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Self Care During The Holidays

With Christmas literally around the corner
 a real life that is much more complex
imperfect than my Instagram feed might seem
I found a need to search my own blog to reference a post I did on

I am once again sharing it here today
in case someone else can use some 

The link to the 
Self Care During the Holidays is HERE

I hope this post is able to help anyone
looking for  Self Care support during the holidays.

As always my friends 

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Perfect timing, Tamera! Not only have I been walking through Emotional Mind Fields and a major panic attack, I was about to post tomorrow's blog. After reading your post, I'm including a link to it. Thanks for including your suggestions from last year. They're so well thought out. xoxox, Brenda

  2. Tamera - I clicked back a few posts and thought I would comment here. The reason was that I saw a photo of you and thought you had aged. Please don't think I meant to be disparaging - I am sensitive to others - not only emotionally. I saw anguish in your face - so started to flick down the posts to do a catch up with your earlier posts (I have been working on my new blog - and wanted to use one of your photos in my header (Baby Boomer & mature women Clothing Styles). I pray that you will "glow" that you will light the corner you find yourself in. My heart thoughts with you - though I have never experienced what you have - to me it would be just devastating. I am on a daily - thankfulness routine myself as my husband has a rare (1 in 25 in the world) form of terminal cancer. It is of course something I have never experienced before and realise life is full of experiences we wish weren't there. My prayers with you dear sister as you find your path - with gentleness, love and letting go of those things you can't change. May you look for each moment to find it full of fruitful things and have gratefulness in your heart wherever you tread. Much love, Deborah xx