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La Serena Villas - Palm Springs California

We were recently back at my vey favorite 
Palm Springs Hotel

It was our third time at the property
I was wondering if it would be as good as I remembered ...

It definitely was.
There are beautiful aesthetics around every corner
of this stunning 
Palm Springs property.

Chairs that just call out for pictures!

One of my very favorite things about Palm Springs is always ...
the dressing up!
Packing for a trip to this desert destination
always calls for happy, glamorous choices in my book!

Like this vintage 'Hostess Dress'
that I scored on my last Palm Spring visit for a song!
The fabulous appliques are just as dramatic on the back of the dress!
Craftsmanship that I don't find very often.

Back to the wonderful
these swinging chairs are still one of my favorite things to see!

New to us this visit was this fresh and fab 
Welcome Tray!
Tequila shots with the cutest fixings!
I am definitely not a shots kind of gal
but I did make an exception for this  festive welcome!

How absolutely dreamy is our room!
When staying at
I have to say
they have what feels like a wide variety of room sizes.
Be sure to check before you book.
This was room number 17
which I would highly reccomend
would definitely stay away from 11 or 12
which were what felt like half the size.
We have also stayed in room number 9 which was nice
but didn't have the ultra romantic canopy,
but it did have a walk in closet which was pretty fab!
You can see room 9  HERE .

My handsome photographer who lovingly takes my wardrobe shots!

A road trip also means I can pack more friends!

All of these furniture pieces make my heart sing!
I noticed this week that Anthropologie now carries this dresser in various sizes!

How about this gorgeous claw foot tub
in this ultra spacious bathroom 
complete with a huge shower as well!

The private outdoor courtyards
are another reason that La Serena Villas 
is such a favorite of mine!

The gas fireplaces are divine in the chilly early mornings
as well as star gazing at tnight.

Each courtyard also comes with yes,
a claw foot tub outside as well!

Early mornings by the pool are also  a favorite of mine!

For breakfast you can have a complimentary picnic basket delivered to 
your room or the pool.
It's a lovely and relaxing way to start your day!

As are these double loungers by the pool!

What I did forget when I packed
but always highly recommend for traveling and poolside

Turbans always make such a perfect and easy, stylish finish.
I am now going to have to truly make myself a packing list!

This fabulous deck upstairs their 
 is another great spot for coffee or drinks.
At night the market lights come on
for instant ambiance
for their inspired dinner service!

This view!!

The upstairs Azucar Restaurant Lounge.

There is downstairs breakfast, lunch and dinner service as well
in the Freida Room
at the

This macrame rope curtain has me on a hunt
to find one for my bedroom!

Photo opts abound
on the

I hope you have enjoyed getting a peek into
La Serena Villas
 in the almost always sunny
Palm Springs California.
this property is definitely one of my favorite
Palm Springs Destinations!

And thank you 
 for another remarkable stay!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Oh that lighting, that sky, that decor! What an experience it must be to bath whilst looking up at the stars. You were so lucky to experience all that wonderfulness. And your amazing outfits matched the splendour of the location. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, x.

    1. Why thank you so very much for stopping by and reading darling! You are ever so right ... the lighting and the sky in Palm Springs is absolutely amazing! I am so happy you enjoyed the post my dear!! xo

  2. I can’t see the scenery for looking at how beautiful you look. Your outfit creations and all the details of how you pull yourself together are such eye candy! Thank you for sharing your styling secrets. I’m always inspired!👏❤️

    1. Aww thank you ever so much my dear for your kind and encouraging words! I so appreciate your visit! xo

  3. Tamera, it looks absolutely dreamy!! I love that it backs up to the mountains too, such lovely vistas.

    1. Thank you Susan!! It is absolutely magical out there!! xo

  4. Look no further than your two hands for the macrame divider. With your artistic talents I am sure you could create a fabulous one.

  5. this makes me long for a trip to Palm Desert. This place looks amazing. and that polka dot dress - yes!

  6. La Serena Villas should be paying you to advertise, Tamera, because your photos make it look quite the most desirable place to be. And have you any idea of how joyful the blue, blue sky of your opening shot is to someone seeing nothing but grey skies day after day?! Your styling is fabulous

  7. Share my Garden is RIGHT . . . La Serena Villas should be compensating you for this brilliant marketing on their behalf. Your turquoise kimono and statement (WOW) necklace are divine! I read this post on my phone when first posted (but find it difficult to comment from tiny screen). As I prepare to travel to La Quinta tomorrow . . . for a desert wedding . . . I had to take a second look - on full screen - to get inspiration for my packing. Sadly, nothing in my closet will have the dramatic impact of your fabulous wardrobe . . . but I’m encouraged to be a bit bolder! Cheers!