Self Care During The Holidays

With Christmas literally around the corner
 a real life that is much more complex
imperfect than my Instagram feed might seem
I found a need to search my own blog to reference a post I did on

I am once again sharing it here today
in case someone else can use some 

The link to the 
Self Care During the Holidays is HERE

I hope this post is able to help anyone
looking for  Self Care support during the holidays.

As always my friends 

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

1 comment:

  1. Perfect timing, Tamera! Not only have I been walking through Emotional Mind Fields and a major panic attack, I was about to post tomorrow's blog. After reading your post, I'm including a link to it. Thanks for including your suggestions from last year. They're so well thought out. xoxox, Brenda