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Malibu … Our Impromptu Getaway

Jeff and I had a marvelous impromptu getaway to
beautiful Malibu!

Impromptu getaways are often some of my favorite
ways to travel.
It's the freshness of an idea 
with no real build up of expectations.

I was happy to get out of town in search of finding new beauties.

The day before we had  a most lovely time apple picking with all of our kids
in Oak Glen.

It's a Labor Day tradition we have been doing for many years now.

I really appreciate spending family time together now
that they are all incredible adults living on their own.

Doing family traditions 
gives much rich texture 
in the realizations that time moves on.

Kids grow up.
And life is forever changing.

As much as I love spending time with all of them
when we part ways these days
I feel my heart torn up
in realizing
these wonderful beings
are now on their own …
I am separate from so very much of their lives.

Which of course has some wonderful upticks …
but sometimes
the separateness 
leaves me feeling cut open.

So getting away
to find new beauties in the world
is exactly
what my heart needed this weekend!

I refuse to live
missing what was …
am absolutely determined
to find the best in 
what is today.

And what better place for beauty than Malibu California!
For us it's just a 90 minute drive north to LA.

Ironically for it's closeness to us
we have spent precious little time there.
And  so much of what I do know about it
I've learned form a Scottish friend
with excellent taste!

It was from my Scottish friend
that I had heard of the 
Malibu Farm
pier restaurant.

Not knowing what to expect as far as aesthetics
I absolutely enchanted with the interior space!

The Malibu Pier is owned by the State Parks
leased to a company that does the restaurants and shops.

The feeling of expansive openness
mixed with ocean views 
left me almost breathless!

Then factor in a fresh and organic menu …

The Malibu Farm
pier restaurant 
is my absolute new favorite for sure!!

Drinks were ordered!

Laid back lushness prevailed.

Locally sourced dishes
were artfully presented.

Goodies to take home 
including their own cookbook
ready for purchase.

After lunch
it was time to check out the end of Malibu Pier.

It's this far end that has the original
Malibu Farm
pier cafe
with counter service
as well as a lovely shop.

And something very unusual for Southern California piers
a second story!

There are even herbs for purchase!

Malibu Pier definitely has the very most upscale boutique
I have ever come across at the end of any pier!

Around the corner
were the beckoning stairs 
I had been looking for
to check out what could possible be upstairs!

Beauty and bliss
is what we found up top to be sure!!

And then we found even more bliss
a deck with the most marvelous pier loungers!

Sitting atop that deck with a glass of wine 
is exactly what I wanted to do for sure!

And we did!!

You can order drinks and food 
from the Ranch At The Pier downstairs
then eat or drink downstairs or up!

Talk about a remarkable find in my book!

So we split a bottle of wine
on the marvelous loungers ...

and took in all of the amazing 
ocean views!

We were so taken with Malibu's beauty
Jeff took to the task of finding 
a room for the night!

Like I said
I am into finding every perk of having an empty nest I can!

Finding a room in Malibu
on Labor Day Weekend
literally at the very last minute
was no easy feat.

But we did!
And what a great room it was!
Without even trying to find a brand new
cool place with character
we did!
What seemed to be the very last room in town
was at a new property that is still doing it's soft opening.

You can read about our fabulous find

I will be continuing my search 
to find the very best I can
in every day.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. Great post! And I love your hat and caftan in the first photos. After seeing your last post, I called Sundancer Del Mar and ordered the Love sweater. It's terrific, and people definitely love it! Also, the sales associate I talked with remembered you and said you were so kind when you were there.

    1. Karen thank you for your kind words my dear! Isn't the Love sweater wonderful! I appreciate how light weigh it is, making it such a great layering piece!

      Thanks again for your sweet words and for mentioning me to the Sundancer Del Mar! xox

  2. Glorious photos! Looking forward to eatting at Malibu Farm. Heard nothing but good things about it. You've got a great attitude. Keep spreading the words. We're listening.

    1. Sandra thank so much for your visit my dear! I think you will really appreciate Malibu Farm!!

      Thank you also for your gift of words! I truly appreciate them!! xox

  3. Spectacular!! I have to comment on your babouches and kaftan too!!! I love the look so much. xoxoxo