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Celebrating 30 Years!

Last month Jeff and I did a sweet little drive up the coast to Malibu to
Celebrate our 30th Anniversary!

Our first stop was
Malibu Farm Cafe
 for breakfast.
Located on the old Malibu Pier
it not only boasts an organic, local menu
but wrap around views as well!

The Malibu Farm is always a must stop for us!
They have two restaurants, the Cafe, which we did this time.
Last time we did the sit down restaurant, you can read my in depth post about  about it HERE
And I am so excited that Malibu Farm  will be coming to one of my all time favorite shopping spots
Lido Marina Village
 in Newport Beach!!

Malibu Farms is the perfect stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner
or you can even stop in for  drinks or coffee as well.
A little walk on the beach afterwards is a lovely way to finish your visit!

Flashback 30 years ... I can't believe it's been that many years!
What a ride it's been.

Thirty years later and we are still together!
These days that's definitely something to not only celebrate
but be utterly Grateful for!!

After breakfast we went to our next usual stop ...
The Lumberyard Shopping Mall
 in Malibu.
I'm always excited to shop at the  J Crew in Malibu
it always feels more special than  ours at South Coast Plaza.
So imagine my disappointment to find out the Malibu J Crew is now closed.
The brand has been having quite some problems of late
 has been forced to close many of their stores.
I truly feared it would be all downhill when the magnificent Jenna Lyons left the company.

Our lunch destination was further up the coast in Montecito.
We headed up to the
to dine at the iconic

Oh what a spectacular property it is!
It was our first visit
but definitely not our last!

There are 41 cottages that make up  this  luxury property 
which sits on 500 acres.

It was Forbes #1 Hotel.
And I understand why!!

We got a room back in Malibu at
Native Hotel.
It was a lovely well designed but spare room.
The first time we stayed there
we absolutely loved it.
This time it was 'fine'.
But that probably had more to do with coming right off of the
San Ysidro Ranch for lunch.
WE had no idea the Ranch would be so magnificent.
Definitely would not recommend that travel order,

We finished up our Anniversary Day  watching a superb  sunset at a perfect table at 

It was quite the whirlwind day!
I am so grateful for our Day Trip.
It was so perfect to take time out
 revel in our  making it 30 years!

Thank you Jeff!  xoxox

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Dear Tamera, Congratulations on your special anniversary - you look even more gorgeous today! What a perfect day trip you had, each place just so special in its own way. May there be many more xox

  2. All wonderful spots to go...
    30 years is something to celebrate.
    It looks like you got thru those Empty Nest years after all!!

  3. OKAY...........
    YOU WILL LOVE IT!It is just down the road!!!!!
    I modeled at SAN YSIDRO RANCH way back in the day around the pool.I think I was about 15 years old!We had dinner there a few years ago and it was DIVINE.............
    As for MALIBU I started out there for college!!!!!!Worked at a shack called MALIBU MUTTS which I hear is still there!THAT shopping center was VERY small back in the day........what I remember most is sand bagging the STARS HOMES!!!!!!!

    I WANT TO TELL YOUR READERS HERE THAT TAMERA will be FEATURED over on THE VINTAGE CONTESSA.NET on THURSDAY for the AGELESS STYLE SERIES!!!!Find out what her favorite colors are and what skin care she ADORES...........but than again if YOU are a REGULAR HERE YOU WILL ALREADY KNOW!
    DO POP OVER...........and HELP CELEBRATE TAMERA!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on 30 small feat in TODAY's WORLD!!!!!
    THATS ANOTHER thing we have in common .......WE BOTH HAVE HUSBANDS WHO ADORE US!

  4. Absolutely a wonderful way to celebrate, Tamera!! Happiest of anniversaries to a fabulous couple!!!!
    You take the most amazing photos and I would love to visit this place!!!

  5. Congratulations Tamera and Jeff on 30 years! Loved seeing your wedding photo! You two are still a beautiful couple...together ❤️

  6. what a fabulous trip - will definitely have to try that first restaurant in Malibu. Congratulations on your 30year anniversary. Love seeing couples that have stayed together for decades, gives hope that IT IS possible in this age of disposal relationships.

  7. So lovely Tamera big congratulations from me!! I've recently celebrated my tenth. I'm 67 and hubby's 76 so it's stretching my imagination that we will be celebrating our 30th with as much style as yours! Loved seeing you both as newly weds, thanks for sharing your beautiful wedding shot and your anniversary celebrations. Hugs, x.

  8. Happy Anniversary! It is indeed a feat these days to have a marriage of 30 years or more--and be happy in it! (Thinking as I write that of my own parents, married 62 years and fairly miserable. So sad.) My husband and I celebrated 36 years of marriage in June. It is such a gift to grow closer together as we age, and enjoy our empty nest!

  9. Tamera, You haven't changed one bit!!! Truly amazing! What a beautiful woman you are and your smile could light up even the darkest corners. I've been married twice and both husbands died, so I don't know what making it to such a grand milestone must be like. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary! Brenda

  10. Congratulations to you and your darling! May you continue in good health and joy!


  11. I must say, it's no sad moment to visit the James Perse Malibu store .. simply my fave brand as I adore the casual comfort of a t-shirt dress one can dress up or down. I Live everyday in JP and you arrived at the mecca ☆☆☆
    Thank you for sharing ur anniversary trip up the Coast, and I appreciate your frankness regarding trip order :)
    I'm celebrating both ur commitment to each other! And wish you many more to come. ♡ - Denise

  12. My hats off to both you and Jeff for your 30 years together - it is no small feat. My husband and I finally got it both right after two previous marriages before ours in 2001. Our only regret is we didn't meet sooner so that we too could be one of those elderly couples married 60 plus years. In the meantime, we love and appreciate each other every single moment. I believe the San Ysidro Ranch is where John and Jackie Kennedy stayed on their honeymoon - and yes, it is lovely.
    Again, congratulations, Tamera and Jeff !