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Ageless Style Feature

This week I have the honor of being featured on the fabulous
for her monthly

It was a lovely Style Interview
with many thought provoking questions she asked me like ...

My only style rule I live by is to … wear things that make my heart happy!  Learning to develop and embrace personal style is a wonderful thing … and can add layers of happiness to even your day to day! I learned years ago to dress for myself … especially at home!  There was a time many, many years ago … I dressed for the outside world … but wore my grungy clothes at home. I finally realized how we dress for ourselves at home … says so much about how we feel about ourselves and our lives.  I got rid of the stained and grungy old pieces … and invested in cozy loungewear for my day to day at home … active wear that makes working out more fun. I now have clothes for home that I look forward to putting on … and I’m never embarrassed to open the door.    I have pieces that are comfortable, functional and tell  my inner voices … I am very grateful for my life … and to be me.  I actually believe how we dress at home for ourselves … is as important … if not more so … than how we dress outside the home and seeing others.
You can read the rest of the insightful interview HERE.

I have had the good fortune to be friends with the magnificent Contessa 
for quite a few years now.
We met through blogging
with an instant attraction with each others dramatic style.

I am so inspired by Contessa
that I named my favorite Pearl Necklace in my shop
after her.

Here is the magnificent Contessa
in all her glory at a fashion shoot in Paris!

Here she is with her handsome Italian husband in her Norther California home!
Oh the glamour for a  home cooked meal!
It's so easy to see why I adore her and her style!!

To learn more about my personal Style Philosphy
check out the wonderful feature Contessa did on me.
I am sure you will want to stay for a while and learn more about the amazing Contessa
her love for all things style!!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. An interesting post as always, dear Tamera. I'm a but slower than you to catch on about the importance of home dressing. In the last few years (in retirement when one knee-jerks with an anything goes attitude) I realised I was consciously taking time to consider what to wear on days when I was spending time with my lovely grandchildren. I realised I was being respectful to them so I thought, why not to my hubby and myself too. So these days, although there will still be days of grungewear for serious housework or gardening, I think about what will make me feel better with my day and dress accordingly. And that feels so much better, I have regained some control in my life. So I think this excellent post makes me see that it's not just me who's been through that journey and there will no doubt be many others who you will touch with this. I thank you.
    Now I'm off to read that interview and find out more about that special contessa! Hugs, x.

  2. I did enjoy your interview with the Contessa, Tamera. Your style is always impeccable and interesting, and I Love It! Those pearls are just gorgeous! xo

  3. DARLINKA!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have you seen the COMMENTS......they are still rolling in!!!!
    I found MYSELF at NEIMAN's yesterday as I had to go to the APPLE STORE.......Phone was behaving VERY badly!!!
    I bought the CLEAU DU PEAU concealer as I was standing right there!I cannot wait to try it...........
    Will YOU do a POST on your HOME WEAR?You have struck a CORD with MANY MANY PEOPLE on this SUBJECT!!!!!!
    Now, I have a request!Will you put TWO CONTESSA PEARL NECK BITS on together........put one under the other and send me a PHOTO?I have been thinking from the MOMENT I received my BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED ones that maybe I NEED TWO!!!!!
    Lets decide TOGETHER.........for they may not LAY RIGHT, But MOST definitely worth a TRY!
    Once again THANK YOU for your INSPIRATION and BOLD STATEMENT PIECES..............they are MAJOR PICK ME UPS!!!!

  4. Loved your post on The Vintage Contessa. You looked fabulous. I do want to see what you wear in your down time. It's got to be better than me in my husbands old t=shirt and boyfriend jeans. Inspire me with your creativity.

  5. Love the white shirt in the first picture. Mind sharing it's maker? Lovely as always!

    1. These were sold at CHATEAU BEL AGE in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA!I have one TOO!!!!!They also came in BLACK!