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Heading Into The Weekend ... With Gratitude

If you follow my blog you know I am a big believer in 
the importance and power of

But even I seem to have to relearn, or be reminded of 
the wisdom I have already spent years acquiring.

For me it's all too easy to get caught up in 
'taking care of the daily'.
I loose sight of the little miracles in front of me daily.

With  also the constant news cycle
that so many days seems to much to bear
I  can so easily loose focus of the good and beautiful.

This week has been a reminder to me to refocus on
Gratitude and Positive Intention.
It does no one good for me to get pulled under.

It's easy to be grateful in the good times.
But it's the hard weeks  when it takes intention.

This week I have had dear friends
endure terrible losses.

Which just remind me of how fragile our life can be
how life can change on a dime.

I am reminded 
to savor all the good to be found in a day.

I am reminded to tell those I love
just how much I do.

This week I also had a very unpleasant infection.
I was once again ever so grateful for health care and insurance.

I was also sick enough to realize that by my age
I need to do even more proactively for my health.
so far I have been white knuckling all of my menopausal symptoms
this week now has me in an active search for HRT information.
If any of you, my dear readers have information to share
I would be ever so grateful!
I want to put energy into 
thriving, not just surviving the effects of menopause.

Which makes me very grateful for this weeks health troubles.
Sometimes it can be a good thing to feel bad.
To shake one out of old routines
in search of better, new paths.

So this weekend my wish for you all
is to find  gratitude
in whatever your weekend has in store.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You look fabulous in Black also. Where did you get that purse? Regarding HRT, be careful and speak with various doctors about this. I know I as advised to go off of it. So gather a lot of information from various doctors.

    1. Isn't that the sweetest purse! It's vintage from a shop in Palm Springs!

      Thank you for the HRT info! I am definitely doing my research and I really appreciate your feedback my dear! Have a wonderful weekend Sandra! xox

  2. As always you look fabulous Tamera! And thank you for the timely reminders on what is important! As far as HRT I would be careful. EVERYONE i know that has taken it has developed cancer,,, For me my best therapies are hanging out with people that make me feel good,music and exercise and a little sense of humor...Doesn't always work but helps! Have a great week see friend!

  3. I wouldn’t use HRT.. I’ve done a lot of research and for me, Staying Cool capsules really helped the heat flashes. It’s full of vitamins an also has Ashwagandha in it. I get it from Amazon.. hope you find what works for you.

  4. I have no idea what HRT NO HELP HERE!
    I flew through menopause at age 40..................that was a long time ago and a bit early!
    Sorry, to hear you had an infection.........NO FUN!

  5. I have friends who did HRT and went to low dose and it helped them immensely. I did a bit of bioidentical combined with acupuncture. It helped me thru the first 6 months of symptoms. In addition, I rediscovered running to keep weight down and to be outside for clearing the cobwebs.

    Everyone is different and having a good doctor who listens and does not just tell you to "tough it out" would be a good starting place.

  6. So sorry to hear of the infection - I suspect of the same kind I have been troubled with since menopause. Taking care of your health is so key, I find, and when I slip off the bandwagon I pay for it. My doctor advised an intimate moisturiser, which helps to prevent infections. I tried HRT and the symptoms got worse! All the best to you, gorgeous lady looking fabulous in black sequins! xxox

  7. At 48, an emergency hysterectomy saved my life--and ended peri-menopause rather precipitously! When I couldn't sleep, my doc put me on HRT, which helped. I continued with it for 7 years, and then, just felt weird about going on. I've never been one to rely on meds for long. . . and this was way long! My pharmacist confirmed my choice--she said she wouldn't do HRT herself or let her mother do it either. When I stopped, it immediately plunged me into frequent, intense hot flashes, and ruined my sleep. . .But I stuck it out. and five years later, I still have those symptoms, but they are greatly diminished, especially the hot flashes. I take Estroven, an over the counter herbal/soy remedy for all that; it sort of helps, but maybe that's just in my head. I also use a prescription vaginal cream with a very low dose of estrogen 2x/week, which keeps things comfortable down there. I think exercise--running or biking probably 28 days of every 30--seems to help with the sleep, and also keep my weight more or less stable.

    Around the time I gave up HRT, my work was fairly intense; then my brother got deathly ill, and my mom had a huge reconstructive back surgery, and I was way over the top stressed. A work colleague who was older said that stress seemed to be a trigger for hot flashes for her. At the time, I pooh poohed that--but now, I think she might have been on to something! See what you think about this, if you pay attention.

    That's about all I can think of--beyond wishing you blessings as you traverse whatever trials you are in right now, and blessings in general on the path ahead!

  8. Natural route made the most sense to me. With the support of Avena Botanicals from Maine and their Wise Women Tonic... now called something different, but still referred to on their site by the old name,too.I
    Fabulous stuff helped me sail through and will continue to take it for life at a smaller dose.
    It is a tincture which, when added to warm water, can be gulped down. I used it then two dropper fulls a day. Expect it to take about 6 weeks before you notice real change in symptoms. In my book a miracle. They have consultations you can do over the phone, too. All made in Maine on their small farm run by master herbalists. What could be better?!
    London-based,Maine born.

  9. Long time reader and first time commenter - I had a total hysterectomy at age 47. I am now 59. What has helped me immensely is Smokey Mountain Naturals topical HRT. I take their Estriol and Progesterone. I believe regular exercise and eating a healthy whole foods diet helps too. My hot flashes are so much better than they were after the surgery. I agree with Linda above, stress can be a trigger for mine, so I make a conscious effort to breathe deeply and slowly when I feel stressed or tense.

    I hope you find what will work best for you. :-)

  10. I'm sixty and went the natural route. My decision was based upon the fact that my mom had breast cancer at 53 (and a recurrence at 82) and my sister at age 43. I definitely think exercising, a good diet as well as just plain focusing on "me" without guilt helped a lot!
    Dr. Christian Northrup books have been terrific resources!
    As always Tamera you look stunning and I love your blog!!! Thank you for writing it!!


  11. Natural all the way. I wouldn't do HRT.
    Lizer Pearl

  12. Tamera, I encourage you to read about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. After having a hysterectomy in my early 40's I went into early menopause which my doctor treated me with the standard Bioidentical Hormone for estogen, however, I still did not feel like myself. Tried so many natural treatments; some that I continue to keep in my arsenal along with a daily yoga and meditation practice. It wasn't until I saw a doctor that specialized in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement that I felt like myself again but even better! It takes time and regular trips to have labs done and tweaking of the prescriptions but it has been a life saver for me. I am confident you will find the course that resonant's with your health history and your expectations of aging healthy.

  13. I seemed to start this early, in my 40's and the constant sensation of heat and a 'humming' inside left me anxious and on edge most of the time. When I found a product called Vitex I found peace again. I've recommended it and it doesn't work for everybody, but it might work for you. I took the tincture in a little warm water whenever I needed it. I took bioidentical hormones for a few years (made by a compounding pharmacy). I steered clear of mass-produced hormones for women made by pharmaceutical companies. I think our needs are unique to each of us and we need a dose that's right for us. A doctor who knows about the natural ones will keep an eye on your specific needs based on your blood work. I took myself off of them after several years. I never had the intense heat surges so I feel lucky. It's quite the journey and know you are not alone!