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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratiude

It's been a long time since I have done one of my favorite types of post.

Hello Monday - Hello Gratitude

Where I simply take the time to reflect back over the last week
(this time it's a bit of catch up, so it's a few weeks)
contemplate what 

I'm Grateful for.

I know for me
unless I take the time to practice 

Intentional Gratitude

I can too easily 
slip into thinking about 
what I need to do
as well as 
 my worries and fears and frustrations.

It's so important for me to take a step back
on all that
 I am Grateful For!

I have over the last couple of months retuned 
to my morning rituals of

Coffee, Candles and Gratitude
before sunrise.

I have also added in an
 essential oil diffuser
which has been a game changer 
when I was going through the very rough waters.
Essentials oils 
really do live up to their reputation.

For me  starting my mornings setting my focus on the 
beauty in my life
has helped improve the quality of my days.

And it can be as easy as doing a
 beautiful candle centerpiece.

Even a few 
 can be a reminder of the 
beauty in the world!

I have also been in the process of
taking back my house and gardens
from the neglect they have endured the past months.

One of my favorite projects
as far as impact
adding macrame garlands from 
to my Costco umbrella.

Before I sewed them on by hand
I Scotch Gaurded them to s

A much simpler garden project
was fluffing our front yard terrace.

This delightful fringed umbrella is also from
Target's Opal House Collection
as is my new bamboo table.

As I get better
I am once again able to happily attend events.

Like the one at one of my favorite stores in 

They had the lovely Kirsten 
the designer and owner of 
She designed my fabulous pants here and in the opening shot.
They are her 'Hepburn Pants'
and embrace a fabulous beachy vibe!

Raven and Lily also do a wide range of accessories as well!
Each purchase from this company
"Creates fair trade jobs and funds micro loan programs for
artisan women all over the world".

I was also fortunate to celebrate this gorgeous woman turning 60!
Doesn't Mary from 
@livvivid on Instagram
make turning 60 aspirational!
As well as wearing the 
Birthday Crown 
I designed for her
with such beauty and grace!

Her party was another one for the memory books
done by none other than the fabulous Andrea of the

How stunning is this homemade cake that Andrea 
baked, designed 
found the most show stopping candles for!!

This week I am 
Grateful To ...

~ do a family birthday party for my youngest son Hunter who turns 
22 on Wednesday!
My darling daughter is coming up to help cook!

~ go to Borrego Springs for Memorial Day Weekend with Jeff!
We are planning a romantic desert getaway!

~ go to our marriage therapy tonight
(after which we always reward ourselves by doing something fun afterwards!)


Yesterday I
 pulled and styled all of my outfits for this week
organized all of my closets.

As much as I love clothes
I have been finding myself 
in my work out wear all day long!
And a mess of clothes on my floor.

Because when I was getting home from working out
I would just go into getting things done mode
then it just seemed like ...
"why bother getting dressed this late in the day "...
which  ending up always making me feel icky.
And I am looking for every way to feel good about myself these days!

So this week I have invested in my week
by styling outfits 
that I am happy and excited to wear!

I'll let you know next week how it worked out.


As I see it
life can be hard somedays
maybe all of the little pieces like ...

Creating Beauty

Doing Things For Others

Working on Relationships

Self Care


can bring more 
peace and calm
in the everyday.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Lovely reminder to stop and look around for the many things we have to be grateful for! I’d like to give essential oils a try! xo

    1. Thank you ever so much Juliet! I use the Young Living Essential oils. They were given to me by a dear friend, who knew first hand about their healing properties ... as she received hers after a divorce. I am now a huge believer in their powers There is also much scientific research to back up their healing properties.

      Thank you again darling, for your continued support and encouragement! xoxo

  2. You look stunning in those slacks! Love this post

  3. It is always a tonic to read your gratitude posts, Tamera, and I always find myself seeking to improve as I read them! The Essential Oils sound really interesting. Your Hepburn pants are lovely and would suit our climate too. You and your friend look beautiful in your Springtime flower finery! xxx

  4. I have the same philosophy about the healing powers of gratitude and of beauty. I have been reading along about your journey, and am so sorry you've been going through this. But you are demonstrating such courage and grace. xo Deborah
    (ps I'm the one who won three of your beautiful bracelets in a giveaway years ago; I still have them and love them.)

    1. Deborah thank you for your visit and sweet, encouraging words! It makes my heart happy to hear you still love the bracelets!! xo