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Celebrating Turning 59 Years Old

I turned 59 a couple of weeks ago.
Which means next year
I turn into my new decade of 60.

I have been so busy most of my years in my 50 's 
I hadn't really given 60 much of a thought
until about 6 months ago 
when it hit, out of the blue
 that I would soon be 60!

I had been sailing along just fine
with age pride of my 50's 
without much thought of a new decade on the horizon.

And to be completely honest
it really made me pause
as in
how could I soon be turning 60!!

Then I began to realize it wasn't the 60
that scared me
as much as it was my outdated 
view of  being 60.

So I realized I needed to redefine for myself
60 really meant
60 could really look like!
To discover every gift 
this time in life has too offer!

Because I am a firm believer
to have a quality, joyful, meaningful life
intentions must be set.

Much effort needs to be made
to find all the good to be found in
not only each day
but each time of life.

So I am on an adventure this year
 now every year for the next 10
to find
the best of what the 60 decade can bring.

I want to own all of my years
with pride and gratitude!

My favorite thing  already
about being on the brink of 60 
is the sense of urgency in life.

The ... if not now, when!

The reality is that I have a limited amount of years 
left on this planet.
How do I really want to spend the remaining years I have.

Right off the bat
I know I no longer want to spend time
focusing on perceived flaws
but rather celebrating myself and what I have accomplished.
To truly put into practice, 
the act of
Crowning Myself.

I no longer have time for self doubt and criticism!
I truly cringe at the time I have wasted 
being self critical of my own body and self.
Time I could have put into a myriad
of other creative and loving pursuits!
I want to accept and celebrate
my own gifts!

What if one day we could choose to wake up
look in the mirror and say
I Love You Just the Way You Are!

I believe we can.
I intend to do so.

I intend to continue to invest in my own body
with loving physical activity, nutrition
all the new proaging health benefits science has to offer.
I have lived too many years
being hard and critical of my body and self.

No more.
I am going to invest lovingly and joyfully
in my body, mind and soul.

I intend to replace fear of aging 
gratitude for the process of aging
the gifts to be found
with each new year.

I am also going to focus 
on all of 
the fabulous
proaging women who are
further down the path than myself.
Women who are day in and day out
redefining what aging looks like.

Like for example
the gorgeous Judith of
who turned 75 this year
continues to not only inspire
but makes aging itself

Dorrie from
The Senior Style Bible
makes being in your 80's
pretty darn fabulous!
Dorrie was one of the first Playboy Bunnies
is on a mission to show sex appeal
can get even better with age!

Each of us can choose to help change the perception
of what aging really looks like
to inspire those coming behind us!

Because the truth is
the more we love ourselves in the aging process
the more we have to contribute 
to people in our lives
 life itself.

I want to redefine my own
Life Mission Statement 
this next year
with an intention
of how I want to truly use my remaining time on the planet.

I know I want to fill my days with
gratitude and love
making time for creative pursuits.
And I also know
I want to make so much time simply for

I want to value my health
be grateful
for each and every day I have living in a healthy body.

I want to be able to invest in and nurture others in
Self Love and Self Acceptance.
I want to feel 
that I can share the lessons I have learned
to help enrich the lives of others.

I intend to embrace and celebrate
all that my new decade will have to offer!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I love this post! I have recently turned 52 (and cannot believe I am 52) :). I am going to take all this wisdom and use it for my decade of Fifties. thank you! Lise

    1. Lise thank you so much for reading and commenting dear! It makes my heart happy to know you were inspired to honor your age! xox

  2. Oh my stars! This is an amazing post! I feel so inspired! Thank you so much!

    1. Amy you are most welcome darling! Thanks so much for reading! xox

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful Tamera. This is so inspiring. Love it. Embrace every day and laugh. That is what my grandma did. Don't take life too seriously and take care of yourself inside and out. She lived to almost 101! Wishing you the best and thanks always for the wonderful positive messages you send out xo Kim

    1. Oh Kim how very wonderful was your Grandma's outlook on life! How blessed are you to have such strong and positive female role models! Both your mother and grandmother will live on in the fabulous loving woman you are! Sending you big healing hugs darling!! Missing you my friend! xox

  4. Hear Hear!! Good for you Tamera! Very inspirational.

    ps. I turn 60 as well this year!!! :-0

    1. Aww thank you ever so much Slim for visiting and your encouraging words darling! And you my dear, will be the poster woman for 60 ... you are a magnificent beauty and make 60 look aspirational!!

  5. Wow!! Such fabulous advice for just about any decade.
    So inspirational.
    If I look like you at 59 I will surely be loud and proud about it xx

    1. Thank you so much darling for your sweet gift of words!! xox

  6. Tamera , such a positive post on the joy of ageing. I firmly believe in celebrating every day . I turn 65 this November and because of the role models you mentioned and others know that this is to be celebrated not feared. All best wishes, Jill xx

    1. You are so right Jill! I think this is the best time ever ... to be aging! so many people like yourself ... make aging aspirational! Thank you for your visit from Tasmania!! xox

  7. Very positive and affirmative post! Great attitude.

    1. Why thank you so much Gail! and thank you for visiting here! xox

  8. Thank you for your message ! I have been put down so much that I am tired. I want to embrace life but don't know where to start .You are a wonderful lady ! I am 54.

    1. Aww darling I am so sorry to hear that you have been put down. I know it can be hard to start to embrace life when one feels down. But I think one can try little. When I was at my lowest I made it a point to find a bit of beauty in every day. Even such a small gesture as buying myself a flower ... began to help. I also taught myself to refocus and reframe my life ... by spending time reflecting on gratitude. I hope you will begin to find your way out darling! Sending you big hugs! xox

  9. A lovely positive post Tamera. I turned 60 in January and find myself constantly realigning myself and my attitudes towards myself and always for the positive. Our days are indeed numbered but our joy is limitless!

    Anna x

  10. Dear Tamara, I was a bit sick the last weeks though I could read your blog so late. First of all
    I wish you the best for the upcoming year and accept also my late wishes for your birthday. What a
    good age and till 60 are 12 months in between you have to enjoy. Self-love and self- acceptance is truly a huge part in life to be happy and balanced. Unfortunately we have to get too old to understand the meaning.