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Crowning Ourselves With Body Positivity

What if we could flip a switch in our own heads
decide to
Love Our Body
just as it is

What a perfect way to truly
Crown Ourselves!!

Instead of focusing on our personal 
perceived flaws
we woke up in the morning with wonderful
self love talk to ourselves
in which we marveled in
our very own magnificence.
That we were 
so very much more than 
good enough
just as we are.

As someone who has struggled a lifetime
of not feeling good enough
body wise
I have decided I am done with that thinking.

I have realized life is much to short
to focus on what I don't like
I am choosing to 
focus on all the parts 
I do love.

I am changing the beauty standard
I carry in my own mind.
I am changing it to revel in my own curves
instead of flinching in shame.

I choose today to decide 
I want to love, honor and respect
my own body.

That is one of the 
birthday gifts
I am giving myself this year.

I want to appreciate this body
that brought three wonderful humans into the world.

I want to appreciate this body
that is active and healthy.
That allows me to hike, kayak, and ride
in nature.
A body that moves with strength through Pilates and the gym.
A body that is sensual and strong.

I am choosing to drop any shame I carry 
of not having
'a self perceived perfect body'
instead choose
to marvel in the magnificence
in this body that has 
served me so well
these past 59 years.

When we
 love, honor and respect 
our own body

it is so much easier to
 invest in good health
from a place of 
instead of shame.

It is so much easier 
to dress a body
we choose to love
of telling ourselves
we will get the new clothes
when we loose the weight or fix whatever perceived flaw.
Focusing on what we don't like
 blocks out the light 
of our own magnificence.

Because in the end 
it's never really what we look like
it's all about how we feel about our 
own reflection.

So this year as I turn 60
I am giving myself
to be
 absolutely fabulous!

To Crown Myself!

To celebrate myself
just as I am.
someday when ...

Knowing I more years behind me
than in front
is absolutely
I am never going to be perfect
or younger than I am today.

I am choosing to celebrate myself
Just as I am.


As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a wonderful way to start your decade birthday year��. Wonderful advice for all ages and I’m definitely in with this. I often think of telling my younger self these things but realize I’ve neglected my current self ����������

    1. Vicki thank you for your visit here and commenting! I I think it's important for all of us ... to continue to remind ourselves to create our own beauty standards! xoxo

  2. "Changing the beauty standard I carry in my own mind." I love this so much!
    ~Melissa xx

  3. This makes me want to stand up and cheer! A wonderful message for us all!

  4. It seems also the fashion world get a slowly wake up call regarding womens size and look. You look so gorgious
    not only in this black dress and you have a wonderful charisma. 60? unbelievable.

  5. What excellent advice, which enables us to enjoy fashion and celebrate ourselves, whatever our curves. 11 Honore looks very appealing, and that black dress is fantastic. I will look out for them. When I turned 60 I had a big garden party at our house and raised funds for a women's charity - it was such a perfect day! Have a great year pretty lady.

  6. Excellent post and advice! I needed this - I turn 80 in June. What a wonderful message

    1. I, too, turn 80 (April) and I am sooo excited about all this wonderful news!!

  7. This post is perfection! As are you. You are so spot on with your words! Thank you xoxo Katie

  8. Tamera I have been following your blog for a while now and I admire your strength and resilience I too am 59 my body has given me 4 healthy children and I am 60 in April so I will be adopting some of your affirmations on loving and accepting my wonderful body as it is now thank you namaste Marie I am in Dublin Ireland

  9. I just love you....You are absolutely GORGEOUS! And you make me love myself just the way I am...