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Easter Brunch Styling

This is a quick styling post
for me as much as anybody else.
But I hope you enjoy it and can hone some styling ideas for your next
Spring Brunch!

You see I am quite behind on my blog posts
haven't even posted my Easter brunch.
I did a few things differently this year 
I want to make sure I remember them to do next year as well!
So here are my styling notes!

One of my favorite parts of brunch styling this year
was and abundance of spring flowers!
I bought them in mass this year
especially lilacs and tulips!

Our family brunch was scheduled for 1:00 in the afternoon.

Since we had several kids staying with us
I remembered to do a lovely little breakfast in the morning.
It was  made up of fresh items from the bakery and plenty of fresh fruit.

Aren't these chocolate eggs massed in ceramics the cutest thing ever.
I was able to customize these eggs to my brunch colors
by simply editing our all of the yellow eggs.
These pale pastels are what remained!

A mimosa bar is always an easy crowd pleaser.
I try new mixed juices with a standby OJ each time.
I served the mimosas casually in juice glasses in the morning
brought out my coup glasses for the actual brunch.

While I massed flowers in basket bouquets
for the brunch farm table outside
I foraged in my yard
trimming my citrus and ivy to run down. the center.
Then I simply added citrus from the store into the impromptu garland.

Note to self 
next time I do this I will do it closer to the time we actually sit down.
I did this in the early morning
so by the time we actually sat down some leaves were already starting
to curl in the afternoon sun.

For those of you who follow my blog
you already know I have no fondness for actual cooking
but I do know where to shop for some beautiful foods!
Like this gorgeous glazed cake topped with edible flowers!

To give it more impact
I simply put it on a cake plate
set on a tray with macaroons and peeps!

Our newest tradition  we added this year was 
an adult 'egg hunt'!
Since all of my children are of drinking age
still wanted a traditional Easter egg hunt
I hid some top shelf bottles in the yards for some fun.

Finding the Saint Germain even came with a golden egg
cash prize!

It was a lovely  bit of novel fun.
So much so I hope to remember to do it again next year!

So there you have my notes for
a lovely spring brunch my friends!
Maybe there are some tips you'll want to integrate into you next brunch!

And a brunch all about spring florals
is always the right time for a floral crown!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. "..I have no fondness for actual cooking." :D
    I'm remembering that Pampered Chef party years ago when the rep asked us each what we liked to cook .. blank stares as you and I looked at each other. Bwahaha!
    I don't think she actually believed me that I don't cook and we started laughing. I still have no idea what ppl do with all those gadgets!
    You throw the loveliest parties and thankfully Jeff is a wonderful chef .. still think of his bruschetta!
    Lovely photos,T!

    1. You remember well dear friend! Isn't it a wonderful thing we all have our own passions and interests! I certainly do have big appreciation for those people who love to cook ... while I love to make things pretty! All this reminiscing has me missing you much darling! xox

    2. Me too!!

  2. hahah, loved the above comment!!! as well as all the gorgeous flowers & colors!!! Hoping I remember to find this for next year!!! What a fun time!

    1. Thank you very much Roxanne! I appreciate your visit and comment darling!!

  3. My heart!! This is wonderful! I loved every picture, made me so happy!! Can't wait for the next party!

    1. Why thank you ever so much darling! I appreciate your kind words!! xo

  4. I love how you make everything look so pretty! I particularly liked you floral crown. It was such fun reading your notes to yourself. They will help me when planning my next party.

  5. I love it all! So fresh and lovely. Happy belated Easter!

  6. What a joy to have all your children there for your beautiful Easter brunch. I am even a tiny bit jealous :)
    Pastels are just right for the feast, and I love the peeps (have never found them in Australia). Your crown is just Perfection! x