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'Secret Extensions' ... A Good Girlfriend Share

It was a gorgeous weekend here in SoCal!

My new jeans and tunic from Zara online
were the easy breezy pieces I have been searching for!
Grab and go pieces that can go from errands to a casual date night!
The orange wooden sandals (also from Zara)
added just the right pop of color!

Adding in some great accessories
like this cross body textile bag from Juxtoposition in Newport Beach
my cream hat from Lack of Color Australia
a handful of Tamera Beardsley Design Howlite bracelets
make for a finished look!

But it's my new hair 'Secret'
that I'm so excited to share!

My 'Good Girlfriend Share'
is that I have added  new hair extensions into my 
hair styling tool box!

And these extensions couldn't be easier to use!

I ordered them are from Secret Extensions
 they go in just as easy as a head band!

I decided to give the Secret Extensions a try
even though sitting through the annoying online ad was a bit tough
but the price was worth trying them out.

I ordered two 'double the volume'
use them as one piece.

The online ad  does do a good job of explaining how to use them.

But for me
 the big trick was to also take them to my stylist
at my last appointment.
After she finished my cutting my hair
in which I have her taper my ends so they have a bit of a natural flip
I put on my Secret Extensions
then had her cut them to my hair length with the same taper for a flip.

a thick bouncy flip that stays stylish all day!
I appreciate not only  the extra volume
but just as much that my hair stays 'styled' so much longer.

There you go my friends!
Another 'Great Girlfriend Share'
that I was so excited share with you!

Let me know if you try them out
of any other hair styling tips you'd love to share!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. oh that add-on hair is fabulous, must investigate! You look gorgeous as always; love those fringed jeans. xox


  2. I went on Secret Extensions website and I just might go for it! What a great, fun idea.. thank you Tamera for another good girlfriend tip....I love it!

    1. You are so welcome darling!Let me know if you end up giving them a try! xo

  3. What a great idea. I've never considered extensions before but this looks so simple, so easy - you're a doll for sharing, thank you!

    Anna x

    1. Anna you are ever so welcome dear! They really are easy to use! xo

  4. I wear wigs. When my hair started to thin during Menopause I was able to hide it with Toppik. Then I did extensions. Then toppers. Now wigs and I couldn't be happier. I never have a bad hair day!

    1. Oh wigs sound like a fabulous idea my dear! I think I need to investigating!! Thank you for sharing the idea!!

  5. You hair always looks so cute - thank you for a great tip. And I totally love your cobalt blue top with the new crisp white jeans - that's an outfit to wear in sunny Queensland, too :) xx

  6. wow you look fabulous, and looks like your own hair! i have considered trying them, but they are so spendy here ! I still have a good amount of hair, but it is not thick at all!


  7. You look amazing as always! So Glad you are posting again- I love your Blog and your heart felt posts! Easter Brunch looked Fabulous and I love your denim outfit at the flea Market! Keep up your great work! Kathryn K. PS Your duaghter looks so happy!

    1. Kathryn thank you ever so much for visiting and you kind and encouraging words my dear! xo

  8. I'm at the crossroads of keep growing my hair or have it cut back to short bob😳, hubby and the girls want me to grow it but I haven't the thickest of locks so extensions might be the secret 🕵️‍♀️ Thanks for sharing love your style 👌💕

    1. Theses extensions are as easy to use as putting on a headband ... once they are cut to your desired length! Thank you for visiting from Australia darling!!