I was designing clothes for 
my darling daughter!
I'm sure I'm quite prejudice 
but how absolutely adorable was she!!

I have made it my mission
to celebrate and savor all of her ages.
Celebrating this year with a 
Mimosa Flight 
was certainly a lovely way to toast a daughter
who I am ever so proud of!

Next it was up to
SPA Pendry 

We had massages and then spent time in the whirlpool.

Then we went back to our room.
My husband had surprised us with a gorgeous suite
complete with a bar and lounging area
 one of the most luxurious bathtubs ever!

If you stay at the Pendry
you might enjoy buying a gold coin
and ....

Taking it two the Moet vending machine!

There are only two of these vending machines in the States!

When Jeff arrived the three of us
were able to enjoy drinks and appetizers 
in our spacious room!

We ordered the garden hummus
it came with tiny baby vegetables 
'planted' in black almond soil 
with hummus underneath.

How sweet is the special cupcake for Ellis!

For Ellis's birthday
I gifted her one of my late Mother's rings.
It made my heart so happy to know Ellis can wear a memory of my mother.
I know it will make my mother happy too!

For a celebratory dinner we went to one of  San Diego's newest restaurants 
located in charming Mission Hills.

How adorable are their 'walrus pops'.
Freshest desert presentation I have seen in a long time!

The next morning Jeff and I slept in
had a leisurely morning
with breakfast in our beautiful room.
I can't say enough about the wonderful food and service at the Pendry!
We have stayed many times
and it's always top notch consistently!

It was a gorgeous day for a walk along the harbor
stunning views of the city. 
We also saw some of the largest mega yachts I have ever seen!

Back in the room
I just had to take advantage of the gorgeous tub!
I was so glad I did!
It was truly one of the best baths I've had!

This trip I packed an entirely black and white wardrobe.
As I have said before
I think it's easiest to pick one color palate 
when traveling.
This plan provides a maximum of options for outfits.


As always my friends
I wish you love and joy


  1. Happy Birthday to Ellis! It looks like a perfectly wonderful celebration for you all, with so many special touches. Love the Moet machine, the garden hummus, and your chic black and white. Your mother's ring is breathtaking, and what a very special birthday gift for her granddaughter. xx

    1. Patricia thank you once again for your visit all the way from Brisbane ... and you lovely words darling! Hope you are surviving Australia's heat wave! Did you finish your black and white tunic? Big hugs to you! xox

  2. Tamera - You just know how to "do it". Thank you for sharing your fun San Diego Elis' birthday week-end with us. I've noted all three venues you featured so that we, too, may enjoy them. My husband and I love to try new places, have cocktails, walk and just live! By-the-way, I love your BLACK "jacket/vest"; did you purchase that at Chateaubelage? I want one!

    1. Oh Catherine I am sure you would adore all three venues darling!! My jacket/vest is actually from Stella Carakaski, several years ago. Hope you and your husband are doing well my dear! Thank you for your visit! xox

  3. Hi Tamera! What a wonderful trip and I know how special it is to spend time with our children...especially on their birthdays! I have never been to San Diego, and I'm longing to come! Your recommendations look fabulous and will be a great guide when I plan a trip! I hope things are going well for you and I think about you often! Thanks for a fun look gorgeous. Oh and, your daughter was and still is absolutely adorable!

    1. Hello Suzanne! So lovely to open up here and see a visit from your gorgeous self! I so enjoy following along with all of your visits with your gorgeous daughters! I was delighted to hear that they had a Waldorf education! Waldorf influenced so much of my own children's education!

      If you ever find yourself in Southern California, do let me know! Meeting you in person has been on my list for over a year now! Jeff and I might be in North Carolina this June ... maybe that could work for us too! Sending you big hugs! xox